Is implant energy suppose to run out?

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  1. Codex561

    Okay so I always run with an implant, my energy is always on max level since I recharge when I am bored and I realized that energy stays roughly the same likes this but the amount of chargers goes up.

    Implants don't drain quickly enough.
  2. OldMaster80

    What tier of implant are you talking about?
  3. Khrin

    Yes implanets slowly drain power overtime and need recharged with certs.
    It's just yet another advantage given to long-term players to deter newbs so the game dies quicker.
  4. Jamuro

    It was stupid to bind the charger/implant gain to xp.

    Play dalton gunner for a good Liberator or lolpod a base and you swim in implants ... play A2A esf and you can count yourself lucky if you get 1 or 2 every few hours.

    The amount of certs/xp you cain is simply not balanced enough (too dependent on the playstyle) to bind stuff like the implants to it, without causing issues.

    While some people gain more than enough implants to run at least a tier2 implant every session, some other playstyles just will drain your batteries in no time.
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  5. CNR4806

    It used to be better before they nerfed the drop rate. Before the nerf it was a difference between "enough chargers" and "too many chargers for your lifetime", unlike now which is "charger drought" and "enough chargers"
  6. St0mpy


    T1 you can sustain with free drops.
    T2 you can sustain with frees and re-crafting free implants to ultras.
    T3 you can sustain with frees and re-crafting free implants to ultras if you are reasonably consistent player (for me over a month I slowly gain but its close to even).
    T4s (for me) arent possible to support without buying extra ultras.

    I prefer to use a bundle of T2,3,4 to even out the drain, id cut my use of 4 before having to buy them, paying certs to make certs is such a waste.
  7. Iridar51

    Why is having energy a problem? It's a good thing. Implant management already takes too much dry time, god forbid we would also need to worry about energy running out all the time.
  8. Codex561

    It's not a problem, that's the thing. Makes the energy system redundant alltogether
  9. Iridar51

    I've been saying this ever since the release of implants. Though after that they nerfed the implant drop rate, and it's not so sweet pastures anymore.

    It's not absolutely redundant, though. Currently it moderates, it makes you choose: either you craft chargers, or you accumulate implants to craft other implants. If you want both - you have to spend certs or cash on chargers or implant bundles.

    But once you have all the implants you want - yeah, the system is redundant. That's why they added Tier 4 implants.