is the rebel better than the stock nc pistol?

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  1. Ghosy01

    im thinking on buying it but after a few videos i cant seem to get an actual conclusion , thoughts?
  2. ThundaHawkPS

    Pistols have bad bullet velocity and the cone of fire gets knocked around by flinch/recoil. Rebel is really only worth it with headshots or paired with weapons like shotguns/sniper rifles which will critically injure players enough so 1-2 bullets finish them.

    Default NC pistol has better hipfire and much more kill potential per reload so it's a better gun fighting people who have full hp.
  3. Jaes

    Like all NC weapons, each has their own major strengths and weaknesses. Rebel can drop a player in 4 body shots assuming they don't have nano weave but has a bit of a kick to it and only 8 shots. The Recoil is fairly easy to compensate for however. The Mag Shot has almost twice as much ammo and a faster firing rate, so it depends on your personal play style.
  4. Threat

    Wait for the new NS heavy pistols imo.
  5. Ghosy01

    ns pistols?
  6. Threat

    Yes, this month. To clarify, NS heavy pistols will be common pool pistols available to all factions. Can check the roadmap.

    They'll probably 1 shot kill, after they nerf the pump action shotguns ability to 1 shot of course.
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  7. Bankrotas

    NS revolver man, revolver.
  8. Wintermaulz

    I just wish we could pick up enemy wepons like in PS1. Would run around with the NC scatter pistol when they add it :(
  9. Goretzu

    The extra damage per bullet doesn't make up for the lower bullets per clip IMO, unless you're an absolute crack shot that 100% headshots or something.
  10. Laraso

    I love the Rebel. I love it so much. The Magshot is nice, but nothing is as satisfying as the heavy damage the Rebel outputs.

    I often find that I only need to shoot a single bullet when finishing off a foe, compared to the two or three which would be necessary had I used the Magshot.

    The Rebel kills in four shots to the body, or two shots to the head.
  11. Syphers

    The rebel is crap, 4 body shot instead of 5 for the Mag to kill, half the clip size, slower fire rate
  12. biterwylie

    I would have to say it is at best only as good as the standard. But then the standard is a good pistol! :)

    As the other guys said, it is a big sacrifice in both ammo and fire rate for close combat.

    5 v 4 hit kill.... If it was 3 hit kill I would say it would have been worth buying. As it is now I have gone back to the standard pistol.
  13. Rabbitz

    Rebel sight seem a bit off for me.
  14. HyperMatrix

    The rebel is bad for most situations. It has lower DPS, and is also very inaccurate in comparison. Don't look at the accuracy stats. The stats say it's the same. But if you actually shoot, it's off by quite a lot. With the stock pistol I can kill people at medium range quite easily. With the rebel, you're far less accurate and you have fewer bullets so it gets dangerous. I own it. But I never use it. It's terrible for that purpose. As for up close surprise attacks as an infiltrator...I don't know...but since it has lower dps, not sure there's a very compelling argument for it.
  15. phreec

    Yeah, the bullets go way higher than the ironsights.

    I've outgunned some people using automatics against me before with it. But as with all low RoF weapons, if you're a bad shot or your frames are unstable, landing those shots can be quite difficult. I've gotten almost 500 kills with it so far but started going back to the Magshot on most of my loadouts since I find the magazine size being too small in most scenarios where I'm forced to use the sidearms and can't afford a reload.
  16. y3ivan

    it depends on playstyle. Rebel hits harder, 3~4 shots to the torso will kill 1 infantry at mid-range (75m)

    if you are the type that uses sidearms as secondary quick final shots to finish the target, rebel is a bad choice. It fires alot slower than magshots and has a mag size of 8. You cant really afford to miss with rebel.

    If your using sidearm as a accurate close-mid range weapon (typical loadout for shotgunners). You will find rebel pretty useful in that situation, where shotguns dont really work well.
  17. ThundaHawkPS

    On the contrary I feel Rebel is only useful as a finisher. When your main weapon is say a bolt action or shotgun, you will generally deal critical damage in situations where you don't clean kill. Usually the target will have 200-400 hp and the Rebel can finish them off with a shot or two (headshots= 500 dmg).

  18. Mastachief

    The rebel is only good if you are cqb and finishing them off with a headshot. I used to use it a lot as a finisher when i was using the gd7f as it rinsed the clip really fast.
  19. Takoita

    It all depends on your perfomance, IMHO. When you are gonna use your pistol? Most likely when you were caught with your pants down and need to try and finish that dude off before they finish off you. Does your fps/lag/desync allow you to land that one finishing shot in frantic close-quarters shoot-out? Or would you rather have more ammo to waste in case you miss?
  20. Bhudda V1

    I think the rebel is actually less accurate ads than the magshot, firing it at range it has some spread that i believe that the mag shot does not, but the mag shot is a good pistol get the laser and hip fire only the extra dodging speed has saved my life many a times, the suppressor just looks bad *** with the new long reload also the 50 damage increase comes with many a penalty in my mind, the slower firing rate,smaller mag, i bought it thinking it was a considerable side grade thinking it would help me in a bind like the magshot does but the smaller mag hit me hard again and again so wasn't for me. But if you find yourself sneaking up on people and you think you can get the 2 shot head shot off go for it.