Is suppressing fire a valid tactic?

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  1. Tycoh

    As the title says. Does this game have a weapons suppression mechanic that forces enemies to get into cover when a ton of bullets are flying by them? Like in Red Orchestra 2 where if you're being suppressed by a machine gun, your screen would start to shake a bit and throw off your aim.
  2. RedArmy

    depends on the enemy really - some people value their K/D and they will typically duck and cover, others are like lemmings and will run headstrong into bullets, or over them if LA. all in all - id say Suppressing fire is an adequete tactic, but innefective in most sittuations
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  3. Problem Officer

    Not like the one you described, however there's some viable methods.
    • Firing past a spot the enemy would be hit in if they left cover, denying unharmed passage there. Great for supporting allies you see closing distance, restrict and distract their target to give a stealth and/or cover advantage.
    • Shooting surfaces near the enemy, using explosive weapons that will screenshake in proximity, severely reducing the effectiveness of the target's weapons even if they're wearing Battle Hardened.
    • Simply firing into an enemy's field of vision, to threaten and distract. Also a great support tactic.
    • With explosive projectiles again, catching the target in indirect damage radius regardless of perceived lethality, to force them away from the center of the explosions, possibly for preventing retreat.
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  4. DeltaValkyrie

    If you are offering suppressing fire, you are in range of returned fire :D

    There's no suppression mechanism in this game and it wouldn't work anyway due to there being personal shields in the game (increasing TTK). IMO suppression fire only works in games where TTK is really low.
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  5. Akashar

    Well you can do support fire but as it takes a lot of bullets to down someone, if you're doing it alone you're merely an annoyance, not a threat, as problem officer implies. You won't do much to your stats, but you're useful in your own way.
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  6. cobaltlightning

    As stated, there is no coded 'mechanic' for suppression fire, only the reactions from your opponents.

    Because everyone is afraid of 10 bullets coming through that doorway all within that same second, even more so when it's amped up to 50 via Miniguns, or exploding disco balls of death because Lasher.
  7. JonboyX

    ^^ This, really.

    Suppressing fire works if it might kill you (which is its use in real life). It doesn't work in a game where you can soak up several shots, and even if by utter fluke you go down, be instantly rezzed by a team mate.

    Also worth considering that suppression is a ranged tactic; there's no ranged combat really in PS2, most fighting is done in relatively close quarters, where by far the best tactic is to hit your opponent.
  8. Armcross

    Yes, using my punder I can suppress chock points.
  9. TheFlamingLemon

    Anything that does splash damage works great, like HA rocket launchers, max rocket launchers, loads of vehicle weapons, and the Lasher for VS.
  10. Serialkillerwhale

    I find that Engineer Turrets do the job quite well, as they're fairly resilient to return fire.