Is the Spiker going to be ignored just like the Phaseshift?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ztiller, Aug 14, 2014.

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    Do you?

    The Cerberus is the worst pistol out of the 3 Vanu semi auto pistols. Are you even intelligent bro?
  3. AdmiralArcher

    yes :)

    decent gun, the manticore wasnt cutting it, and the cerberus looked cooler, so i got it, i actually have the commie too....but i dont really like it because ma aim is pretty terrible with it
  4. AdmiralArcher

    well i happen to really like it, intelligence is not the question, its preference.

    go to this site, (oracle of death for PS2, it compares weapon stats)

    and select the cerberus, vs the manticore and the beamer and then select kills instead of KPU

    BE AMAZED (you wont really, you already know the answer)
  5. Ztiller

    Total kills is a horrible metric to use, on anyhting.
  6. minhalexus

    Only that the Mag-scatter is not good in CQC.
    Shotguns generally are killing machines in CQC, this gun isn't.

    I was performing a lot better with my Desperado.

    It's pretty weird since I always seemed to perform better with regular shotguns compared to regular burst guns in CQC.
  7. Vearo

    I haven't touched the Spiker, but I think the problem is that the gun's charge mechanic gets in the way of its normal burst fire. Normal weapons fire when you press down on the mouse, but with the Spiker its when you release the button. This isn't as much of a problem for slow/single fire weapons, but it becomes a PITA when a weapon is able/needs to fire quickly.

    My suggestion is that make the double-burst one fire mode and the 6-shot another. If it comes with a single-fire semi-auto mode just add another like the TRAP. Each mode can be balanced based on its own merits, the weapon feels much more consistant with other weapons, and the user is in control on how the weapon performs.
  8. AdmiralArcher

    well, to be fair its not really total kills.....its actually kills per day over the course of a month, or 3 months or 6 months

    so its not just kills in general
  9. minhalexus

    I checked the VS annihilator, T2 Striker, and NC Annihilator.

    T2 Striker is outperforming them. :eek:
    Do we still need to revamp the T2 Striker?
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    In this case looks are irrelevant.
    As for the stats on the cerberus, it's a downgraded Rebel in just about every way, sans 2 extra shots before reload (which takes longer than the rebel, even if fast reloads are a "VS thing"...).

    Bad aim with the commissioner you say? I'm sensing a pattern here.
  11. AdmiralArcher

    wait.....why are we comparing an NC gun with a VS gun?

    if you are going to complain that the cerberus sucks, they why dont you compare it to the manticore and the beamer?
  12. TheBlindFreak

    Umm, the Cerberus is almost exactly like the L80 Rebel, which is an absolutely fantastic pistol.

    I never understood VS pistol complaints. Sure you don't have anything spectacular like the Repeater, but you pretty much have copies of two nc pistols, one of which I use over the Commish.

    Unless the stats that I remember have changed, but I don't think that they have.
  13. AdmiralArcher

    striker needs a revamp because IN PRACTICE, its a downgrade to the anniliator, i can garuntee you, that most of those kills are tank or sunderer kills, which are pretty much incapable of running away from the striker.

    regardless of what i am arguing with the other guys about the pistols, i do believe that the spiker and the striker and the AMP and the mag-scatter, need to be looked at some more, because what they gave us is not really working.

    the spiker should have been a 2 round burst with a 4 round charge like it was the first time. the Mag-scatter needs either slug rounds or better range (slugs for the mag-scatter coul have less damage fall off)

    the AMP needs something....idk what

    the striker is for a different thread

    the problem with the spiker, is that if you only made it 2 round burst everyone would whine that its a copy paste of the desperado (which they did), then the charge goes in and everyone cries that VS only get charge guns

    then they make it a unique charge thing and everyone cries some more that its still a charge gun

    and thus is the VS player base, and the reason why you have a ****** pistol
  14. Mongychops

    The Rebel got a magazine size buff at the same time as the Cerberus, so that isn't the difference.

    Cerberus advantages:
    Higher RoF (300 RPM Cerberus, 261 RPM Rebel).
    NO BULLET DROP!!!11!1!!1!

    Rebel Advantages:
    Damage profile: (Rebel max 15m, min 60m, 3 tier drop: Cerberus max 8m, min 50m, 5 tier drop.)
    Muzzle velocity: Rebel 375 ms, Cerberus 300 ms.
    Reload speed: Rebel 1.7s/1.4s Cerberus 2.0s/1.65s

    While I agree that the Rebel is probably the superior of the two (mostly due to max damage range being important on high damage per shot weapons), comparing them is misleading. The equivalent weapon to the Cerberus for the NC is the Desperado, a high DPS, low click rate, short range pistol.
  15. Donaldson Jones

    The Phaseshift needs a bit of work. The biggest annoyance for me is after a fully charged shot using it as a BASR it automatically un scopes. This is annoying because if there is more than one target I can't confirm who i just hit I only know if it was a head-shot or not. This makes follow ups difficult.

    The Spiker is utter nonsense there is not a single reason I would buy that pistol. As a matter of fact if it was the default VS pistol I would immediately buy a Beamer instead.
  16. AdmiralArcher

    it is slightly different, they both start at 250, but the cerberus drops to 112 after 50 meters while the rebel goes to 143 after 50 meters (and the rebel does 250 out to 15 meters while the cerberus only does 250 out to 8 meters)

    but the cerberus has a faster fire rate and short reload
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    Because if you only compare the VS ones to VS ones you're comparing bad with meh.

    Rebel reloads faster.
  18. LIKE A BOSS!

    Want to start posting useless stats lol cereberus is crap. The reason why its outperforming the beamer and Manticore is because its a 1000 cert weapons and on average higher BR players use it so of course it will have more kills. And also Commisioner>Underboss>Cerebrus VS pitstols are crap. Its a fact.
  19. Arsonix

    And the Rebel hits 143 at 60 meters, not 50.
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    Like I said earlier: The cerberus is a downgraded rebel.