Is the Buzzard Going to Get Buffed?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scroffel5, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Scroffel5

    Exactly. I haven't personally tried to Starfall or Pillager, but I haven't died to either but maybe once. No one wants to use them. I can actually remember the time I died to the Pillager, but the Starfall? No.
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  2. Exileant

    ;) I wish Champ and Demi could have read what you just typed. according to them, the Starfall does nothing but kill everybody. You said it best. :p "If you die by a Flash you are a Dingus." Take that like and love it.

    o_O If you happen to see this post you two, HE IS AN N.C. PLAYER SAYING THIS... Your arguments there are DONE! :eek: I WIN!! GO HOME!!! :D Yes, I had to add a little C.Barkly in there. Hahaha!
  3. LordKrelas

    The Starfall is anti-vehicle not anti-infantry.
    The Flash itself, was nerfed, rather than the weapons; And you know what triggered that?
    Starfalls being unloaded into MBTs & Sunderers, either halving their health or straight finishing them off in the first salvo.
    Having the cheapest vehicle, with cloaking, able to literally half-health a 450 Nanite investment, and only if You are 1 of 3 factions, is kinda broken as all hell.

    Meanwhile, a Straight Flamethrower is fun to use, regardless if effective or ineffective - And it typically killed the Flash itself.

    You tried to kill an Infantry man, with an 3-shot burst weapon, designed for AV: Which could half-health an MBT from the front.
    Then compared a Mortar & Flamethrower, both built for AI, to it, and complained the AV lost to AI weapons in killing infantry.
    IE if that Starfall, was good at killing infantry, it would be one of the most universal weapons.
    Meanwhile, the Mortar & Flamethrower can't kill tanks as fast as the Starfall, but you aren't Demanding they Do that, for some reason.

    But hey, for once you are not personally attacking Someone in a post.
  4. Campagne

    Sigh. :p

    Not a position I've ever held personally, or at least not one I've argued for. I know you're desperate for my attention but you're just creating false arguments here.

    Regardless, anecdotal circumstantial "evidence."
  5. Exileant

    Yo_OU lie. Shame on you. Say: "--that you can REMEMBER" if you cannot.

    ;) Proof and confirmation from your own teammates are not acceptable to you.... :D Got it. :eek: GO HOME!!!!
  6. Exileant

    :confused: You are out of your mind. o_O The first salvo NEVER took half their health. You needed at least 3 or 4 to kill a tank, and that was from behind. You might have been able to line that up in V.R. but in the field, you were not getting but 1 clip back there unless you were willing to gamble your life. This extended the killing time because it needed 4 or 5 clips, not barrages. :D That was 8 LOUD Barrages by yourself. If you were skillful your kills took time. You had to work on a take for well over a minute and a half; and this was hoofing it. ;)Again, what hurt peoples pride, was the fact that often they would not have but 25% of their life left and then they would encounter a Starfall. Or would be getting hit by something else and only noticed the Flash buzzing about. :eek: That tank on the ridge timing bursts was what did the real damage. Starfalls will feel like tank shells if you only have a quarter of your life. They were superb for cleanup and kill stealing. But that was about it.

    o_O I do not attack, unless I am attacked first. If I did I would not be here.
  7. LordKrelas

    Do you play Console or something?
    The starfall fires 3 shot bursts with a trigger-press.
    As well, Tanks do not gain mystically more health that casually, I also used a Starfall.
    You can also look up the original threads, where the TTK is noted, and the bursts needed is not 8.
    It was compared in time to the Fury, but front-loaded the damage, instead of sustained fire.

    Exillent, Half your posts include comparing people to dogs, hounds, insulting their family, and any insult you could muster repeatedly, in response to people disagreeing with you - rather than them insulting you at all.
    So, thanks I guess, for showing the Delusion in full.
  8. Campagne

    Please provide the forum post where I made the claim.
  9. Exileant

    :eek: Your flamethrower is full-auto with a 1 second reload and is effective on everything. You hands down have THE MOST universal weapon in the game. You just do not want anyone else to match T.R. in that area. o_O You are not slick.
    :mad: Exactly NONE of my posts insult peoples family, if you do not understand what I am saying, ask me, and I will be happy to break it down for you, but do not blatantly lie. ;) I could EASILY insult your intelligence, but you do this just fine on your own... Allow me to point out that my name is actually DISPLAYED on your screen as you reply to me, yet you STILL managed to misspell it.... :confused: I cannot help it if you feel like a dog, hound or what not, that is an internal issue, how what I say makes you feel is your deal. You will not lie on me. o_O I do not have to insult anyone's family to get my point across. When I am talking about a subject, I attack with facts. When I get tired of arguing, I issue a challenge and make myself available to prove what I am saying is true. Champagne is weak, he knows he is full of bull, which is why he will boot up neither game to display his so called facts. Heck I was easy on him, I said we could duke it out in DESTINY first... :D I am still waiting on him. And that brings me to your response on the Starfall not taking 4/5 clips to kill a tank. Forum talk, kill potential (WHICH IS ALL T.T.K. is) is not the same thing as reality. The Time to kill for a Lasher is pretty freaking high, however you are not going to land all head-shots or all shots with one in a real fight PERIOD unless you are fighting a newbie. (I cannot even include if you sneak up on them... :eek: Second shot and the noise spooks your target away. The Starfall was no different. o_O Any decent tank has dodging capabilities, 90% have Fire suppression. which adds an extra clip and 2/3s worth of damage for Starfalls. People cried back then because they wanted a scapegoat to cover the true issue, the lacked skill. Scroff, Fights Vanu, and has admitted to being an average player. (Those who only admit to being average are the ones you have to worry about.) If he does not die to Vanu flashes, it is a case of get good. Cry babies get some truth slapped into them. Spare the rod, spoil the child. :confused: I do not like children enough to spoil them. Anyone who takes 3 minutes to read any of my posts and then actually plays the game, sees what I am saying is true. Again, :eek: THAT IS WHY THE MAGRIDER NOW HAS MAGBOOSTERS AS STANDARD EQUIPMENT! THAT IS WHY THE FLASH CLOAK DELAY HAS BEEN LOWERED TO 3 SECONDS and a BAR STARTUP from 5 and 25% bar startup! ;) I make sense. It is not my fault you cannot comprehend it. Now did I utter a word about your family, or compare you to any animals in this statement? o_O This would have been the perfect opportunity given false witnessing is a personal attack. Fish for your grandstand 'likes' all you want, but do not do so at my expense.
  10. LordKrelas

    I'm NC typically.
    That's what I typically state as well, quite commonly. Not TR.
    That Flamethrower is also... not Universal, and typically killed the Flash.
    The Starfall is AV, and did not result in suicide.

    Lasher is A splash-based weapon, unmatched in tactical capability for Heavy-weapons.
    It isn't a 1v1 weapon, this is known.

    Your rant, kinda proves my point.
    I don't also care about likes, as why would I? This forum isn't much for them in the first-place.
    It's also not a grand-standing moment, to let you rant like a madman, self-reference your statements towards others, where you did actually insult them, constantly.

    I do suggest , you actually play Planetside however.
  11. Campagne

    You talk a lot of **** for someone who doesn't quote the person you're referring too.

    Hey, how about that picture, eh? It's been a long time. Months? Years, maybe? I should think you'd have sent it to me by now...
  12. Exileant

    :D You keep on thinking that. Hahaha! If you are killing yourself with the flamethrower, if that even registers as an ISSUE for you, you are using it wrong and do not know what you are doing with it. o_O It does not typically kill anything but entire swaths of enemies given half a chance paired with even a mediocre driver. Driver skill spells determines how many groups the Flamethrower will kill before the flash is destroyed, it does not go by kills the way the others do. It burns everything and is direct and area, you cannot get a better weapon, period. :p Again it is not my fault you read false hidden messages in my statements. That is your problem. ;) Playing Planetside and speaking on the issues is why changes usually go in my direction. :confused: Even if you want to say, the staff has never read a single one of my suggestions, the fact that the changes STILL took effect the way I said they should, proves I was right.
  13. Exileant

    o_O I offered to beat your face into the pavement to show you live what I was talking about for a very long time... You would not have needed a picture. You just knew I would have recorded it. When someone on your own team TOLD you they killed a tank with that glitch shot, all of a sudden, you need video proof. :p I know I offered to whip your ever loving tail in Destiny, since you seem to think the Flipping THUNDERLORD is all you need in the game to pull numbers, according to you, stats don't matter only weapons.... Hahahahaha! When you made claims like that, it made me know you do not really know what you are doing when it comes to building a setup, and HERE your setup determines whether you thrive or get walked on. It would have taken nothing for you to run a single strike with me, so I could burst a 290 to your 60 kills... The changes to the Magerider was made. The restrictions to the flash were lightened. :D Seems I was right. Okay, I have said that like 40 times. I will not say it again..... ;) Unless you make me.
  14. Campagne

    As always, I really, truly do not care about your ego, and to arrange a couple of games between the two of us just so that I may shove my foot down your throat would be a monumental waste of time and effort.

    Actually, I'm referring to the screenshot you supposedly took yet refuse to provide. But of course I'm not surprised you can't even keep track of all the lies you pull out of your butt.

    And lastly, Destiny 2 is about guns and power levels. A good gun of the same or higher power level will beat any AI opponent.
  15. Scroffel5

    Guys, chill. You are all pretty. Starfall was OP. Got nerfed. I never used it. Pillager seems midground. Never used it. What I have used is the Buzzard, and that piece of crap is neither AI, AV, or AA. (Btw DBG add a dedicated AA/AI weapon for Flashes, I want all Pilots to complain, thx) The Buzzard benefits from you missing. Dont get what I mean?

    I was playing yesterday at a base on Amerish. It was the base on the mountain, next to Auraxicom. Not Splitpeak but Auraxis Firearms I think. It may has been the skybase. Idk. Anyways, a VS duo took C point and they mopped the floor with everyone. I asked why our 7 guys cant beat 2 guys. They said the duo was a good team and they were taking everyone out 1 by 1. I park my Flash right next to the ammo tower and I shoot the Buzzard through the small window. I get no hits, but now they cant come that way. Our team comes in one at a time and takes the duo down.

    Suppression is what the buzzard is good at. I suggest giving it a special scope that can be used to help it with sniping vehicles or at least some sort of marker to show where it lands. Demigan suggested letting it deploy so you can use the map to shoot the Buzzard at specific locations, maybe going further and making it empty the whole mag in one burst. I also suggest upping the explosive damage and range. If you are in a 5 m radius, you shall dieeeee.
  16. Exileant

    ;) Diversion is a great way to use it. It is the main way when you want to setup a decent scenario for moping up groups. If you figured out that tactic on you own, I am sure once you get it to a science, you will see it is really stupendous as is. :) Do me a favor and use Starfall then tell me what you see. Then use the Pillager, tell me what you see. o_O Finally compare the 3 and list your opinion here for me.
  17. Exileant

    ;) Really? Then hop on. You and I know the truth. Ever since you displayed that weak misfitted trash heap you call character next to my perfected build, everyone who plays, saw you as the joke you are. All you have to do is sign in, you know what, I will not even record me wrecking you, it will be our little secret. I will not even message you anymore after. o_O Not a soul will know how bad I muff you up, you have my word on that. I win too much money to lose to you or to lie about my findings, child. For every tactic I share here there are at least 5 that I do not. :confused: If you ACTUALLY believe, which you do, that you can rely on one or 2 C rank Legendary weapons and one B rank Exotic, then please, bring it on. From there I will stomp you flat in this. We do not have to argue anymore. But I have said this time and time again. You are all forum no skill, nor guts apparently. I live by a code: :eek: "Whip an &^^, make a friend." :p And I ALWAYS have room for one more.
  18. Campagne

    If you recall, my build was based on three specific weapon types. Namely, shotguns, scout rifles, and heavy weapons. Shockingly, the three weapons I had were a shotgun, (random one I picked up and liked enough to keep), a scout rifle, (Cut-and-Run, preplanned), and a heavy weapon (the best and brightest Thunderlord LMG). Why, it's almost as if my build was based specifically around those particular weapon types! (And around the two specific weapons.) And of course as I've said many a time, weapons kill, not abilities. In fact, the only real offensive ability the titan class has is the grenade, which really doesn't charge nearly fast enough to use as one's primary source of damage. My build was based around my ability to kill and kill effectively. OHK the grunts at literally any range and DPS the baddies and bosses down in seconds.

    Tragically, I cannot anymore. The recent move to Steam and blatant disregard for my transfer request have stripped me of all my in-game progress and assets. I actually tried to pick it up from scratch again, but my heart just wasn't into it. Also I'm not going to buy the Forsaken DLC twice.

    Hilariously, I've specifically requested you to message me multiple times. You have failed to do so even once, so your promise of silence is rather redundant... Unless you consider ****posting to be "messaging me."

    It is not wise to bring those with a vendetta closer to you. Regardless, you are not really "friend material" anyway. I think that would be a net loss, beating you like a rented mule if it meant we had to be friends after. :p
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  19. Exileant

    ;) Yes, yes you should.
  20. Campagne


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