Is the Medic worth playing?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Redoubt, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Redoubt

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  2. HippoCryties

    Hope you become a constant creator on YouTube we currently lack them we only boss and cyrious gaming?
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  3. Redoubt

    Thank you, I think that I've got a couple more in me.
  4. Flense

    Just saw your video--some good suggestions. On a related subject, I wonder, why a medic can heal himself with the nano-regen device, but can't be revived by the revive grenade he tossed just before he bit the dust?
  5. VhynSeven

    Nice video. Somehow it feels like more being About how to play Medic rather than being worth to play Medic, but good job anyway.
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  6. Twin Suns

    It's just like being a Bartender.

    Everybody's calling out you're name on the mic and they all wanna tell ya their life story.

    On the other hand you can easily end up being a Babysitter.

    All joking aside though, yes it's a fun and gratifying class to me. You get all the best aspects of gaming.

    Camaraderie, Competition and that Esprit de Corps.
  7. Twin Suns

    I'm glad it doesn't. To me it would defeat the spirit of playing as a medic.


    Should I or should I not? ....but if I expose myself to enemy fire trying to revive them I'm dead...and what's the point. *scratches head* I know, *snaps fingers* I'll just spam the area with revive grenades and even if I go down there's no risk involved anymore.

    End product IMO....Just put us in zebra stripes and call us Refs instead of medics.
  8. DarkStarAnubis

    I play all classes but Max.

    If you play well Medic you get a lot of certs and a lot of friends by healing/reviving other players and for sure you contribute to the "big picture" (attack or defend a point).

    On the downside, you do not get many kills, at least I don't :)

    In an heated battle you have to split your attention to survive (first), revive (second), heal (third) so do not have much time left to locate enemies and fire back, it is very situational.

    One good example is a Biolab attack starting from one or more of the three teleports. At the beginning the best strategy is to loiter in or around the teleport room helping people, then as the attack develops move further away: e.g. inside the building with the "B" point or the one hosting the "A" points depending on the scenario, you can have a kind of triage/stand-by area from where you either move to help groups fighting at the doors or fight and hold the point if contested.

    If there is a big attack group with several medics you can take more risks and fight more in the front-line because if you die you will [hopefully] be rezzed by another fellow Medic.
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    medic imo is the least intresting class ...
    yes it has a assaultrifle but unless you are alone you barely get to use it because people shout at you to revive them than defending yourself or having fun shooting..

    also it lacks any capability of defending itself against vehicles, it´s the worst class to use C4 with, instead it should have access to AV grenades and a AV primary option like a grenadelauncher or the LA rockletrifle
    it also should have the ability to dualwield healingpistol + assaultrifle or sidearm for the for being somewhat able to defend yourself at the expense of slower revive/heal and inability to ADS ...

    medic however seems to be good for certgrinding if you are willing to focus on revives ..
    personaly howewer i rather take engineers, because not only can i repair but also get passive cert through ammoboxes so i don´t always have to be near people ..
  10. Doc Jim

    lol, this had me confused 'cause the video seemed so familiar, then I checked the date :D
  11. Twin Suns

    I just unlocked the Gauss Prime Assault Rifle for my medic, BR 81. Hell yeah! Got my auraxium plating for my medic at BR 79.
    "A light assault trapped in a medic's body".

    My road to Prime.

    Default Guass Assault Rifle. (Favorite)

    Just spotted a Hostile Medic! Damm right you did...
  12. Nenarch

    Heh, I was watching streamers on twitchtv, then noticed a streamer who got bored and went knife medic..

    Go full hp implants, get a knife.. then get hp from kill, and same time run health over time… You can basically kill 10 man Group by charging into them from behind a corner. Was ridiculous, better players would have gunned him down I gues but these guys could not, he did the same stunt twice.

    So there's this kind of play possible with medic. Anyways I don't play medic unless someone askes for real or it's a fun factor of full medic squad. I'm just more into HA action as I play solo mainly due to when I play, I play 3/4 of the time outside primetime with low pop.
  13. P149U3

    Medic is always best for XP farming