Is the Phaseshift worth it?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by ShinBreaker, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. ShinBreaker

    I was planning it on getting it on sale for 350 sc. When i trialed it i got 12 kills before it expired. It reminded me of my va39 spectre days when I never had to account bullet drop, but it's more powerful. It's basically just a mixture between a lancer and a va39 spectre. What I want to know is, is there any reason not to get it?
  2. palto1826

    well since you have trialed it and seem to do well even with ts drawbacks, you may want to pick it up, BUT remember the drawbacks...cant start the charge while cloaked (making counter sniping much harder than it needs to be), the delay makes it so you can just barely get out two full charge shots before the "hold breath to steady crosshairs" function ends, also, it has a pretty slow bullet velocity, the semi auto fire is next to useless when hip firing

    with that said i own it and its a great weapon for picking off people while going solo trying to flank and get a few kills
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  3. Vivicector

    Yea, the post above describes the drawbacks quite well.

    Phaseshift is a fun unique rifle. Makes a nice change from standard rifles. You can kill people with it, but overall it is quite weak. Also, you can go for 2x headshots in a quick succession, that is cool too.
  4. Badname1293

  5. CuteBeaver

    One more thing:

    Even if you put a silencer on it, every time you go for a charged shot the enemy can listen for the very distinct charging sound which is audible up to about 90 meters away. I tested this using CuteReaver and a VS friend. It won't take them long to find you. Not a good choice for hide sniping.
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  6. ShinBreaker

    Yea, the silencer only works in the semi-auto mode. When it's fully charged it will not be silenced.
  7. Vivicector

    The shot will be silenced for your enemy, its just you hearing it. The charging sound - donno.

    This gun is NOT the long range rifle (nah, who ever needs those useless guys trying to hit anything from 300 meters?). Its good on 100-200 meters or so. With semi-auto, you can kill people in 50 meters range, but its risky.
  8. Mathgeekjoe

    I have been hearing the Phase shift has a slow bullet speed. I don't think 550 m/s is slow.
  9. Dr Baralax

    (Caveat - I'm a pretty poor sniper when it comes to accuracy, leading the target, hitting the target and not wasting ammo)
    That said, I'm constantly changing location and angle, and the mix of SA and BA fire modes is a freaking godsend quite frankly, and having infinite ammo means I can really go out on Long Range Reconnaissance. Also, the charge is freakishly short, and you can snap off two BA grade shots faster than a proper BA - no bolt action!

    The recoil on the SA shots is a bit pants, though, or at least it is for me (CQC or Stalker, primarily, which likely explains that). Also without the silencer you make a quantum ****storm of noise.

    What I'd really like is a mid-range variant (Phasedrive?) - Iron sights -> 6x scopes (e.g. like the Vandal or Ghost) with say, doubled charge time for the BA shot + balanced SA damage. Or maybe an auto-scout version (Phaseblast?), a proper "laser"-style rifle with rapidly expanding bloom as heat is generated. Hell, you could even have a shotgun variant (Phaseshock?) that has tight pellet spread a-la Jackhammer that again rapidly widens as heat is generated.

    Shame PS2s designed by a company that would rather have a nice game of Neverending-Space-Battlefied-With-Largely-Dissimilar-Factions.

    Heh, sorry for going off-topic.
  10. Longasc

    I tested it on the test server, on the live server hitting moving targets became harder as over the course of balancing the rifle its damage potential and projectile speed got nerfed, so I woul now rather take a Spectre or a Parallax or whatever. The charge up to 1-hit headshot at closer ranges doesn't work out too well in practice.

    Better let it be, I bought it and well, it turned out to be awful in practice.
  11. ShinBreaker

    Good thing I didn't get it, it just didn't work out for me after a while of trialing it again. It's a fun weapon indeed, but I decided I can just use my parralax(for long range) and ghost(for close range) and a squad beacon if I need more ammo.

    If it ever gets buffed later on I might get it. Overall it needs a faster reload time, access to lower scopes(to make use of the semi-auto capabilities)
  12. Zagareth

    2 points against the Phaseshift:
    1. it's slow and sluggish, SA got more recoil than a Spectre (which is already slow) and charged shot is not really made for "quick aim 'n' shoot"
    2. you can only kill infiltrators with one headshot at 200+m, for everyone else you need 2 shots and because of #1 it's most likely they get away
    If you can live with it, then it might be fun for you.