Is the Nyx worth it?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by ewokinarmor, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. ewokinarmor

    I already have a Phantom with a 2x sight, foregrip, and silencer, love the guaranteed 3 shot kill and am used to the recoil. I'm saving up to buy the Nyx, but at this point, should I? If no, are there any other weapons I should get instead? My current weapons:

    Artemis, XM98, Phantom, Spectre, Ghost, XBow, Underboss, Proximity mines
  2. cruczi

    If you're into silent kills, it's worth it. With a suppressor, it's one of the quietest weapons in the game, quieter than the crossbow I'd say.
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  3. Sincore

    Personally I think you would be better off with the Vandal, performs a similar role has the NS sounds to confuse enemies (albeit slightly) and .75x movement modifier. One of the main pros for the Nyx is its lack of bullet drop, but that shouldn't really be a deciding factor in the ranges you engage in.
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  4. yeHHH1g

    Nyx is better than the Vandal in my opinion. Quieter, hits just as hard, the first shot recoil is lower, and it is overall more accurate than the Vandal. The Vandal suffers from side to side recoil while the Nyx is mostly vertical so it is easier to control. 2 shots to the head kills most targets so the low first shot recoil compared to the Vandal helps immensely with follow up shots
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  5. Inf1nite

    Unless you have the SC for the Vandal or have alts then go with the Nyx. I have the Shadow on my NC and it is just amazing. It fires faster than the Phantom since it's the semi auto scout rifle, not sniper rifle and although it deals a little less damage, you can still finish off a target easily.
  6. cruczi

    SC? Why would you buy weapons with SC?
  7. Inf1nite

    Are you trying to be a troll...?
  8. Ravenorth

    It purely depends how you like to play, with Nyx you can be a bit more aggressive as it has significantly better hip fire than Phantom and also access to laser sight. It also doesnt take any accuracy penalties when moving and aiming at the same time. This all makes it better weapon at CQC when compared to Phantom, but the lower damage per bullet also makes it worse at longer ranges. Phantom will still be better and more reliable choice for pure medium+ range combat with its higher damage as it can take out people with fewer shots than Nyx.

    And dont bother with Vandal, it may be more obvious choice over the other scout rifles for TR and NC, but for VS the Nyx has much better perks, like being almost completely silent and having no bullet drop, which significantly improves its long range combat capabilities.
  9. Gemenai

    Well i got auraxium with it and i have to say i like it.
    Played it most of the time with 6x scope, compensator and forward grip.
    Who said long rang is not possible?
    It´s the same with Vandal. Aim for the head, hold breath , two short shots and one enemy down.
    The best thing is therefor NYX does not have bullet drop you can also take silencer instead of compensator ( not a big difference in my opinion), so no one is seeing you, no one hears you and more and more people start to hate you :p .

    And yes of course you can also use it with more close engagement certifications if this fits your playstyle more.
  10. cruczi

    Not kidding. Weapons can be had with certs, so why pay SC for them? There's little to no point in ever paying real money for a weapon, except for perhaps Commie/Underboss as they're available for all factions and classes. The only weapon I bought with SC (apart from 1 SC membership deals) is the Crossbow, now I have it available for all classes of each of my 6 characters, it was an ok decision.

    It's just bad economic planning. If you want to spend money on the game, buy a membership which grants you 16K+ certs per year at the highest tier, per character, and a 50% XP boost, you can use these to fund everything you need to buy with certs. The membership SC is best spent on things you can't get with certs, i.e. camos, armors, voiceovers etc.

    So I just don't see how the answer to the question "is the Nyx worth it" is in any way affected by the ability to buy the Vandal with SC, especially considering the Nyx isnt a 1000 cert weapon.
  11. Phrygen

    Nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx?


    nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx!
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  12. Gemenai

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  13. ewokinarmor

    Yeah, I've heard some really great things about the Nyx. I main Artemis silenced with foregrip and 2x sight, and it is deadly quiet. Would it make sense to use the same attachments for the Nyx? Or should I swap out the foregrip with a laser?
  14. Gemenai

    Well depends on how you play if you hipfire more then lasersight, if you ads more then grip i would say.
  15. TheBlindFreak

    Purchasing something with SC unlocks it account wide. Since NS weapons can be used by all factions, you will unlock it for any character you have.
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  16. Ravenorth

    I´d go with the laser, the normal recoil kick for Nyx is pretty easy to control.
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  17. Govedo13

    I fail with bolt actions and never used any scout rifle.
    Witch one is more noob friendly Nyx or Phantom or Vandal?
    At what effective range you can use them? Can I kill stuff at 100-120m or I need to be closer?
  18. coldstatic

    I love the nyx. I was one of the early adopters of close range sniping so I have seen itr go through a lot. My main load out is ghost 4x second is nyx irnv last is phantom.

    Before the buff to phantom the nyx was very different from it. Now the phantom can somewhat reliably hipfire sub 8 meter for the ohh crap moment. Before you could crouch not moving 1 m away and miss every shot. Now that that is out of the way.

    One reason I prefer the nyx to vandal is reload speed. Yes the vandal had bigger clip but I can kill 2 targets run around a corner and my reload will finish by the time I turn around to kill the guy chasing me. Albeit the vandal is better at hip fire killing. Vandal = 10 or less guaranteed 18 = very high chance 23 = 50\50 shot. Nyx 10 = guaranteed 14 = very high chance 20 = 50\50. Those are hipfire.

    This is my rough estimate for combat ranges. Nyx sub 25 m, phantom 10 to 30, ghost for the rest.

    When smg's were first released I got the Sirius. I used it for a bit but didn't find it challenging. With the nyx being so close range (SMG range is further then the nyx IMO lol) you will be tempted to grab that instead but the nyx is very powerful. I think the biggest thing with it is hs ratio and NOT oversampling the fireing.

    If you don't know what oversampling the firing is wrel has a great vid on YouTube about it. Basicly you press your mouse to much and the gun is not ready to fire but still shows the animation.
  19. cruczi

    I know. I mentioned Commie and Underboss as examples. But weapons other than sidearms will be class specific, so you won't receive as much benefit as from buying NS sidearms. The point is that if you're going to spend money on the game, over 16,000 passive certs per character per year along with +50% XP boost (and member double XP weekends) is a much better way to afford any weapon with certs.
  20. cruczi

    Phantom is better than Nyx in general because you get 400 damage per shot instead of 334 (at maximum), allowing you to two hit kill with a headshot+bodyshot at over 100 meters. The Nyx can also do it but only up to 15 meters, assuming no Nanoweave. Phantom's damage falloff isn't as steep either, making it more suitable for that 100+ meter range.

    The Vandal is also a 334 damage gun so I'd definitely rather grab the Phantom over it.

    The Scout rifles have much better hipfire accuracy than the short range sniper rifles, but you can probably get better results in CQC using a pistol.