Is The Butcher/GODSAW Worthwhile?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by NoctD, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Beltway

    Been using the butcher for a few weeks now. In my own personal opinion it's much more controllable then the standard carv is. While I strongly disagree with it's "Long Range" description I will say it is fantastic at medium range engagements.
  2. Maljas23

    Butcher is pretty much an upgrade to the normal Carv if you can handle the recoil. It also fills a role the TR LMGs don't have: High Capacity and SPA with high RoF. No other TR LMG has these things, all at once.

    Totally worth the grind.
  3. Saool

    I hated the Betelgeuse at first, but that came after auraxiuming the glacial Polaris. 400 kills in, I have control of it and I think I love it. A forward grip would help of course.

    The worse thing is the texture. What's the point of camo when I am carrying around a bit purple target. Sure have a fancy animated texture, but just apply the oil effect to my camo.
  4. Casterbridge

    So I unlocked the GodSaw finally only used it a bit so this is not a very informed opinion, but I can't think of why I would use this thing.

    It takes all the annoying attributes of the Gauss Saw and makes them worse, and the attributes it does improve aren't really needed/wanted.

    I kind of wish they had gone a different route with the gun entirely, make it the equivalent of the Reaper for the HA class, far less ammo (maybe 50 rounds possibly less) but better handling, though I guess some people would complain about that. Would have been far more unique and interesting to use.
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  5. b0nsa1

    What a surprise - the NC endgame LMG suckz! Who`d see that coming?

    [/irony off]
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  6. Magma52

    GODSAW is garbage. It's just a normal Gauss SAW with HVA and no compensator or grip, but you get 50 extra rounds in a magazine. I think I speak for everyone who has used it that, for a weapon that already has a challengingly high recoil, the recoil added by these 3 factors is certainly not worth the extra 50 rounds.

    Garbage. I don't know what they were thinking. Heck, I'm not convinced that they even were thinking.

    The Beatlejuice and Butcher look like a much better deal.
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  7. XTCAndy

    Well, that is what hillbilly scientist create. To them, it is THE 'Godsaw'
  8. KnightCole

    The GodSAW is the old Gauss SAW...the one that could be sustained fire for more then 6 rounds without flying out of control. The NC6 that had really good Full auto sniper rifle features. Now its just kinda meh overall....its slow and punchy, but it's long range ability is a bit lacking now.
  9. miraculousmouse

    Better moving cof/accuracy and .75x ads :D
  10. AssaultPig

    GODSAW, sadly, is junk. It's an NC6 SAW with 50 more rounds in the mag, but with a regular foregrip rather than the adv. version and no compensator.
  11. CerealBox

    Here's my opinion on the directive weapons (including GodSAW). I am glad they were introduced so I could see and monitor how far my learning curve with this game has taken me. A fresh new set of weapons for each class gives me a new chance to see where I stand without starting a new character. I'd like to think that if you spent the time killing 1160 enemies with each LMG, you'd develop your own understanding of each weapon, its' playstyles and stregths and weaknesses. Hopefully after all those kills you'd be a better player with a refined style that you enjoy.

    With that said, the directive weapons are objectively worse in some areas and some play styles.
    Regardless of being trash or bad I thought of these weapons as a sort of prestige mode. A set of challenging weapons that might raise a skill cap and give me something with more difficulty. If the GodSAW is trash and/or worthless, then use it proudly. By consensus, the GodSAW is awful so therefore you should feel good knowing you are able to put down enemies with such a trash weapon..Right?

    Too many people like and expect the E-Z mode in the game (ie. PPA, lockdown HE prowler spam, etc.)
    I'll gladly accept the GodSAW's difficulty as a challenge.
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  12. ATRA_Wampa-One

    I only have the Betelgeuse, but from talking with cross faction friends the Butcher is amazing while the GODSAW is pretty much crap.

    Basically the Butcher gets SPA and feels more stable than the CARV while having 150 round magazine so people I know with it love using it as their default.

    The GODSAW gets HVA (which increases recoil by 10%) and a regular forward grip so it handles actually worse than a stock SAW and the people I know who use it hate it.

    The Betelgeuse is interesting because it has zero attachments and the Orion really needs it's forward grip to make it competitive, but once you get use to the shake and the fact that you never really have to reload it's actually pretty amazing, even if it's almost impossible to be as accurate with it as almost any other LMG. One other thing, since it shakes so damn much my accuracy with other guns has actually gone up since I've gotten use to controlling that thing.
  13. Casterbridge

    Pretty much the only reason I'm using it now is just to see if I can get better with the thing.

    Also your accuracy stats make me want to cry, I really need to figure out how to get my accuracy up heh.
  14. cruczi

    1) make sure your mouse sensitivity isn't too high and your physical setup is comfortable
    2) practice
  15. Jogido

    can't really say much butI kinda like the Godsaw. ::shurg::
  16. vanu123

    Both are better than the Betelgeuse
  17. Thanh

    I hate Butcher very much.It's the worst of LMG i ever seen.Now i'm using MSW-R, or Carv for better.Why they made it,it's a mistake.