Is the Pulsar LSW still the all rounder for Vanu?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by lolmanlee, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. EpicBlaster117

    I have the Pulsar LSW, I plain out love it, even though it may suck at long ranges.
  2. Cassidia

    The recoil pattern is the same, but the orientation is different.
    CoF and recoil are different methods to describe gun behavior, but the result on your aiming can be the same.

    Not all that hard to understand, is it?
  3. Erendil

    IMO the SVA-88 is the best all-around LMG that the VS have. It takes most of the best qualities of the LSW and Orion and puts it into one weapon. About 90% of the time that I play HA I'll be toting an SVA. It's my LMG of choice for most situations, because it has:
    • The 2nd highest RoF and thus Damage output (2nd only to the Orion - tied w/ the LSW)
    • 2nd highest muzzle velocity (2nd only to the Ursa)
    • Lowest first shot recoil
    • Fastest recoil recovery speed
    • Fastest footspeed during ADS (.75x of the default, tied with the Orion. All other LMGs in the game for all 3 empires have a .5x multiplier so they cut your footspeed in half)
    • As of 12/12 it now has the smallest ADS CoF, apparently switching stats w/ the now-worse LSW (and tied with the Polaris, Flare, and Orion)
    • Smallest hipfire CoF
    • One of the largest attachment selections available (it's only missing soft ammo and the Level2 laser sight that the Polaris gets)
    Compared to the LSW, its only real downsides are its high sustained-fire vertical recoil (the worst, tied w/ the Flare, whereas the LSW is much lower) but you can get a compensator to reduce it (which does help significantly) and learn to manually counteract the rest via your mouse with practice. It also has slower reloads (4th place, the Flare and Polaris are worse). In exchange, it has more attachments, better ADS and hipfire CoF on the move, faster ADS footspeed, faster recoil recovery, lower first-shot recoil, and faster muzzle velocity.

    Compared to the Orion, it again suffers from higher sustained recoil and slower reloads, and a lower damage output. But you get more attachments, a larger mag and more spare ammo, faster recoil recovery, lower first shot recoil, and higher muzzle velocity.
  4. JohnnyMaverik

    The SVA-88's recoil for me is the biggest draw back, it means in CQC flinch is a much bigger problem, the LSW on the other hand is fine for flinch (as fine as any weapons in this game are for flinch). I have tried both, I like the SVA-88 that little bit more for range engagement, but the LSW is the most comfortable all rounder.