Is the '' HA pros '' did convice Higby to give up on the change ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Stew360, May 26, 2014.

  1. Stew360


  2. z1967

    Stew, look at the tweet. Now look at this part that I have cropped. They didn't have the time because they were allocating resources to bug fixing, which is several times more important than fixing an inconsistency in play style or whatever. You're literally complaining that they are fixing the game over fixing a tiny issue.
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  4. SinerAthin

    How do you not kill someone before they can turn around?

    The TTK in this game is really low.

    When I get a jump on someone, they always die before they can fight back.
    When I get jumped from behind, I usually die before I even register the bullets.

    I have no problem sneaking up on Heavies on my LA and laying waste to them with my Serpent. If I use my Pandora, their shield doesn't even matter; it's a drop in the ocean of the coming damage train.

    The rare time someone actually survives my ambush is if I blunder horribly and spray bullets all over the place, but then that's my own fault.
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  5. Posse

    I think this explains why this thread was made in the first place, I apologize for any inconveniences caused[IMG]
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  6. tekknej

    a second opinion:
    lately i have been shooting a lot of heavies in the head with my Ghost. in close quarters no less. most of them die in one hit. they don't seem to be any good anti-infantry to me. infiltrators, LA, medics are better, the first two due to special skills or weapons, the latter due to massive stacking heals. i hope HA will get a buff actually.

    Edit: oh wait, i forgot, HA can rocket primary, yes :3 i hope noone will take that from them at least.
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  7. Donaldson Jones

    WTH language are you speaking?
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  8. AngryPlayer

    [DA]'s bad, stews bad. You're all bad. Stop posting.
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  9. Liberty

    You aren't far off to be honest. Something a lot of people forget is that Heavies are a very distance 2nd place when it comes to infantry play. MAXes being in first place. The Heavy Squad that runs with medics is much easier to root out than the MAX squad that runs with half as many medics and subs in a few engineers.

    The rocket launcher is the only thing that levels the playing field, and even then a MAX can kill you in the time it takes for you to swap weapons without the overshield. A nerf to the heavy means you will see that many more MAXes.

    People are quick to say "But MAXes cost resources" and you are right, they do. They cost 350 resources to pull. A HA can use 2 bricks of C4 = 200 resources + 1 to 4 grenades at 45 a pop. Or they can use 4 med kits @ 75 resources per, plus 1 to 4 grenades.

    That means you can spend from 245 to 480 infantry resources on just one life as a heavy. And yes, if you pull a heavy with 4 med kits + 4 grenades, if you don't use any it will cost you zero where as a MAX you pay upfront.

    Also, unrelated to the post but with the new shield, having a combination of Shield + AoE Heal medics is going to be the way to go for holding points. First, everyone can run Nano/Flak instead of ACS and second, you won't have to worry about pulling off your firing lane anywhere near as much while sitting in that bubble.
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  10. Stew360

    it was more than a month ago a month and half and they did implement all the medic changes and stuff so please hahaha
  11. ZephyrBurst

    Higby answered it, Stew. Stop being a troll. They had other things to fix and implement first before this change.
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  12. LT_Latency

    I don't see what the big deal is.

    The Jaguar for TR light assault is awesome. It rips HA apart when you get it on there head.
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  13. Casterbridge

    Been using the bandit, mines and sticky grenades all weekend I got no complaints about HA's being OP.
  14. Whatupwidat

    Blame lag. Naturally.

    Or faction traits. Either/or.
  15. Baconite

    Life is a whole lot easier when you play Light Assault or Infil and shoot HA's in the back.

    That's how I make my living, anyway.
  16. Church41349

    People just seem to want to blame the HA shield for their deaths instead of their own skill. If you get the drop on them and they still kill you well then maybe your doing something wrong.
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  17. Stew360

    Ha shield as been imbalanced for years now , and always have been , the way it work is simply wrong , i would prefer to have slower heavy class who as a Static amount of extra health , the shield as to be revisited and change , no matter what you want to call it nerf or change or whatever , it as nothing to do with i have been kill by X and Y , sometime ive been farm by battle gal trying to get out of my spawn do i think battle gal are that imbalanced ? Nope , ive been kill by many thing in this game , dosent change the issue we enconter with heavys ,

    Considering your sign i doubt you could help me increasing my '' skills '' and player skills as nothing to do with this topic , HA shield as to be change the devs admit it themself '' after a while '' god have mercy of their souls , and now they keep pushing this change back to not get flames by those who got use to almost play exclusively as HA farming kills like no end :)
  18. Kamikaize

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  19. Bl4ckVoid

    If they give delay to heavy shield, then they change the playstyle of all heavies.
    I may just quit over this, I am sick of all the nerfs, while Libs and infiltrators get all the buffs.
  20. LonelyTerran

    A delay would just make resist shield a whole lot worse