[Suggestion] Is it too much to ask to fix the game?

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  1. FateJH

    I am thinking about what I am saying. It used to work like that. As long as the server acknowledged that the C-4 left your hand, even if you died immediately thereafter, you could just respawn, pull out your C-4 hand, click the trigger, and get rewarded experience. Yes, it may have been as broken as it seems to you, but there's no reason why the packages themselves have to be deleted as the solution, especially when this seems like it was intended to reflect detonator-less C-4 but they still left in the ability to shoot C-4 into exploding.

    The least that had to be done was disassociate the existing C-4 from the current trigger. It would run into the complication that there would not be a proactive means to get rid of C-4 other than waiting the other player out. Maybe another thing that can be removed by the Engineer tool? I can understand why just getting rid of the C-4 slab itself is an easier result to gaurantee but that doesn't mean it makes sense.
    You weren't making that point. You were comparing the Vulcan to the Saron and complaining that the latter doesn't have a TTK comparative against targets like the former when you should have been comparing it against the Aphelion, which does share the Vulcan's comparative TTK against targets. Nowhere did you complain that the CQC AV secondaries were too powerful in general.

    Beyond that, reducing the range of the Vulcan doesn't actually address your issue. Range is not the reason missed shots are a problem for the Saron but not for the Vulcan because a reduced-damage-range on the Vulcan wouldn't stop all shots from still landing and the Saron would still be missing shots and we're still comparing the Vulcan to the Saron. Seriously, stop that. It's not a valid comparison, especially not anymore. Now that weapons within its functional domain exist across all factions, we have to address the concept of all the CQC AV secondaries being as effective as they are. If that's your complaint, then I do not have an issue with it.

    I have more complaint with the Harasser having as much damage absorption as it curently does.
  2. Weterman

    tbh I'm complaining about lock ons from before, I didn't know why I stopped dying so much from them, I never realized the range nerf.

    Guess we have to agree to disagree, I don't think mines should have a detection radius around them, but you do.

    The aphelion did fill in a hole, but it's basically a cylinder filling in a square hole, it works, and only works. An better solution would be to reduce range of vulcan. The range of saron and vulcan are pretty much the same. If you rapid fire a saron at a harasser a certain distance away, it will miss unless you are lucky. But a vulcan on the harasser would actually do decent damage. And since harassers are usually moving, the vulcan has a clear advantage.

    So simply making the vulcan get inaccurate unless at close range (the length of the vehicle gate x2 or x1.5)
    After 2x vehicle gate it would get inaccurate, it would have been a better solution. (sort of unfair when no matter how far away i get from vulcan, I'll still die because of range)
  3. super carrot

    so, you don't want to use vehicles, look for things while driving vehicles, change your playstyle or change the weapons you use.

    face it. the game is not broken you just don't want to put any effort into playing the game
  4. Weterman

    I don't want to use vehicles? I never said that... but I did forget the really bad problems, and planetside being planetside, it won't let me edit my post.

    That's one obvious problem, just let me edit the post...

    The ones I missed are:

    Pressing e 20 times to get into a car. Why does there need to be a delay? Just let me in the moment I press e.

    Vehicles smoke after taking 1/4 damage. Why? Makes no sense, it should be when 3/4 damage is taken. I think it used to be like that. It lets others know that the vehicle is almost dead. It's also to let others know where you are. So getting away from a plane while in harasser is near impossible, since he knows very well where you are after hitting you a few times.

    There are others I can't think of right now.