Is it happening?

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  1. Sagabyte

    This album was recently released on Imgur, after the patch on PTS was released.

  2. Devilllike

    i dont want to get my hopes way too up cause i was very disappointed with the colossus
  3. OldMaster80

    No, this cannot be. It's impossible. It cannot be. Nice things do not happen on Auraxis.

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  4. FateJH

  5. MarkAntony

  6. Hammerlock

    wtf is a tempest tower :confused:
  7. Jbn0s0rus

    For my own safety,I will now pretend that this thread didn't exist. Thanks. Have a nice day.
  8. Pikachu

    [–]Radar_X 51 points 3 hours ago
    "I cannot stress enough digging things out of files is absolutely 0 indication of what may or may not be going in the game and when.
    Unless you want to set yourself up for disappointment, please keep your expectations in check until we make an official announcement."

    As usual it's just random unused stuff in the files. :rolleyes: Don't get your hopes up people. Railcannon for vanguard and quad cannon for prowler has been in the files since early 2013.
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  9. Crator

    ^ Too late, looks like Reddit is going crazy over it. And Higby posted in the Reddit thread too!

    Also, just found this in the Reddit thread

  10. OldMaster80

    What the hell was that noise?
    Oh wait... right... it was my dreams breaking again :(
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  11. LordMcZee

    No, these are just unfininshed 3d models. Nothing more.
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  12. Bindlestiff

    Man, I was hoping that the placeable facility turrets would have given us the firepower needed to get you off your Flash :)
  13. Pikachu

    What? How do you know I use flash?
  14. Bindlestiff

    Been killed enough by you to know ;)
  15. Pikachu

    There are lots of pikachu players! Like 30!
  16. Steza

    It's a bubble buster quickly hide your bubbles! Most likely will not see the light of day if it's not official it's not happening.
  17. LordMcZee

    But we all know that you are the 3rd one. :p
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  18. Zombo

    take my beans.... wait wrong forum
  19. Liewec123

    confirmed! it's coming! and in september!... 2024.
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  20. Sagabyte

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