Is NC doomed as a faction?

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  1. TheKhopesh

    Hey, I find that the Reaper, a 4x sight, and adv grip can dominate at most any range. ^_^
    (I especially love ventilating enemy nostrils in CQC with a 4-6x optic.)
  2. Diilicious

    I only play NC on Cobalt i think it is... (i didnt play for about 6 months too :D and the server i was on vanished, dont remember what one Ceres i think)

    everything used to be fine and i decided to buy some helmet that makes me look like the human NC equivalent of optimus prime or something and ive noticed immediately that im constanty getting team killed and attacked by NC players in spawn rooms for no reason whatsoever.

    Also ive noticed that certain Vanu factions on Cobalt like to attack territory in the middle of NC space (like 3-4 zones into hostile territory for them) and when you start killing these random vanu you find while passing the base to get to the front you start taking fire from NC players too.

    Its like some kind of horribly embarrasing nightmare every day.
  3. Lamat

    I get yellow bullets whizzing passed my Reaver all the time.

  4. Xada

    The problem with Connery NC is they are victim to circumstance. Back in the day when the game was still young, NC was by far the most popular faction. VS and TR had to focus on NC to survive, some outfits called a truce and while those truces are not active anymore, VS and TR still tend to fight NC over each other. Yesterday on Hossin, NC had only one area connected to TR, but that's where they sent a majority of their forces, while we were fighting VS on multiple lanes. I know this just my observation, but this isn't really a rare occurrence and it's more than likely to happen today. Just open the map and if you see a lot of battles on the NC front where NC is outnumbered and a number of small battles on the TR/VS lines. That's when you know TR and VS have returned to their hive mindset.
  5. Lamat

    It's not just Connery. NC is a favored enemy for most servers it seems. Which I'm ok with while territory remains meaningless.
  6. Xada

    If it's that widespread, it's really up in the air what the reason could actually be. It could be the path of least resistance, meaning fighting NC is or feels overall better than fighting each other, easier to identify, and/or NC is overall less annoying to fight in terms of gameplay as their mechanics are often specialized and not always practical. It could be all of these, some of these, or completely different reasons, but I always think there is multiple reason that build up to a greater whole.
  7. nubery

    NC is a favored target for Vanu and Terran a like. On Connery they CONSISTANTLY ignore each other and throw their full forces at NC.

    I watched an ADK MAX try to kill a spear turret with his burster arm and shot gun while three separate TR tried to kill him. He did not respond to them at all. If ADK is at all part of our hope we're doomed.
  8. omegaflarex

    NC is hardly the worst faction in the game. As a matter of fact, they're brazenly over-powered as Higby envisioned as I have explained on my other posts. They're very hard to kill, and all of their weapons are considered "easy mode" due to excessive favoritism exhibited by Higby Pigby Wigby.

    NC is famously known for "shriking" by using their Shrike rocket launcher to one-hit infantry, and notoriously so - maxes. That's why NC is considered over-powered on many levels: high hit-points due to their armor stats, and insanely one-hit kill ratio per ammo count, even over a long distance. They aren't suppose to be king of long distance, but close quarter combat.

    I never had issues with TR - their overall empire theme is perfect. Vanu Sovereignty on other hand is heavily nerfed due to excessive complaints by NC crybabies. Higby ****** "creativeness" is what preventing me from playing this game out of enjoyment, unlike the original PlanetSide.

    Sadly, I need to stop playing as a form of boycott until that FAT PIG LEAVES!
  9. KnightCole

    Meh, NC on Emerald, and formerly Mattherson, they never really amounted to much. Nothing seems to out of the ordinary.
  10. Lamat

    I forgot only NC has one-shot kill rockets. And more one-shot kill per ammo too... yeah...

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  11. Xada

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  12. Diilicious

    I see TR and VS work together frequently on Cobalt.

    yesterday I was playing on Hossin, and NC had literally 3 sections of the map, vanu had about 80% of it and TR had about7 spaces ( and were in the process of losing all of it) the TR and Vanu still werent shooting at each other but instead shooting at NC, libbies and all manner of aircraft just not on some truce.

    its like they just dont have the balls to fight one another.

    its embarrassing to the entire game.
  13. Ascythian

    Yes they are. Now shut up.
  14. Gorganov

    I notice that the NC on Emerald are just terribly disorganized and lack any sort of situational awareness.

    For example. We were attacking crimson bluff against the Vanu. We almost had the base capped, we just needed to hold B and C (Sunderers on both) for 2 minutes. But nobody even seemed to notice that the Vanu pushed B and C, and continued to mindlessly spawn in from the Northern Sunderer, trying to cap A. We held C with less than a squad, however we were eventually overrun.

    I've shown up with 3 people in a squad (not joking), to a large fight...and actually claimed the base at the end. I think that says a lot.
  15. Asageh

    I decided to go ahead and join in a platoon the other day, for some odd reason a lot of low BR players kept TKing me and i was utterly confused as to why this happens when i joined a platoon and never when i run solo.

    I'm still confused but it seems NC pop is growing.
  16. TheHengeProphet

    Sometimes, there is an obvious unsaid code between VS and TR, seeing as I was fighting in a battle on monday against TR, when a swarm of Scythes came in, wiped out most of the NC, and left unopposed by TR. Sure, the occasional TR would take a pot shot at a scythe, but that was about the same ratio as the teamkillers on the NC side anyways.

    Sometimes, I get online, see the state of the maps, where NC is nigh warplocked on two continents, and just log off again, because there is obviously no point in trying to fight a warplock until VS and TR hash it out to lock the continent and begin the NC slaughter on another continent. Being in Connery NC feels like being a fish in a barrel sometimes.

    On the other hand, there are some days where NC unlocks continents by steamrolling TR AND VS over and over, so... It's hard to say either way who really has the favour.
  17. Babbylon

    Higby's favorite faction is the NC, it has the most new players joining it, it has had the largest population worldwide since betam this all explains why it has the worst players, and why he buffs it constantly while the other factions are nerfed.
    No, I'm not saying the other factions don't have their fancy toys, but the NC is truly the strongest where it counts.
    Reaver is complete ******** though, it should not have the highest damage, top speed (with turbo), best air breaks, and best hover/maneuvering, and did I mention air hammer?
  18. Allin

    1. Yeah, Ravens are totally useless, that's why lately everyone has to deal with Raven spam everywhere fighting NC. Oh but that's the only good AV you have? So now we are talkign about what you want? Seriously would you take COMET over Raven? please... Or vortex maybe with almost no AI damage, and AV damage that is compensated by a lev 1 engee with basic tool?
    2. Yet the ones with a recoil that is almost exclusively vertical. You know, the easiest one to compensate, unless someone hipfires it all the time complainging how ****** they are?
    3. I'm sure lots of Vanguards died to PPA Mags, I mean, like tons, eh? If yo ucan't counter enemy PPA MAG it means that your tank collumn and air support failed, and you would be grinded even by Basilisks spam at that point. PPA Mag is only useful in infantry camping and you know that. That's the most stupid build there is, as it only serves fighting a WON battle.
    But, we only talk about what you want...
  19. HerpTheDerp

    Most of it is wrong though.

    Bloom is calculated per bullet, so it's dependent on fire rate. Same with vertical recoil. Cone of fire is listed as a radius of the circle that is base of the cone, so you have to square the values to get real difference.
  20. Agnt

    I think the reason for NC doing horrible is sum of many minor and few major issues.

    First of all NC rarely has any air activity. As Reaver being absolutely worst ESF to go Air-to-Air, those who fly are being annihilated by TR/VS skyknights. Less ppls even start flying as NC has the worst AI farm weapon(Air hammer). While it is the best AI weapon for Air-to-Air, it is absolutely the worst for its dedicated purpose, killing infantry.

    As almost nobody fly reavers, this means nobody can fly liberator/galaxy gunship either, as he would only get shot down instantly by opposing air force.

    It doesn't go much better as motorized tank zerg either. While Vanguard might be the best 1vs1 tank, that benefit only helps you when playing at 6AM. NC motorized zerg gets annihilated by enemy infantry/aircraft. Thats because Vanguard has no utility to fight infantry. Canister is a complete joke as we all know. 150mm HE needs either direct hit or two close proximity hits. So unless you direct hit, your TTK is almost 5 seconds, compared to Prowler(0.5sec) or Magrider(2,5sec). Technically anyone even attempting to use anything other then AP rounds in Vanguard is only gimping hes only strength.

    When you have the biggest threat to get annihilated by infantry and air force, your chances cannot be good. Also Vanguard is worst AA platform as every MBT oneshots ESF and Vanguard has significantly longer reload time. This makes one missed shot most times the matter of life and death.

    All this only sums up at base attack. NC can rarely get out of spawnroom camp, as opposing factions have effective air and ground vehicles they can spam and farm the NC footzerg. When NC attacks a base, they have to pin down enemy with infantry.

    Now when we take all the previous issues and add the most newbie players into the calculation, do you still wonder why TR/VS prefer to fight NC instead of eachothers?

    Also i cant speak of other servers, but atleast on Miller, there is only 3 NC outfits that can do anything organized. Rest is just unorganized zerg that is unable to win unless they outnumber the enemy 2/1 or battle is a complete indoor fight like biolab.

    TL:DR: Reaver needs rework with its dogfight and AI capabilities so more NC will fly and enemy doesnt always have air superiority. Vanguard needs more utility versus infantry.