Is the age of "high" population servers over?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by QuantumMechanic, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Cyridius

    When they merge the servers, we'll see consistently high populations.

    Players are 100% of the content, and SOE has created a vicious circle only they have the power to fix. Low population = No content. No content = Players leave. Players leave = Low population. And the cycle continues in a downward spiral.

    I guarantee you, once servers merge this will be one of the most populated games and we'll have a higher player retention over all.
  2. MrBloodworth

    Sorry guy.
  3. Momo93

    It's alright, I will manage lol, I can only wait at the moment xD.
  4. MrBloodworth

    Did you try removing your Useroptions.ini?
  5. Momo93

    Of course, I tried everything, at the moment I have a customized ini, lowest possible settings, and shadows off, still stutters every 5-10 sec. It does not matter where I am.
  6. Coz

    Yup, these weeks patches/hotfixes have helped some. My frames still drop to 16-19 after about an hour and a half though. I've noticed the average FPS in quiet areas such as the warpgate (at times) are higher now (gone from 40-50 to 65-70 FPS). Still, a lot of people (including me) log off prematurely because of bad/fluctuating performance.
  7. QuantumMechanic

    I think you are correct in everything but your assumption that SOE has plans to merge servers. Of course eventually they'll have to, but that could be in a year or 3 from now.

    This is the closest we have to any word on the subject:

    "We have plans for low population servers". That tells me, that they DON'T have plans to merge servers. But have some plan to incentivize people to play on low population servers. Which sounds like madness to me.
  8. FightingFirst

    SOE waited to long for DCU:O when merging servers, I hope that they do not make the same mistake again. Please SOE if you are reading this we need a merge now. Offering paid server transfer and then merging the servers will just piss customers off and loose you population.
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  9. Rraymondo316

    Wouldnt surprise me if SOE made it so any new characters made can only choose LOW pop servers

    Genudine for West
    Soltech for East
    Mallory for EU
  10. Disparu

    This is what happens when a load of people cry, the devs listen and unbalance the 3 races. Worst is where most on the forum just go haha you deserve it tough.

    Simple fact is this behaviour causes lower populations. Devs cannot ruin entire playstyles for races and expect everyone to swallow it, especially in f2p competitive areas.

    Buff to balance, not nerf.