Is Phaseshift OP?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by BartasRS, May 31, 2017.

  1. BartasRS

    I always considered Phaseshift to be an interesting and sometimes fun oddity in the VS arsenal but after the change it became my personal favourite for all situations. After over 6000 kills with it (after the change) I found myself wondering if this particular gun is too powerfull. It is fun to use, all modes and attachments are very viable, suppressed or not is still lethal at any range on on top of all it is pinpoint accurate.

    I often find myself shooting people at vehicle terminals in the next base (sorry for camping but I just can't help myself). In general, the usual distance I use Phaseshift is from 300 meters up to render range. This is the type of weapon where the phrase "if you see it, you can kill it" works like a charm.

    The reason I am starting this thread it to find out the opinion of people who are on the recieving end of Phaseshift. Is it even noticable?
  2. Moz

    I honestly don't think it is OP....

    Sure its versatile and is great fun to use but it has its downsides, its kicks like a mule for example making follow ups more difficult than with any other rifle and you cannot make as many shots in quick succession due to the heat mechanic.
  3. BartasRS

    Sure it has downsides (big kick in BA mode and relatively slow bullet velocity) and that's IMO it is fair but for follow up shots you can use semi-auto mode and, if your aim is good, you can drop people with 2 HS easily at almost any range.

    My biggest worry with Phaseshift is its insane accuracy at any range and TBH its low bullet velocity makes it even more dangerous at long range as you can put 2-3 bullets in the air before first hits a target making it almost impossible to react.
  4. Zagareth

    It doesnt matter if 2-3 shots are "on their way" before the first hits. The followup time is still the same and a target that gets hit from the 1st shot can still react against the 2nd shot before it hits - hard but possible.
    Mostly happens when the target starts moving for other reasons than the 1st bullet hit. I.e. target stands, chatting - you shoot and just in time the 1st shot hits, he finshed chat and moves - 2nd shot misses. Bad luck :(

    However, this gun has some kind of OP potential against other guns, but still the Spectre has the same ability for 2HK at render range and you doesnt even need to hold breath, but on body shots you need 1-2 shots more, depending on target.

    BASRs are definitely better in the OHK section at 180/220m (lethality limit of the Phaseshift suppressed/unsuppressed for OHKs) upto 300m.

    Well, the Phaseshift is definitely better, than the 2 counterparts of the other factions, but nevertheless, it doesnt improve my KDR in a way, that I'd say it is OP. For me, it's just another way to kill people.

    NC and TR are only a fingertip away to meet their Lord, no matter what weapon I wield :D
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  5. AgentRed

    I would say it is the best sniper rifle in the whole game right now. I think it does 800 dmg per shot in bolt mode depending on the range. Which still makes it the best heavy hitting sniper in the game which I don't think it should be that was because that is NC faction perk.
  6. Moz


    Phaseshift Charge mode:

    MAX 550 before 10m
    MIN 350 after 400m

    Other example Railjack:

    MAX 750 before 10m
    MIN 450 after 400m

    The Phaseshift's changed mode is one of the LEAST powerful (in terms of damage) bolt action shots.
  7. Eternaloptimist

    I do extreme range kills as well, but using the Spectre. Am I right in thinking the Phaseshift has the no-drop feature too? Maybe I should give it a go.
  8. Niamar

    At first I could 1 shot head shot at any range, that is no longer the case. There are better semi autos and far better bolt actions to use. The only upside for me is the ability to change from semi to bolt, and bolt is only good on stationary targets, aka new players or those that perceive no threat.

    For every situation there are much better alternatives.

    If you can constantly headshot moving targets at range, while in bolt mode, you are getting some extra help.
  9. Campagne

    I think it's probably a little too good with the unlimited ammo and lack of projectile drop, but I don't know if I'd really call it OP.

    Maybe if the projectile velocity was better, and/or the OHSK range was a little longer. Definitely a more valid option than the NC or TR's ESSRs.
  10. AgentRed

  11. BartasRS

    yeah, it has no dop also but Ench Targeting is a must with it, well, at least it makes targeting a lil bit easier.
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  12. Moz

    Charged and uncharged is how the game figures it out. What you are talking about is an arbitrary text description of the weapon that you see in a tool tip that has nothing to do with in game mechanics..... -.-
  13. Zagareth

    Do you play on PS4? That would explain you crazy statements here... o_O
  14. LegendarySalmonSnake

    If you want to really really split hairs, its a bolt action rifle with two different firemodes: semi auto and semi auto. Makes sense right?
  15. Moz

    Wow..... so new!
  16. Moz

    Laughably stupid!

    You really have no clue!

    Its linked THERE right THERE! >>.<<

    You just ignore those links big boy......
  17. Moz

    Arbitrary description in tool tip:

    Equipped with an experimental regenerating power core, the Phaseshift VX-S has no use for traditional ammunition, and can switch between semi-auto and bolt action firing modes to fit the engagement range. <------ THIS has NO effect on how the damage model works! It is simply polish! NOTHING MORE!

    Damage model

    Max Damage:
    400 before 10m
    Min Damage:

    334 after 85m
    Max Damage Charge level 2:

    550 before 10m
    Min Damage Charge level 2:

    350 after 400m


    Facts are facts pal!

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