Is the resource system ever going to be made not-awful or is this pretty much it?

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  1. anaxim

    :O is this confirmed? I remember reading about it many months ago, but I cant find anything about it anymore.

    It would be great.
  2. MuggieWara

    HAHAHAHAHA! "The driver of the MBT should never have been put in charge of the main gun"o_O

    Stop playing games guys and join the military if thats your thing!Unless you want to play against your breed only and make Auraxis a barren land with a handfull of(supposed) MLG elitists!

    You re funny ones arent you...
  3. WyrdHarper

    PS1 had crewed vehicles, where the driver had no weapons. Remarkably, they worked out pretty well, and it helped with balance and encouraged teamwork.
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  4. Frostiken

    Good. That's the point. MBTs should be strong, but rare.
  5. Frostiken

    Even Tribes 2 had that, and Tribes 2 was a capture the flag game...
  6. Diilicious

    Id rather play Arma, since its actually balanced to be like that, planetside 2 is simply not balanced for that set up.
  7. Halo572

    Stage 2 and 3 are being roadmapped on geological time scales, so don't get too excited.

    Think 'maybe our species won't last that long to see stage 3' and you'll be along the right lines.

    An extinction event is more likely to happen before stage 3 does.
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  8. Ixidron

    So, screw EU then? An US server guy would be able to spawn a MBT and have a 100% chance to communicate with his gunner, meanwhile f**k EU, they should spawn lightnings or learn English.

    3-man MBTs will be a very bad idea.
  9. Pikachu

    Yes and Yes t will bewill be a
    Yes and it will be a modifies sunderer. Making a new vehicle would tqke 5x the time.
  10. patrykK1028

    O very like this system and Im not looking forward for next stages..
  11. zukhov

    And here you have perfect example of why they don't bother much with the strategic game.

    Someone brings up the resource system and people just talk about tanks and pew pew.
  12. uhlan

    You know, I had never really thought about this.

    That is, that the EU would have far less coordination via random players because of the language barriers.

    I can see how frustrating that might be considering how hard it is to find competent crews despite the fact that we speak the same language (near enough anyway) here in the US.
  13. siiix

    i hope it stays the way it is , in many many months finally i have fun playing .. it reminds me of the planetside2 i signed up for in the early days

    dont change it SOE i love the new resource system !

    Chainpullside 2: Bases don't matter edition

    I love me some team death match but I kinda miss when destroying a tank or plane had some actual impact
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  15. Borsty

    While I understand people asking for more resources when they own more bases, don't forget that that
    - promotes the zerg
    - helps the faction with most people

    Yes, I'd like some more impact on the overall battle by defending/conquering battles too, but resources are not the way. I'd rather prefer it, if the further away from your warpgate you are, the lesser resources you get. That would counter the population imbalances a bit. But it makes conquering bases feel stupid.

    Anyway: Damaging grenades and C4 need to get more expensive, the current spam is ridiculous. Everything else seems rather fine.
  16. Tyrant103

    I don't think it's that bad, I run out of medkits, grenades etc alot. So spamming air or MBTs isn't an option for me. Mission successful I guess?

    When I had my membership I could easily spam though.
  17. Rentago

    because the developers are asshats, no one seems to understand their method to doing anything, they keep releasing halfbaked ideas and not just following through with one.

    The resource update needs to happen a lot faster, and its more important than pumping out half realized other ideas which serve to only delay them by giving them more things to work on at once.

    They need to make ants, and I doubt our empire specific buggies were going to be for that purpose, I feel that it was likely just another sunderer attachment, because they need to conserve "limited space" to pump out garbage for their store.
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  18. Borsty

    SOE should adapt a system CCP has for a couple of years now concerning EVE Online.
    We vote players onto a council of players, SOE talks about every balance etc. change to the game with them, and when both sides agree that stuff goes to the PTS. Then there's at least 1 iteration before it gets release and at least another one after a month.

    Arrogantly saying "we're the developers, we know best what's best for our game" won't work.
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  19. Alarox

    This is like saying MBTs should have never been enjoyable vehicles to use.
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  20. Hatesphere

    its my personal opinion that lightnings are for tooling around on your own, and the MBT should be set up in such a way to encourage teamwork. this simple change might even allow a slight increase in their over all performance in conjunction with the upcoming resource system reworks. it also allows the drive to focus on driving and keeping C4 off with the secondary at the same time.
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