Is the TR T7 Mini-Chaingun a good weapon? - Analysis

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Razeroth, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Razeroth

    Some commentary over killstreaks with the gun. It is now my 2nd highest killing weapon on TR. I know it is often met with grumbles from other TR. However I am just having so much fun with it and feel it is actually quite good once you get used to the playstyle.
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  2. sindz

    Stop being an annormal TR (read: forumsiders). TR are meant to cry about every item in their inventory claiming its beyond bad and useless.

    On a side note, I tend to enjoy your videos - mostly due to there isn't some ****** music or anything else, but a calm voice.
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  3. IamDH

    I still think this gun sucks. You said it yourself, its bad at close ranges and that for me (and probably others) is a huge downside given the fact that i could have much better mid-long range weapons
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  4. Hoki

    New weapons are always fun and I think this weapon forcing you to play more cautiously combined with that new weapon feel and amazing field of view plays into your enjoyment of it.

    The idea of paying for that 800rpm advantage with an abysmal wind-up rpm just couldn't pay the bills imo.

    I saw nothing in the video that you couldn't have done better with an MSW-R or carv.

    What makes it counter-intuitive imo is that it benefits from burst-firing like every other LMG, which is proper-****** imo. 200 round magazine + windup time means this weapon should become better the longer you fire it, and that just isn't the case due to bloom.

    Both Carv and MSW-R are superior in nearly every encounter. It starts out worse than both, hits a sweetspot about 1.5 seconds in, loses any advantage it may have had about 4.5 seconds in, when you need to reset due to COF bloom, at which point it loses its minor 50 rpm advantage and the MSW-R and Carv take the lead again.

    I'm sorry but you can make a positive video review on any weapon, Wrel proved this.
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  5. Amundsenkalmah

    I am of the idea that the chaingun is a pretty good weapon, the problem i see with people who doesnt like it is that they expect it to be great at any situations, and compare it to other LMG's.
    The chaingun is an empire specific heavy machinegun, just like the lasher and the jackhammer.
    Imagine if VS expected the lasher to perform great at short, med and long while being better than the orion, SVA, ursa...
    Or NC trying to use the jackhammer at 30+m expecting to be an upgrade to the EM6, SAW, anchor...
    Just like the other HMG's you have to find the right situation to use it at it's full potential, IS NOT AN ALL-ROUNDER.
  6. Meeka

    The chain gun is a decent weapon, but not a good one. All the other LMGs can do the job better.

    The only benefit the chain gun has over them is that is a better group suppression weapon; extra ammunition plus extended magazine lets you lock down areas quite well, but it's still not a killing machine.

    I have the chain gun, but almost always choose the TMG over it.
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  7. Razeroth

    I don't say it is bad in CQC completely just specifically dueling. Where both individuals see eachother at the same time because that is where the spinning up hurts you. But in planetside, because of the 3 dimensionality of engagements, that doesn't often happen in any fair form.
  8. Blarg20011

    Everything you can do with the chaingun you can do with the CARV or the CARV-S with Ex. mags.
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  9. Nayrx

    Yup. Its good for a support weapon to suppress a door or stairs but don't get caught outside with it alone. . But at 800rpm and 143 dmg you can do the same with the T9. or the T16 with an extended mag works better for suppressing doors and stairs.

    I think the chain gun and the T9 &T16 all have 100 rd mags so there is not much benefit to it.
  10. Ikissyourface

    Its junk not worth the 1000 certs.
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  11. Razeroth

    I think you are on the mark with your analysis of it.

    To others saying the Carv is better in 'every' situation, I have yet to see that. And without the forward grip isn't the easiest weapon to control. I do think it is much better at going from one enemy to another at medium ranges. And is probably more flexible outside. But it doesn't have this lengthy potency in close quarters.

    Most importantly the Carv whilst being a very good and tight weapon. Isn't particularly a fun or interesting weapon. At least in my opinion, the Chaingun is a very fresh and viable alternative. With some quirks that make it fun to use.

    As I said though it may be a case of new weapon and quirkitous, also I didn't feel confident enough to review it at this stage.
  12. Hoki

    The difference being that the hammer is a really good shotgun, and the chaingun is really good at.. having lots of ammo.

    It's advantage is so narrow and underwhelming that its downsides just cannot be justified.

    If you removed the wind-up time altogether it wouldn't even be OP because there are still better options.
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  13. Cinnamon

    MCG characteristics.

    + One of the few weapons with really accurate centered sights because they are not in game modes.
    + Has enough ammo unlike other "premium" guns like the bull.

    - Pretty much every LMG is better.
    - It sucks really badly.
    - Losing to people using real gun while you use a fun novelty weapon feels bad and you should feel bad if you recommend this gun.
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  14. Cromell

    Main reason to get MCG is to strike fear and awe in everyone around you. :D

    Even though it is not a particularly reliable weapon (especially when ambushed) I have an ok score with it (0.61 kills/min) and I tend to do pretty well with it in combat.

    Basically - if you can overcome the limitations of the weapon and utilize it's mechanic to your advantage (using the initial accuracy at range, prefiring, etc) it is WORTH EVERY. SINGLE. CERT. Simply for the unique experience of wielding the mini chain gun.

    Disclaimer: if you, more than anything, want an EFFECTIVE weapon, MCG is not for you. But, if you're like me, and mostly value the fun factor, it is certainly a great investment of your certs. (And it comes in a bundle with Underboss in the depot!)
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  15. FocusLight

    + Has a Rate of Fire increase, Accuracy decrease, ratio that starts at 0:1 then goes to 1:0 in favor of ROF over Accuracy. Ergo, you can freely chose how accurate you want your shots to be or how fast you want bullets out of the barrels.

    When you pick any other LMG you get a static bit of accuracy and ROF. You get a gun designed to do one thing and one thing well. The MCG let's you do mid-range pin-point accuracy or close-range bullet-hell grade spam of death, depending on what you want.

    Only down-side is the spin-up time. This can be countered by pre-spinning and aiming well - even if you start shooting when up close all you need to do is aim for the head - your shots are so accurate your going to be putting a dozen rounds in the enemy's weak spot in a very short time.

    "Real gun" is completely subjective and an insult on your part, trying to convince everyone else this weapon somehow is not 'real' and worth their time. Top of that, you make a pathetic attempt at shaming people into not voicing disagreements with you by playing the "you should feel bad" card.

    Well, F U. The MCG is a fun and unique weapon, more I can say for the Striker, and it has a nice purpose as an iconic and deadly weapon. The NC and VS should learn to fear this gun, I know I have a healthy respect for well-utilized Jackhammers and Lashers.
  16. KAHR-Alpha

    When have you used the MCG for the last time? SOE killed that a while ago. And yeah the gun was actually better before, now it's just another meh weapon in the TR arsenal. Actually that's not a weapon, that's a bloom factory.
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  17. Vearo

    The reason why the Carv is better in every situation is that the weapon has an on-demand 750 RoF and a tight CoF. This gives the user the ability to start engagements with high alpha damage, while still reliably placing bullets on target. The faster a target is neutralized the less time the foe has to inflict damage on you or your allies. Proper control of the Carv can make one exceptionally potent up to 50m.

    In practice, I find the weapon's actual damage output to be lower than what is on paper. The choice of either a tight CoF OR high RPM means that only so many bullets actually land on target. I find that incredibly frustrating, as the weapon poses a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" feel while shooting.

    So what does it do well? It doesn't start engagements well, as the weapon must spin up and thus loses on Alpha damage (Spin up time approximates most weapon's time to kill). The MCG doesn't do sustained fire that well simply due to the CoF/RPM dynamic that it has (Dont forget that TR have access to AI Mana Turrets and MAXes). It does not do ranged work well due to the damage profile, horizontal recoil, and lack of optics.
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  18. Hiding in VR

    No. But if you are going to pay SC to buy an Underboss, you get one for free. Which is nice ;)
  19. Maljas23

    The MCG is the weapon I have the most kills with. The moment this game went live from beta, I bought the MCG as my very first purchase with station cash.

    The gun is workable, but as so many others have said, there are weapons better for every situation you can use this in. The MCG is my absolute favorite weapon in the TR arsenal, but I can't get over the fact that the Carv is better than it in literally every single way.

    Sorry OP, but I do not agree with your analysis at all. It needs a buff.
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  20. Latrodectus

    I bought the Chaingun and was immediately let down when it didn't actually fire chains.
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