Is the Buzzard Going to Get Buffed?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scroffel5, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Scroffel5

    I am gonna do a Zizoubaba here and ask questions with the Forums. The Starfall got changed, the Pillager got changed, where is my Buzzard buff at? I have to hit them with 2/3 of my shots to kill them or 1 hit and 2 ground hits. There should be a bigger explosion radius with more damage, imo, but I'd like to hear your thoughts. Should the Buzzard be buffed, and if so, how?

    I know I made a post on this before, but in light of the recent change to the Pillager, I think I need to post it again.
  2. Demigan

    Probably not getting a buff. But if it was I think it should get the following:

    - higher damage in inner radius. It is kind of ridiculous that the Starfall which is supposed to be AV is superior at AI than the Buzzard.
    - gravity to the projectiles. Buzzards are supposed to be a light artillery weapon but the Arc doesnt allow for shooting over anything significant except a few edge cases.
    - higher vertical aim angle, so you can actually lob something.
    - a forwards scope. Basically if you aim up you cant see where your shots land. Holding the scope forces your view forwards without affecting the gun, allowing you to quickly see where shots land.
    - one extra shot per magazine

    And the most important feature they should add: allow the Buzzard Flash to deploy. You can get a target painter from a miniature terminal at the backseat. Using this allows you to fire the entire magazine at a designated spot to soften up enemies, finish off wounded enemies or flush them out of cover.
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  3. Scroffel5

    Devs, Mods, people of importance in the PS2 Community, this. This right here is what I want. All I want is confirmation whether or not you are going to do this to the Buzzard. Right now, we don't have these super fun, creative weapons to use. We got point and shoot guns, we got pew pew guns, we got boom boom guns. We need this. So I ask you Devs, Mods, and people of importance in the PS2 community, is the Buzzard getting a buff or not? Is it getting this? Please reply.
  4. Liewec123

    i'd just like one extra shot per reload so that it can actually kill with splash,
    because right now it just doesn't really have a place.

    Pillager has an obvious use, AI and its good at it, pretty similar in use to renegade.
    Starfall has a use, AV, and since the nerf it isn't great but its still the best current burst AV that flash has.

    Buzzard on the other hand doesn't deal enough direct damage to be good at AV,
    and can't even get infantry kills from splash making it impractical AI.
    it just seems like a direct Downgrade to Fury
    (which deals similar AV damage but has much more damage per mag, and can kill from splash)

    one extra round would make it a viable AI alternative to Fury, able to kill from splash.
    i wouldn't even mind if they needed to lower the direct damage a little bit to stop it from being too good against vehicles.
    atleast it would have a use.

    i play flash a lot, i play with every flash weapon across all 3 factions, even buzzard,
    so i know which weapons are good and which aren't,
    and while i'm happy they're buffing pillager it'd be nice if buzzard got some love too!
  5. TRspy007

    let's mount a halberd on the flash while we're at it.
  6. Demigan

    They already gave the VS the Starfall for that. It's "only" a Flash-born weapon with the DPS of the Prowler's main gun...
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  7. TRspy007

    It's ridiculous. Giving the possibility for cloaked flashes to sneak behind tanks and **** them over; it's truly a revolting thing. I think that the flash cloak should disable the flash's primary weapon, regardless whether the thing is cloaked or not. This would help put an end to the toxic play that is sneaking up and wrecking/trolling vehicles, or the cloak flash with shotgun infantry troll .

    The cloak should just be used as a way to safely transport yourself, to your location, perhaps even hold e to self-destruct the flash when you've arrived at your spot, if you want to conserve stealth. A cloaked vehicle with the damage output of a tank shouldn't exist, unless you want to make MBTs and Lightnings cloak as well. So the ant cloak and the flash cloak need to disable any weaponry on the flash while equipped.

    And explain to me why we're adding cool faction specific **** for the flash, but not the lightning or sunderer????!!!
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  8. Liewec123

    On another Buzzard thread I suggested a unique mechanic to make it fill the mortar role that they're aiming for.
    I suggested that the impacts create a 1 second 'blip' on you minimap (like recon darts),
    Only you would see this 'blip' and it would only last a second,
    but it would let you know where your shot landed without requiring LoS
  9. Exileant

    ;) My Buzzard works just fine as is. :D Kills what I need it to. o_O *Looks at Tanks* Besides, :confused: Starfall got changed for the WORST. :eek: Pillager? I do not think you can do anything to the flame thrower to make it better or worse. :p It was and always will be perfect.
  10. Scroffel5

    On another thread, I gave an example of how it could be used effectively as a stealth transport. I wouldn't opt for removing the main gun when you have the cloak, though. Anyways, lets go on with the idea:

    Say you are being zerged by an armor column, and you just need to buy time for reinforcements to get there. What you would do is get all your Infiltrators together, move to the vehicle terminal, all of you take a stealth flash, and you get Heavies and Medics on your Flash and take them to the next base. Heavy Flashes can soak up some bullets on point, Medics can revive, Infiltrators can go back to transport more. A few members of the zerg will immediately realize what is going on and come back, or maybe a full squad will. You just buy time on point for the whole zerg to come back or stop and realize they can't do anything. The reinforcements spawn in, and they attempt to push the zerg. Boom! You have just outsmarted a zerg with some Flashes.

    I had an experience with the Buzzard yesterday that shows why you shouldn't get rid of weapons for the Flash. I was in a 1v1 with a Skyguard Lightning, which btw, is pretty devastating to you and the Flash. There was a Light Assault on his Flash with me. I distracted the Lightning by shoot it a few times so it would focus on me. Then I drove backwards trying to dodge shots. Meanwhile, the LA flew up and was trying to drop a brick of C4 on the Lightning. It did, the guy jumped out, and the Lightning exploded. Then, we got the driver.

    With that example, what I am trying to say is that a Flash isn't meant to take on a vehicle 1 on 1, but why condemn a well coordinated play because people die to a 1v1 with a Flash?
  11. Demigan

    The idea behind the cloak delay was that it would stop 2-man Flashes from decloaking and blowing a tank away with fury+deci rear-shots or c4 attacks. Obviously it didnt stop these attacks in the slightest and only stopped their escape after destroying their target.

    A better solution is to delay the weapons. After a Flash decloak it takes several seconds before you can fire. This allows you tonmaneuver invisibly across the field but also decloak somewhere relatively safe before starting a fully visible attack.

    Its also rather annoying that the Infil gets something specifically for him on the Flash but others dont. They should just make the module a class-enhancement module. LA's get limited flght, HA's a shield to help them survive more hits, Engi's could get MANA shields up front etc.

    And hell yes they should add more ES stuff to NS vehicles. I definitely want a few new guns for my Lightning, or some ES stuff for the Sunderer.
  12. Scroffel5

    Something like this? I think you commented here, anyways.
  13. Exileant

    o_O Do you know how hard it is to kill an M.B.T. on a flash? Even before the Cloak screw updates it was very hard. One shot from the main gun and less than half a clip for a top mount.... :eek: Most people could not last on them past a kill or two. Very few of us dedicated the time it took to learn how to hunt like that alone. If you manage to drop a tank with one, you either stole someone's kill, or YOU EARNED IT! As it stands, they are the only cure to the nightmare that is the Harasser gangs. :confused: They messed them up enough, they are barely usable as is.... o_O Sneaking up on a group of Tanks that have dug in is not toxic, it is necessary. Have you seen what 5 Prowlers locked down can do?
  14. Exileant

    ;) The goal was not to stop a two person team from blowing up tanks, the goal was to slow their roll, so they could not decimate 4 and 5 at a time like I used to when I got upset at being out numbered and out gunned... o_O The cloak delay does that like a champ. It is horrible. But even I have to say the 3 seconds is balanced uncomfortably, because I have a choice now. Either I back off, when I cloak, so they cannot hear me, or I risk a delayed close cloak with whatever barrel 90% around headed my way while the distinctive sound of my cloak tip them off as to where I am. :eek: They do not need to bother the cloak on the flash any more. They have pandered to the crybabies enough. Do you see us whining that the Prowler and Vanguard are too fast and powerful? I swear, the only thing you will wind up making us flash users do, is what we started doing, pasting C4 on them and instant kill everything. It takes nothing to set up a 25 cent flash that way and then load up on Nanite boosters. o_O I suggest you all leave us few decent Flash users alone. In Protest of that 5 second cloak delay that was all I did. Come to think about it, that was probably why I was able to max out my Ant day one of it being given to us. :p Hahahaha!
  15. Scroffel5

    I have an idea for people to be happy! I don't know if it has been suggested before, but what if, when you are on a flash, if you hold space and go completely still, you go completely invisible? That way, if they don't notice you drive up, they won't see where you are! They'd have to actually pay attention, and if they die to you, they are stupid, or they just got outplayed. What does that sound like to you?
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  16. Exileant

    ;) With no additional nerfs, I support that, because to be honest the engine is so loud if they stand still too, they easily find the direction you are in. The the clean glass look seals the deal right there. :( It is almost impossible to hide in plane sight with one, even at a distance. o_O Even when you manage to catch someone who is in a rush, the noise tips off infantry or the dreaded Max for your imminent slap up, down, A, B, or C. start. :D You have made me happy with this suggestion!
  17. LodeTria

    You'd have to un-**** the cloak flash first, since it's in a really bad spot.
    You'd also have to rebuff Furys again so they aren't just tickle cannons anymore.

    Currently it is far far better to just not even uncloak and have your LA passenger just get out and c4 the tanks instead.
  18. Scroffel5

    I think Flashes should be able to destroy vehicles. If you don't see a quad with a gun strapped to it, while it takes 4 mags to blow you up, you deserve to lose. I was attacking a tank from behind, with the Buzzard. Sure, you fire all 3 of your shots faster than its whole mag, so less exposure time, but when a Lightning is attacking a Prowler from the front and you are attacking from the back, you'd at least hope to be able to cloak out the way in time. I wish I could cloak back faster, or at least drive faster to get out of the way. Shooting stuff is a death sentence now. I don't understand why people would complain.
  19. TRspy007

    I was mostly speaking of lightnings, but ok. Prowlers got nerfed to ****, the proof is you can kill them with your flash. What's your point?

    Taking out armor columns should be the job of coordinated squad play, (a gal/valk drop or a counter armor column for example) not a cloaked flash. The mbt is 450 nanites, the flash is 50. There should be such a difference in mbt vs flash that it deters even thinking of going against one in your cloak flash.

    And yeah, many times cloak flashes do come in to finish the kill as the engineers hop out to rep their flaming tank. It's ridiculous. I was in a lighting one time, and I noticed I had lost half my health in a few seconds. I thought it was a heavy, or a sniping tank. Well, it turned out to be an infil with his explosive crossbow shooting me in the rear as I was trying to rid some armor.

    This type of toxic gameplay shouldn't exist. Infils shouldn't be able to have such an impact on vehicle fights, they shouldn't have any impact at all unless in a tank tbh, because that's not what infils are for.

    They are already pretty significant infantry trolls, and there's no reason why they should continue to troll vehicles either.

    Also I thought I mentioned a few times to replace those silly emojis with proper points, or at least funny insults or something. I feel like I'm reading a 10 year old's Christmas letter, and it doesn't add anything of value to your already lacking explanations...:confused:
  20. Exileant

    :D I have been able to kill tanks with a Flash way before it was even a thing. It was not toxic, it took skill. o_O The same skill that a Tank driver can employ by turning his main gun around and blowing me away in one shot, OH wait, their gunner can do it FOR them. Hahaha! :eek: A harasser will kill you way faster than a Flash, might I suggest you complain about those first?

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