is SOE doing this on purpose

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by ArcKnight, May 4, 2013.

  1. ArcKnight

    empire specific pistol for the NC is a mini shotgun, and last time I checked infiltrators where forbidden to have shotguns because of the massive increase in kills by us

    I'm all for nostalgia and all but I'm baffled by this decision of SOE, is this just a plan to milk the wallets of the rapidly rising NC population?
  2. PieBringer

    Giving us pistol-shotguns is probably going to be even worse than the Pistol-SMG... Although, now that I think of it, the TR really need to know what it feels like on the other end of that thing.
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  3. Ztiller

    Oh for ***** sake.

    Once again you are crying about something that haven't even been released yet. Remember the last time you did that, with the Wraith? Everyone was screaming and crying about how terrible it was going to be, only to end up being completely awesome.

    It could be OP, it could be UP, you know literally nothing about that. I know you guys like to cry, but at the very least cry about something that you know something about in the first place.

    No wonder the Devs never listen to you.
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  4. ArcKnight

    shotgun pistol + infiltrator

    doesn't that make you even the slightest bit worried
  5. Dramma Lamma

    Not really.
    If the damage of the shotgun pistol is greater than the commissioner at point blank, it till no doubt get nerfed, or have a massivly slow rate of fire thus making it not really any better than the commissioner or underboss in the first place, assuming you can aim. In PS1 honestly the shotgun pistol wasn't that great I would take a spiker, repeater or SMG pistol(I forget the name) over it any day.

    What does concern me is that the VS seem to be getting stuck with hands down the complete worst option for an infiltrator pistol.
    If they don't make the charge pistol either able to be charged then placed to the side and retain the charge when you pull it back out, or allow the infiltrator to charge (but not fire) the pistol while cloaked. Then it will be utter trash, and likely outclassed by every other pistol in the game in every way.
  6. Dr. Euthanasia

    You say this like the idea of a charge-up sidearm isn't horrible for all classes. You pull out pistols because they allow you to get back to shooting sooner than reloading your primary would.
  7. Skeith

    compared to the amount of stuff we had in the first planetside shotgun pistol wont be much of a issue

    besides that we alredy have the commissioner that comboed with a knife can pretty much kill anyone close
  8. Khyrin

    Which server are you on that the NC pop is "rapidly rising"? NC Miller is shrinking in small increments and stagnating most of the time^^
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  9. Dramma Lamma

    Not necessarily in every situation but yes I do agree with you for the most part, a charge pistol is not great for the typical pistol use.
    Think like Halo 1 or 2, in those games you could hold the charge pistol and fire it to open the fight then quickly switch to another weapon and finish the job.
    Now if it works like that then most of the other classes can still use it effectively, but not in the standard pistol role you would expect.

    But at the same time if it does work that way there needs to be something that allows the VS infiltrator to make use of such tactics. like the suggestion I made, allowing him to charge it cloaked but not fire until he uncloaks or allow them to set it aside and retain the charge.
  10. giltwist

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  11. Messaiga

    I think the way they are gonna balance the Shotgun Pistol for NC is by making it act like the Jackhammer, 112 damage per pellet, 6 pellets per shot, give it 5 shots per mag, and give it a ROF between semi auto and pump action shotguns, probably somewhere around 120-180 RPM. Doesn't seem OP to me.
  12. Dramma Lamma

    Just a heads up, 112 per pellet and 6 pellets is way to high even at your slowest suggested rate of fire. You didn't check into much before you tossed in some #'s did you? At the high end of RPM you suggested its beyond broken.

    A point blank shot where all peletys landed would do 672 dammage.

    That would mean a point blank shot + a knife swipe would insta-kill any target regardless of nano-weave. And would not require a well aimed head-shot like the commissioner or underboss do.
    That would also mean 2 point blank shots would kill any target.

    Even if the rate of fire is 120RPM that's still too powerful as it would still make the shotgun pistol essentially as fast and FAR more reliable at killing a point blank target than 2 knife swipes would, also it would mean you cant live it with nano-weave like you can 2 knife swipes.

    The rate of fire on the knife is 109 for reference. and does 625 dammage.

    So you don't see how a pistol doing more damage than the knife more reliably AT A FASTER RATE is not OP?


    That is ******* broken man.
    That damage value would make it the EZ mode OP pistol, Just saying.
  13. m44v

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    Yeah but what ranges is it effective in???
    0.1-15m (15m max)

    I would accept if it had
    15 pellets at 50 damage each and just had a max damage range of 6m then they drop to 25 damage for each pellet, but only fired once every 0.75 of a second. (Awesome finisher pistol but suck for just using it alone (unless point blank or a good shot)).

    Max damage 750 / 15
    Min damage 375 / 15
    Clip size 8 (effective kills per clip = 4, 8 if infil using knife+pistol combo)
    Acc Same as normal shotgun
    Firerate 0.75

    How would this be (majorly) OP?? (compared to the TR SMG pistol)
  15. Dramma Lamma

    There should never be a pistol that Is above the knife's damage and has a faster rate of fire.

    Regardless of the "effective" range, its still more range and more damage than the knife gets at a faster rate.

    The fact is that your suggestion stands as a stronger weapon at point blank than the knife is, in literally every single way.

    How does this not make sense?
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    Its a pistol not a knife...

    But I am just trying to have a balanced pistol compared to the other pistols and still getting close to the same DPS (the current TTK for my pistol idea is ~1.5 sec under 6m, 3s for over (quite balanced when compared to other pistols).

    OOH and no headshot multiplier (for fairness).
  17. ArcKnight

    Waterson & Helios
    I've been seeing more & more noobs these past few weeks with no end in sight
  18. Dramma Lamma

    If I had this pistol on hand I would never consider attempting a kinfe kill ever again, even if my targets back was turned and he did not see me sneak up on him.
    It would just be a hugely un-necissary risk compared to using this pistol.

    Sure it may be a competitive pistol but it just made the knife pointless for any player with it.
    I find that insanely ******* stupid.
    Once again condensing the game down to "use a shotgun if you want to be on a relatively fair playing feild with everyone else."

    The suggestion below me is actually a great point, an extremely tiny clip and a punishingly long reload time might balance out having some insane damage on this pistol.
  19. MrDerpAssault

    Make it a double barrel pistol-shotgun with only 2 shots. To kill an infantry with full health, you need to land both shots. This won't make it OP. Problem solved.
  20. Hoki

    The revolvers are an instant kill even with nanoweave. Knife does a lot of damage.

    You could give me access to the shotgun pistol and I wouldn't buy it. So much theorycrafted hype goes into new weapons. Pump actions, theory revolves. They all die to the superior firepower of the starting pistols. The beamer kind of sucks but the manticore is more than capable of outshining the new revolvers in a close quarters gunfight.
    I'd even take the emperor over a shotgun pistol.
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