Is NC doomed as a faction?

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  1. Mianera

    I sometimes play NC on Woodman. It is without a doubt the most frustrating gaming experience I have ever encountered. They are like bots.
  2. Axehilt

    I think most of the popular weapons behave exactly like NC's traits suggest (SAW, Anchor, JH, Razor, Vanguard weapons, Reaver weapons.) Only the GD-7F is an exception (and probably should've been a 167-damage gun with whatever rate of fire achieves the same DPS.)

    Doesn't mean those weapons are better or worse than other empires. The Gauss SAW is really just as good as any other long-ranged LMG (for a long time my Ursa stats were better than my Gauss SAW's, now with my more recent VS account they seem about even.) Although you seem to paint the SAW a bit more negative than it actually is, you're totally right that damage-per-shot is a fairly irrelevant thing to look at for weapons since effect DPS (raw DPS combined with accuracy) is what matters.
  3. Canaris

    ideologically speaking yes the NC is doomed, same as VS, back to cess pits you crawled out of.

    In game terms, nah youz fine ;)
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  4. Dr.Destro229

  5. Aeflic

    Sadly on emerald NC just lacks for 1 competent outfits. 2 they lack semi and hardcore competitive outfits. They do have a few, but I can really only think of 4-5 outfits that for into the bracket and that's not even looking at activity. Most NC solo or run in such a bad outfit they have no idea how to play well.
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  6. Wyll

    As a TR, I reject your reality and substitute my own.
  7. rev0103

    Whats hsr
  8. uhlan

    All factions are doomed.

    It is the way of things.

    The TR will eventually run out of the Tears of the Masses and capitulate.

    The VS will find out that Vanu is a big fat guy wearing only a dirty t-shirt sitting at his computer while perusing Hentai **** in his mothers basement.

    The NC will stop getting bonus checks altogether and run to the other factions in order to make ends meet... then fall to their fates as well.
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  9. Grignak

    Just to clarify something, the NC have the highest first shot accuracy and highest first shot head shot. This means more players are hitting their targets heads with the first shot, which indicates good snap reflexes, but have have a KDR about 10% lower than the other factions across all servers. I haven't researched if the TK rate is 10% higher for NC on all servers, but it seemed like the TK rate on connery was something like 2%.

    The numbers seem to me that the NC vertical recoil only hurts the noobs and makes them join TR and VS after a few days and fall in love with the much more manageable smaller COF leaving larger numbers of people who have fought the steeper learning curve and get better at placing spot on first shot head shots and number of head shots. It also means there's lots of BR 5's on the NC side that get left there forever lowering their average BR.

    Just my opinion.
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  10. JudgeNu

    I am pondering whether I am a Dingbat or a Dumb-Dumb, im leaning towards the latter.
    If you see me in game I would be happy to be a gunner on any vehicle.
  11. WaaWaa

    Just look at how much time I spent on my NC char. lol. I put in lots of work.

    I don't feel attached to it anymore. People around me were idiots for the most part, tired of getting gang rayped by good/organized players on VS/TR side. So now just play where I want when I want. Screw loyalty.
  12. Richter03

    Guys, you heard a request back up from your friend, don't you. Move from Briggs before my faction is doom :p .


    To tell the true, I like a shotgun, most of fps games I use a shotgun as primary weapon but I'm bad aiming, so that why I choose VS instead NC. It's pretty hard for me at first since most gun isn't easy aim as they said, a faction tank is weak for face to face then other faction and a fighter of faction really hard to control then helicopter type, top of that my faction population is lowest in this server.

    Learning curve of VS faction is very high, you disadvantaged in CQC with NC who held a shotgun(if he held a Jackhammer, you already dead), in a mid range TR is upper hand and in a long rang some bullet of Railjack from NC alway hit my head( its bullet move faster then plasma or laser from any gun of VS faction). VS faction player can't use a sheer power of their gun directly like NC or TR, they need to learn how to use their guns and vehicles in efficiency way.

    I think VS faction's tool isn't friendly with their newbies, some of them move to NC for sheer power of guns, some of them move to TR for super fire rate of those gun. I don't know why other server VS is very popular, might be cause of they already huge army and ready to overwhelm other faction. I can't say VS gun is easy to aim, almost of them have a bullet drop so I don't think it will make newbies stay on VS.
  13. Xervous

    Wait, less ADK?

    I think I'll start flying again
  14. Bullborn

    Of course the NC are doomed. Nothing can stand against the might of the Terran Republic! :)
  15. sindz

    Lets take a look:

    The faction with the most diversity in infantry weapons and the only factions to actually have a sniper with no bullet drop and also only faction to have access to 200dmg model.

    Also best ESF nosegun and best MBT and best gunner AV.

    Clearly a doomed faction.
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  16. NathanXS

    Its kinda sad that NC couldnt win more territories, considering their numbers are more than the other 2 factions combined...

    I started to play Planetside 2 a few days ago and started with NC as i thought they have the hardest hitting weapons and with good aiming, they cold own people. But after i started to play i noticed that you can barely hit something, no matter how good you try to aim. The blooming is too big, the weapons fire too slow, you loose nearly every fight unless you suprise the enemy. Oh and thats only if you manage to get out of the spawnroom with 20 tanks and 10 aircrafts firing at you the moment you step out.And of course the huge army of maxes that wait just at the entrance to the next building...

    Besides having the worst guns in the game and being overrun by Vanu or TR (be it by tanks, air or infantry) i noticed quite a lot that about 10% of my deaths are because of my teammates.I have been driven over, shot at (and sometimes intentionally) and ignored by engineers and healers. There were times in the biolab where about 15 ppl stood in the spawnroom and 3 damaged maxes came in and asked many times for repairs. i was the only one repairing them.

    I dont know if getting shot at is the fault of the bloom or the aim/reactions of the players. And being ignored as a damaged MAX in the spawnroom in a biolab might be due to the fact that other players are frustrated of being owned and just run out of the base to get atleast one kill to have a sense of achievement.

    After this experience i switched to TR. Most kills, least deaths, every starter weapon was efficient and playing all the classes was just fun and you had the feeling of being important in that fight and for your teammates,
    compared to NC where it doesnt matter what you play or do because you loose anyway.
  17. Pootisman

    TR isnt much better. VS is the only faction on my server that has regular, coordinated platoon operations and teamplay. They regularly outplay NC and TR.

    I often get the impression that NC and TR are just cattle for the VS killfarmers.
  18. Valadain

    There's something in the mechanics, and I haven't been able to deduce it yet, that seems to favor a higher rate of fire. Since getting an SMG and running about with an LA (on which I actually forgot to equip any suit slot, whatsoever), I've been getting a better KDR than with my heavy, wearing nearly full certed shields and small arms fire protection.

    Some of this is the AV fight (which I need to stop as it is absolutely futile with my sad little rockets that take a half-second of engineer distraction to fix). The rest though, is the shooting into someone's back, they turn, insta-dead for me or a kill trade. I don't get this with my LA unless I'm nearly out of health at the start.
  19. Lamat

    On Emerald, here is the problem I see with NC:

    Most of NC are Infantrysiders, you only see vehicles being pulled when some of the larger or more experienced outfits play. If I'm lone wolfing, I'm one of the few who will bring a vehicle to an attack, or bring one from the next base to help defense. Vehicles are often what turn the tide of battle and I have busted stalemates just by grabbing a lightning or a well placed sunderer.

    I will often see a larger force of NC in a stalemate with TR/VS of smaller size because they are utilizing vehicles and we aren't. So spread the word, vehicles are important.
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  20. Richter03

    I think we use terrorist tactic, leave the hot area to spawn room warriors, pick a vehicle like fighter, flash, sunderer and move to capture ghost bases. If enemy come back to defense, we join in a fight but if they are too many so we leave it be and find another ghost base. I feel like we keep drag a war long enough our back up come in and fight back but overwhelm population rate like that we're doom.

    About biolab, normally every medic will run for revive a dead soldier unless they don't see you or you die in a hard reach local, for engineer I could say they are pretty rare since medic is better farmer and most of them are in vehicle.

    For new player I encourage you to try on vehicle like prowler or lightning much as you go in open field and train some flight skill, you already see how powerful of airship are.