Is PS2 a sinking ship?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Lazersharp, Dec 17, 2018.

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  1. Lazersharp

    So, I was about to upgrade my hardware for incoming DX11 implementation but it will be there thanks to PS Arena only. And I thought it was all about original PS2.
    Also massive of playerbase (or not?) will switch to PSA, leaving Auraxis...
    I have concerns about livability of this game, it's really sad perspective, a 6 wonderful years in our life, our friend, world of Auraxis always there for us. Is it the beginning of the end? I seriously wanted to experience a 10th anniversary...
    I know producer assured development in recent letter, but still...
  2. pnkdth

    A leading question followed by a statement that confirms it. Ok...

    So yes, PS2 will die IMMEDIATELY after you read this post. Gone forever. Even if you keep enjoying PS2 like you already do there is no hope, especially not if more players who enjoy PS2 keeps playing as well. That just means there is even less hope for the game. The solution clearly is to stop playing PS2 and make damn sure no one else wants to log in because the game is dead, right?
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  3. iPervy

    Hard to say, but if you ask me it has plenty of life left to keep playing and have fun. Why? because it truly still is the only of its kind. PSA isn't going to change that. haha that said thats speaking more optimistically.

    If PSA fails like say lawbreakers, PS2 will keep going as it always has and although continually get smaller. But, its at a point where we really aren't losing to many players mainly because lots of folks left are pretty dedicated and just keep coming back after a good few months. Also we don't have much left to lose, since we lost so many already the new players coming in kind of balance/slow down out the few vets we lose haha. Also with the opening of soltech the pop there has been explosive, so financially PS2 is for sure going to be solid to keep going (Love our china players, but sure glad they now have their own servers).

    If PSA succeeds its a pretty good tossup. If its a BIG success than likely no doubt PS2 will get more players in turn just by overflow. If its only a light/moderate success its more questionable in my mind. Since it could only be decently good and end up with lots of folks from PS2, but since not as many folks from the outside are coming into PSA to offset the loss in vets of PS2 it could lead to PS2 being crippled outside of the asian server. And thus all other servers brick like briggs.

    Of course PSA could do okay attracting both old and new players, and PS2 stays plenty healthy or better thanks to PSA players.
    That or players of PSA just end up playing both PSA and PS2 since PS2 is already free and is one of a kind still.

    If you ask me personally, hm... I got no idea haha. Feel I need to learn more about PSA or get my hands on it. If i had to toss a dart though, I'd aim at PS2 doing fine with the small-small mid playerbase of PSA jumping between the two games. PS2 won't be going anywhere though I don't believe. Will get smaller via age though naturally especially with so may great games coming out.
  4. Liewec123

    yes it is sadly being deliberately sunk, DBG are on the other ship firing cannonballs at it.
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  5. Twin Suns

    PS2 dying?

    Regardless if it is or isn't, I'm playing the shizzit out of PS2 till the wheels fall off.
    Especially with the current FPS Dark Age of "no risk/all reward/bullet sponge" BR games that pander to the Cazual's "camping in corners" play style.

    Combined Arms is, Combined Arms.

    *tips hat* I'm a Planetman.

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  6. JobiWan

    I think PSA will be good for PS2. Who cares if we're getting DX11 'only' because of PSA? We're getting DX11!!!
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  7. adamts01

    Here's another situation that I haven't seen mentioned yet.... PSA is going to be the trashcan for all the filthy infantryside casuals. Maybe PS2 can finally become a more serious tactical combined arms game that an open world deserves.... Probably not. PSA will more than likely kill it. But maybe....
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  8. JibbaJabba

    I think this was telling:

    The PS2 devs... whose jobs get affected by all this are EXCITED about PSA releasing and what it means for their own game.
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  9. Sazukata

    Once again, you read my mind. I've theorized this in my outfit Discord.

    We all know that PS2 has two main types of players: the Planetside players (combined arms, large scale strategy, etc), and the stat-focused arena players (solos that complain about the sundy being destroyed, farmfits, etc). I wonder if DBG made a definitively infantry-centric arcade shooter so that they don't have to continue catering to the latter.
  10. Gutseen

    only the first ones 99% of the time are dealt with by brick of C4 or all ther "tactics" are upthrown butt****ed by a max.
    this isn't ARMA, this is battlefield 2 bloated edition
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  11. blackboemmel

    The ship sunk a long time ago. Some say it happened with the ending of the Beta, but according to this guy it was in April 2015...
    If you still enjoyed it since then: PS2 must be a submarine and you can take all those apocalyptic toilet slogans with a smile while going on to enjoy the game.

    About the future of PS2: The people who know (IF there is anybody at all) don't talk, and the talking people don't know.
  12. WinterAero

    Ofcourse the devs are excited about what it means for broken old ps2. It means they can finally join Malorn and move on. Potentially for several of them an easy transition to the 'supported' project, PS:A.

    The only person who seemed miserable as sin with the turn out, was Wrel. Who looked like a person trying to hide his face and lie through his teeth as he sat on the couch for his guest spot on PS:A's interview/cast; as the supposed new 'lead designer'.

    You have the grand architect of the much loved CAI (lol) as your lead dev. How ironically amusing. PS2 supporters talking a good game but will they join Buzzcutpsycho, Malorn, the Youtubers like Renzor, Moukass et al and many others in the jump? Ofcourse.

    Because if DBG listen to reason and support bigger fight modes as suggested by themselves (effectively a permanent outfit/server smash venue) with more up to date tech - Ps2 becomes irrelevant. People really should cease all support of this dead game and prepare for a switch. On the plus side, we'll finally see an end to the QQ max suit QQ liberator QQ air of anykind threads with PSA.
  13. JibbaJabba

    When it dies, I'll shake the janitor's hand as he locks up.

    I'll be on tonight, OPs running on multiple outfits... I'll choose the one with the lower population but that's getting tougher as things are well balanced at prime time. When I get on, I'll happily jump towards the beginning of the queue.

    These are all healthy signs to me. Balance in prime time, queues. And also... I'm not first in queue. There are other members I have to wait behind which means people are paying.

    Take a look at your platoon mates tonight and see how many have that arrow next to their name indicating they are keeping the lights on. It's quite a few people!

    Now let me also say this... Yeah, I'm gonna play PSA when it releases. Most members who got a free copy will. You're gonna see a dip in populations in late January and February. Do not freak out. We'll be back. I'm excited about PSA but that's not why I came here. I want the war. PSA wasn't made for me or other PS2 players. It was made for people unfamiliar with the franchise. I expect after the initial dip you'll see higher overall populations.

    Daybreak IS making money here. PS2 is still very successful. It's also not going anywhere anytime soon. 6 years is old for an FPS but it's like a toddler in MMO years. It will get expansions (continents), it will get graphics overhauls, it will bet tweaked, and content added. If populations every get rough, there are still server merges to be done.

    Relax man. We're gonna be on this ride for a while yet. Just make sure you're actually enjoying it and not just worrying about the future.
  14. OldMaster80

    I don't think there will be a massive transfer of players from a game to the other. Those who play ps2 do that because of the massive size of battles, and they will stick around for long time.

    Personally I will move to PSA. It's because after 6 years I am sick and tired of lack of any depth and strategy. The potential of a big open world has been wasted years ago because of the utter simplification of the battle flow.

    At this point I prefer a new 250 vs 250 in a more controlled environment than the imbalanced redeploy-bulls**t this game has become.
  15. Roxxlyy Community Relations

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