[Suggestion] Is it too much to ask to fix the game?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Weterman, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Weterman

    So many obvious problems. It's funny that it was better in beta, even the latency was. Not because of fewer people, but with the same ping that makes a bullet that lands a mile away do damage to me, in the past it wouldn't have. How did this happen?

    Anyways, since latency can't really be fixed, fix what you can. Why do I have to bunny hop around to spawn at the base I want?

    Only certain bases you can spawn at. It depends where you are.

    I want to spawn at base across map? I have to spawn at the closest base to it, redeploy, then repeat.

    Why make me go through this hassle? Just let me spawn at any base I want.

    The game isn't really balanced either. I'm not going to go into detail on this, just give some examples.

    vulcan vs saron.

    The saron was vanu's closest thing to the vulcan.

    But if a saron and vulcan start shooting eachother at the same time, (in harasser for this example) the saron will empty clip, and do a quarter damage. One second later, the saron is dead.

    You don't have to be a genius to realize the vulcan is op compared to the saron, if it kills you twice as fast.

    Mines? *facepalm* why mines? Mines are bad for allot of reasons.

    Unless you stare at the ground infront of you, you are going to miss them. Even if you do stare at the ground, you will see it, but go anyways because there are millions of other rocks that you can't tell apart from the mine unless you are right infront of it, and in that case, it's too late.

    And they never disappear, even if the guy that placed them dies. Um, why?

    And you don't even need to touch it to die. You can be 3 feet away from it, but you will still blow up. Is this a bug, or game design? The fact that I have to ask this is sad.

    Make them more visible, or atleast make them disappear when the guy dies.

    Lock on rockets? Yea they ruined the game. This alone. Lock on for planes are fine, they can fly away if fast enough. And it is sort of needed to keep the planes at bay.

    But for ground vehicles? They do little damage, sure, but together they kill easily. I haven't seen a vehicle convoy since lock ons were added. This is because it is suicide to drive a vehicle up to the enemy, lockons will tear it apart. I remember back before lock ons were added. Vehicles would be closer together, it made you feel like you were in a war. Some would stay back and act as artillery, some would be up front to do damage and take damage.

    But now with lockons, being that close to the enemy just gets you killed. So now, the game is just a matter of getting infantry to the base. Vehicles are only used when it helps, which is basically never because an infantry has better chance surviving running to base than a harasser.

    That doesn't sound right.

    Why do people even use lock ons? Why not just watch a video of a car and keep your mouse in the general area of the car? That's exactly what lock on rockets are. Hold mouse in place for few seconds, then you are 90% sure you will do damage.

    Why is this fun? Solitare provides more entertainment than this. Walking around in the game is more fun than using lock on rockets. I wouldn't doubt it if the same people that use lock ons, also would hack if they could. It's sort of the same, the fun they have is in the explosion they see, not finding out a way to make an explosion happen.

    Before you reply: Think critically about this. Too many times people disagree, but give no reason why, then they feel like they are "winning" the argument because the majority agrees. Use your sense, don't give in to peer pressure... people do it more than they realize these days.
  2. FateJH

    Because you refuse to drive or fly there yourself. Transport will always get you to your combat destination, excpet for those occasions where a combat destination occurs to you while you are in transit. That's also something that could happen that might be fun (or might have been fun, if you did it).
    Of you could just drive or fly there.
    The Aphelion is the Vanu's closest thing to the Vulcan.
    Because he already placed them. They are defensive - they stick around even when the player dies - to C-4's active - it goes away when the player respawns. Offensive use is not discounted, but that's people using them in unintended ways.
    Yes, that's within the detection radius.
    They're designed to be effective, not challenging, and, therefore, have lower yield.
  3. Gustavo M

    As a 3 year (and a few months) veteran... I can safety assure you that this game will never be "fixed". Other than some band-aid fixes here and there... and that is mostly "it".
  4. DooDooBreff

    hey op, fix all your personal problems.... go! seem so simple now? thats what youre asking of others
  5. Daemonn

    Sounds like you should go play battlefield or call of duty... Check out planetside 1. While this is almost an entirely different game the concept came from something that already exists.

    Sounds like you're playing the game how you want and expect everything to work as YOU want it to. That's not how games work.
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  6. user101

    I'll have none of this none sense fix the game.... what is wrong with you... the game has been broaken since beta... fix the game and everyone would quit... ! Where is the sense in fixing the game ... we have goten use to the bugs and work-arounds.
    Go play HALO if you want a fixed game. .... !
  7. Scr1nRusher

    Don't tell Redditside that.
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  8. Weterman

    Do you say that every time someone complains about something? Did you miss the part when I said to think before you answer?
  9. Weterman

    *face palm* Why are the planetside2 forums filled with people who don't take a few minutes to think? You probably thought I was insulting you somehow.... Grow up.
  10. Weterman

    Think before you post.
    You need a good argument.

    I do drive or fly to bases, i shouldn't have to. I don't mind it, but it;s messed up that I can't choose where to spawn. Just make all bases spawnable, it's not going to ruin the game or any of that bull.

    The aphellion did not always exist. So it's proof that the game isn't balanced, they just throw any ole weapon in and hope for the best.

    Oh for God's sake use your head. Actually give a decent argument.

    "mines don't dissappear because he placed them" ??? Make some sense.

    Placing a mine is just a 80% chance of a free kill. They shouldn't kill you if you don't touch them, they are impossible to avoid this way, if they are across a road.
  11. Stigma

    The #1 technical fix they need to figure out IMO is the slowdown that happens gradually as you play. As-is, if you want the game to feel snappy then you have to restart quite often. Then it feels nice for a while at least. It's not the FPS that drops, but rather it feels like the input delay becomes larger and larger. It is a huge quality of life issue, and obviously just some logic bug in the engine code somewhere that ought to not be that hard to track down with some effort. Most people probably don't even realize what's actually happening and just think that the game just runs worse than it actually does - and it hurts retention of both new and old players.

    Btw, comparing the Saron and the Vulcan makes no sense. One is made primarily for range, and the other works for close-range exclusively. The Saron is definitely NOT the closest thing vanu have to the Vulcan - the Aphelion is (and it is nearly a clone in terms of stats, and arguably slightly better in the hands of an experienced gunner who can use the burst ability well). Thy are very similar weapons in any case.

  12. DooDooBreff

    i did take a minute..... it was all i needed to come to the conclusion that the instant gratification crowd thinks that dealing with a multitude of complaints is as easy as wiping your a55
  13. SpartanPsycho

    Oh wait he's right.

  14. FateJH

    Oh, but I do think you should have to decide where you want to be or face even the minor inconvenience about moving yourself somewhere else in the same non-instantaneous manner.
    The Aphelion does exist now.
    I'll try to budget time next week to build a time machine so I can send your complaint back to 2014 when it was still a relevant comparison.
    If you put something on your desk, how long do you expect it to stay there? "Until someone disturbs it."

    Now, you can get into the typical arguments about mines being too destructive for setting off too few, or not having enough mines to create proper minefields (ignoring the expectancy of a collaboration of Engineers), and so forth; but, the fact that mines continue to exist once they've come into existence is not ridiculous. Things that cease to exist in accompaniment of other things ceasing to exist, though they are not directly connected, is what you probably should be complaining about. There's no explanation for my Engineer turret coming undone when my Engineer must respawn other than "the game says so."

    Even C-4 should exist after the user is forced to respawn in my opinion, though, as per other rules set by the game, only until it is overwrote by the user placing a new slab of C-4.
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  15. Weterman

    Just don't even post then, you don't understand what is going on. These issues have been here for years. They never tried to fix them. Don't post if you don't know what I'm talking about.
  16. Poppington

    This game has a lot of bugs and issues that need to be fixed.

    That being said, nearly every "issue" you've discussed is either incorrect or an intentional part of the game's design that you just don't like. The reason you're not getting critical thought is that you are directly asking for the game to be simplified, or worse, homogenized.

    Issues with your post:

    Insta-deploy versus tactical deployment: 100% opinion based. Discussion has been going non-stop since beta.

    Saron vs. Vulcan: As FateJH said, this is a non-issue as of a year ago.

    Mines: We get it, you don't like mines. You're mad that deployable items with a cost don't undeploy when the user dies. Opinion. Also, lack of support for your reason (see: "umm why?") Also, mad at detection range on explosives designed to kill things with an already narrow explosion range.

    Lock-ons: They have been in game since launch, or very soon after launch. They only got a cost reduction. This means that your wistful part about the glory days of convoys is false. Also, convoys still exist, but often don't need to due to redeploy (see: issues with redeployside - the issues you mention you don't see)

    Insulting people at the end of post and replies: Bad form, lack of critical thought.

    In conclusion, your post asks for critical thought in response to your list of ill thought out complaints. You get grumpy when you don't get thought-out replies (even though you got a few). In other words, you got what you gave - a load of garbage. At least you got a few pieces of decently constructed replies, which you dumped more garbage on.
  17. Weterman

    Oh yes I forgot about that, I'll add it in, but that's part of the design. When you press e to get in or out of a car, it takes a second, yea that's supposed to be there. This feature makes me think the game devs are trying to see how bad a game they can make and still have people follow it.

    The aphelion didn't always exist. Before it existed, the best chance against the vulcan would be the saron. This just shows how little thought they put into these things. I used aphelion once, and it feels over powered, at the same level the vulcan is though, so it does balance it out, but balancing shouldn't really be done that way.
  18. Weterman

    *sigh* your sort of doing the same thing. You just said the problems are either based on opinion or wrong... Give a reason..

    The lock ons did actually prevent lots of vehicle combat... I played since beta, and in beta there weren't lock ons for the longest time.

    This is what I mean when I say to think critically. It's sad that I have to call it "critical". Do you not realize that the beta allowed pretty much anyone to play, they gave keys to pretty much everyone. It was already a game back then, and lock ons didn't exist, so yes, there was better vehicle combat before lock ons. Why would I even say that if ti was false?

    I gave reasons for mines.

    They are here:

    Unless you stare at the ground infront of you, you are going to miss them. Even if you do stare at the ground, you will see it, but go anyways because there are millions of other rocks that you can't tell apart from the mine unless you are right infront of it, and in that case, it's too late.

    And they never disappear, even if the guy that placed them dies. Um, why?

    And you don't even need to touch it to die. You can be 3 feet away from it, but you will still blow up. Is this a bug, or game design? The fact that I have to ask this is sad.

    Make them more visible, or atleast make them disappear when the guy dies.

    You need to read before you post. I never said they should disappear, the main point is that they should be more visible. Disapearing is just another solution.

    "Insta-deploy versus tactical deployment: 100% opinion based. Discussion has been going non-stop since beta."

    So this is a reason it should not be fixed? It's not exactly opinion based. Losing a base because you can't spawn there cause the game decides to switch spawns for you is a true pain in the ***.

    In conclusion, you think you are superior but are not. You skipped right over the main points, and when you had nothing to say about an issue, you said "It's an opinion"
  19. Weterman

    If c4 stayed, it would make game even worse. Rn to sundy, put c4 on, die, then blow it up. Think about what you are saying.

    You missed the point with aphelion. The vulcan was op compared to saron. To fix it, they added another op weapon..... I used it, it;s insane how fast you can kill with it.

    Why not reduce range of vulcan instead? It's supposed to be short range, but it actually is better than saron, as missing doesn't matter much in vulcan, but it does in saron.
  20. Poppington

    My issue with your post is more along the lines you present design choices (that people like) as problems to be solved, as with the redelpy and spawn point. Which, by the way, was changed TO the way it is. Spawns (try) to keep fights even unless you are very close. It's already been "fixed."

    I like lock-ons. They are an equalizer that can be outplayed by movement or avoided entirely (by picking your engagements) most of the time. I don't use them myself, because they are less effective than decent dumbfire usage. Lock-ons typically annoy dedicated tankers or pilots, which is to be expected because they bring those tools to situations that are unsavory.

    Your reasons for not liking mines in their current state can be summed up as "because they are mines and looking for them is annoying." I'd hardly call that a reason, but sure I'll bite: Mines are already extremely visible between the lights on anti-personal and tank mines used to be bigger (pizza boxes) and were an absolute joke. That's not even mentioning the occasional spotting you can do. The only issue with tank mines at the moment is the non-render bug. And it's a detection range. Intended. It's not sad, it's just ignorance.

    Also, I didn't play beta, so I may have been mistaken, but either way there were - and are - plenty of vehicle convoys. In fact, the range nerf to lock-ons (not to mention range based acquisition) did plenty to help that.

    Finally you say that the aphellion is a prime example of how they are bad at balance, when in fact it was filling a hole in the arsenal that only existed because of asymmetrical balance. It's a good weapon, but unfortunately a bit of a step toward homogenization. In the end though, the NC are the ones who got shafted in the close-range secondary department, but the shield shines in close range and makes up for that - again a decent example of asymmetrical balance.

    Ultimately, your "issues" are not so much problems with the game and things you just don't like, half of which were changed from the states you want them to go back to.