Is the TR the laughing stock of Emerald?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by LegoFarmer, May 5, 2015.

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  1. Jawarisin

    Consider that this is my 4th TR character. I kept re-making them (switching connery/emerald). Consider that I'm better than you in every single aspect, have I played it much or not. Not only that, but you fail to mention that my nc is br 94 and my vs 73. I still have better stats than you on those. Not only that, but I got drastically more experience than you.
    And of course, TR pounder max is completely broken and it only costs 250 certs. It's a great way to farm when you're low BR. It's also always useful to get rid of other maxes/armor. But hey, I don't think you understand anyways.

    How about you stop digging your own grave for once.
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  2. AxiomInsanity87

    Anyone from emerald should have a tag to warn us and anyone who is average and above on emerald are considered to be newb bashers.

    Would anyone like to care about that?
  3. Ballto21

    people who get spergy "my e-***** is bigger than your e-*****" in this game should just go away. Honestly, ill get spergy over my bolt stats or when someone ******* to me about learn2aim and my accuracy is higher than theres.
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  4. AxiomInsanity87

    You fall into the newb basher category if you ever play on emerald. Its not that you try to newb bash, its just inescapable there lol.
  5. Goldmonk

    He does play on Emerald
  6. AxiomInsanity87

    I saw 12 engineers repairing a sunderer on some escapades there. They were just repairing it and getting killed and respawning over and over.

    Never seen that before and dont think I ever will again.

    Only on Emerald lol.
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  7. DQCraze

    Looks like I have to start platoon leading again...Hoorah!!
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  8. Kentucky Windage

    I care if your buying the hefeweizen. :D
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  9. AxiomInsanity87

    Lol thanks for caring.
  10. MikeyGeeMan

    Depends on when you play.

    Tr during prime time is outpopped.

    We still have a good showing. This weekend we won most of the alerts during the day.

    Anyone who says tr has the best weapons needs to reassess. They aren't, hence the reason people are going to other factions....heck there is even an aod NC contingent now.

    But I love my tr, I enjoy the games and the challenge.

    Put on top of that NC hates to fight vs, so they fight us. Vs hate to fight NC because of the 45% pop they maintain and they attack us.

    For being in the middle of a faction sandwich we do really good.

    Most of the yells in game chat are from the teen brigades, and honestly I never listen to them I just keep trucking along.

    What are the other choices? Vs with their pew pew and purple latex, who need a pop advantage to win an alert? NC with their 45% pop and inability to win an alert? Or the tr , who win alerts with less pop and worse weapons.

    Tr baby....its red or its dead.
  11. GaBeRock

    This is ridiculous. The empires are generally balanced, tr only seems like it sucks because AOD moved, so we don't have as much pop as usual. VS isn't OP, it's just that high strafe speed draws the mlg tryhards. Every empire thinks they're getting **** on.
  12. MikeyGeeMan

    Yeah I disagree. I use my vs alt and pretty much own up with their low recoil and low flash guns.

    AOD moving is a good thing...hopefully that will push some NC back to tr or vs.

    But despite the vs op situation I count myself lucky to play with my tr bretheren. And its just another obstacle to overcome.
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  13. quatin

    Pop is not an issue. Prime time Alerts are all queued in a minute.

    AoD is too quick to recruit newbies into the zerg. Thereby starving other outfits of members. Now, there's rarely good outfits to run TR.
  14. RadarX

    I'm getting stumped with new closing phrases I've had to do so many recently. Please try and remain constructive when posting.
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