Is it me or is cloaking useless?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by xanos, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Scorponok

    yea, dont turn it on and expect to be 100% invisible but it works..ive been standing still a few times and had tanks road right past me since he just looked in my general direction while driving by but didnt notice its all pretty much down to were and when one uses them.Sometimes people see you anyway.
  2. iller

    I don't think it would matter honestly. Right off the bat I noticed 25% of the people I've tried to sneak up on from behind with solid geometry between us, were obviously running ESP programs + crosshair traceline warning. It's already atleast as bad as APB was.

    My biggest complaint about Stealth is what a huge honking "TK ME!!" sign it seems to be. In just my first couple hours of playing this, my own squad peeps killed me 10x while stealthing/unstealthing (I'm hoping on accident) as opposed to the 2x that I was legitimately gunned down by an enemy player.
  3. Cluzore

    It was visible on both high and low.
    The more you move the more visible you become.
  4. Helwyr

    The default cloak isn't too bad, it needs three tweaks though...

    1) Big reduction in the cloaking noise.
    2) Normalization of visibility between Graphics Quality settings.
    3) IRNV should not make cloaks more visible.

    For real Infiltration SOE will hopefully introduce the Stalker Camouflage Cloak (PS1 Infiltrator type cloak) later like they said they would.
  5. Kupcake

    Here's my basic take on cloaking.

    It's not very useful if they have already spotted you. The effect can be tracked visually fairly easily once they've locked eyes on you.

    It's very useful to avoid being incidentally spotted. If you let your bar recharge, then cross a stretch of open terrain, they probably won't notice you if they didn't already know you were there.

    What you have to realize is that most people focus very narrowly on a small part of the screen. Peripheral vision is only good for catching obvious details. Yeah, you'll see the big purple guy with a giant rifle running past. You probably won't see the slight blur effect, though.
  6. CaptainRobust

    Cloak is invaluable for when I'm running around with my pistol. Using it to sneak around behind the enemy and tossing a grenade at them is ridiculous amounts of fun.

    If people really do glow white on low graphics settings, then that explains why people were so easily able to see me when I was playing earlier. It was beyond frustrating.
  7. m44v

    I dunno about that, I tried playing on low settings, I found enemy infiltrators to be *invisible* while cloaked so I set the settings back up again, but this was at long range.
  8. Arbitrator

    No, it's not. If you stick to cover and corners you can hide for a LONG time. I can't count the number of times I've remained hidden in a corner with stealth on where they wouldn't normally notice me. I see a lot of Infiltrators slapping it on and running clean down a hall or the middle of a firefight thinking it's a full on invisibility. It's not, it's not supposed to be. It's more like an effective camouflage than turning you invisible.
  9. CaptainRobust

    I tested this myself, and can safely say that cloakers are invisible on all low.
  10. Sylvanicus

    I'm running on low and I see 'em just fine.
  11. Mishkel

    This is just my experience so just take it as that.

    Normally I'm an Engineer but I do play with Infiltration a bit and have points invested in it. If you watch enemy players who can cloak you will notice it works just fine. When you are close to them you'll see something the likes of a "predator" effect as you should.

    Now go to your issue of being shot out of cloak at extreme range. If you pay attention it will always be the same players who do this. Its now an ever growing list because the early adapters have apparantly not been banned and this is just going to get worse. It won't matter if you have geometry between you and the target. The moment you stick your head up you will be shot and that's the ones who aren't shooting through geometry.

    The only viable way you are being shot out of cloak at extreme range is one of two things... You already sniped at someone and didn't move. Thus they shot in the general area that you shot from.

    Or there was a visible player standing near you and you got caught in the splash/spray.

    Beyond that they are just part of the ever growing list of players who should be perma banned.
  12. CaptainRobust

    Interesting. Just curious, what graphics card and drivers are you running? I've got a 550TI on the latest beta drivers myself.
  13. Sylvanicus

    Uhhh may have to get back to you on that. Don't remember off the top of my head and I'm not at my desktop right now. It's (I think) an NVIDIA GeForce 200 series. It, along with the rest of my machine, are in no way the greatest. I have the most recent drivers, whatever they are. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  14. Kalocin

    I find cloaking to be more useful AFTER firing a shot. Likewise, it's also useful when nobody knows you're around. If you want to make the best use of cloaking, use it to hide yourself after taking a shot, hides you away when people turn around to find out who fired. The other way to make it effective is to always ensure that you're back or side is next to something (wall, cliff, tree etc) because it is a lot easier to see somebody cloaked when the cloaking device distorts more than one background/texture. (ie, if you stand in front of a red light in a lit up area....goodbye) A lot of people forget that in other games you can be very stealthy WITHOUT some sort of invisibility.

    For indoor infiltrating (which I don't really like to do unless it's to get a good vantage point), use the recon device to figure out if the way is clear...It's surprisingly useful when there isn't a lot of action going on. In addition, try to plan a path, use the scope of your sniper to check the areas around you, and the run NOT cloaked, reach your spot, and then cloak. Unless somebody sees where you've hidden when you cloak, you probably won't get caught because most people won't be able to quickly find you if you've become less obvious (while stationary).

    Anyways, tldr: Situational awareness = Better than cloaking.