Is SOE done with the harasser yet?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goden, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Goden

    Just a quick question, SOE

    Are you done raking in cash on this vehicle yet?

    If so then please give the long-awaited nerfs to this vehicle so it actually can be a light-armored transport vehicle and not the best tank ground vehicle in the entire game. This vehicle has rendered tank driving a near impossibility unless you have the backing of a ******* zerg (why do I need that much firepower to take out a goddamn dune-buggy?)

    And before you point out - yes I did read the "balance notes" on the Harasser. It won't do a thing and you know it.

    I STILL dont understand all of this "nerf the harasser" stuff. Just a few days ago i packed 3 2/3 vulcan harassers into the ground using my Vanny. Me and my brother killed all of them within a few minutes without repairing or running away. Just us. I really wish i had my recording going.

    fully certed harasser has LESS armor, LESS firepower, and LESS resistance than a stock MBT. a 2/2 MBT throws harassers to the ground if they have the slightest bit of skill. yes they are annoying to engage, but thats kind of in the name. They are easy to deal with, if you simply have some situational awareness.

    Remove 3rd person repair (the core of the ENTIRE problem), and reduce AV damage, so that AV rounds wreck them in even shorter time. Done. Instead SOE is going to nerf these things into the ground because, like the liberator, most people are much to stupid to understand why 2 people working in tandem, outclassed their solo-mobiles.