Is HOSSIN every single afternoon slowly killing Connery?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by iller, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. iller

    I wonder if we're in a bad "Map rotation" pattern here might that might also be happening at a really bad time (when BLOPS BattleRoyal crap is out) ... I can just picture tons of younger people going to login around 3 pm only to find that most afternoons, Hossin keeps showing up from 1pm until mid-evening. they just log back out and go play whatever Shooter has maps they enjoy more. .... maybe some GM's should really look into the Metrics on this and consider shoving Hossin back on the late night - early morning schedule it used to appear most often in?

    Reasoning below:
    I know some people even like this map ... some times I prefer it like when I'm just in the mood to drive around in an ANT most of the time (b/c it's the only vehicle in the game that seems to handle the hossin Terrain to a degree that you can mostly turn your brain off and still drive full speed over everything without flipping over). Also I went 3.0 K/D ratio on it last night b/c of some Construction Shennanigans. But this isn't about me or other eccentric players.

    .... I just worry that the map NEVER made good on any of its goals. It's got the Amerish Maze-like Mountain passes problem ... COMPOUNDED by all those bases in the center of it that Gatekeep us from driving around freely by literally having Gate-Shields that can't be circumvented in some cases. And the biggest false promise of all was how the Trees were supposed to give vehicles cover from Lib Squads & A2G ESFs but I just haven't seen it work in practice. Either most pilots are secretly running "Chams" (similar to Wallhacks), or they just found a way to turn off all the Leaf-Foliage. It just doesn't seem like a good compromise for ANY casual players to me. Infact I'd argue that once the NEW map comes out, that Hossin should become a Server-Smash-only tryhard map and be retired from Public-Play until it can be polished a lot more
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  2. HippoCryties

    Every time I go on Cobalt
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  3. Scatterblak

    Nope. A lot of us dig Hossin.

    Next question.
  4. iller

    You forgot to Quantify what's good about it? ..Also... "A lot of" Who... how do you know these "lots" of people who like it?
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  5. OgreMarkX

    I am very likely to log out of the game when we are sent to Hossin. Bad map design in so many ways.

    I have a had a few VERY good fights on Hossin, but the constand dead-ends, the vines, the numerous placeholder bases than never left placeholder status, the sheer unscalable mountains...

    Hossin has more frustrations than fun.

    Indar and Amerish for me.

    If you disagree with me that makes you an evil-space-fascist-who-killed-Bambi's-Mom.
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  6. Liewec123

    Not just connery, hossin has been killing the population for years, I once checked the number of people who logged out when the continent changed to hossin during primetime (This was back when only one map was unlocked so you HAD to go there)
    1,200 people were playing before hossin, and after there were just under 800.
    Hossin kills the population.
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  7. Scatterblak

    I didn't forget anything - I was responding to this:
    I like the foliage - but I'm 99% CQC inf, so it's a Win™ for me. In any case, anyone can dial the foliage wayyyy down in their settings. While the flight model is crap in PS2 in general, I don't mind the trees, either - they're a great equalizer, and make for some great tactical resources in a dogfight (if you're brave enough to duck under the foliage - but you better know the map). I still like Indar better, but I'd rather play on Hossin than, for example, Esamir. Since the advent of the lattice (and the associated and quite contrived funneling of everyone into an artificial fight), Hossin and Amerish seem to offer the most opportunity to introduce terrain into the fights. My squad mate in FL and I are generally in Mag Riders as much as we can be, and the terrain is critical - a Mag against a Prowler or a Vanguard on Esamir is usually going to turn out poorly; on Hossin, with all the trees and terrain, a good Mag pilot stands an excellent chance of peek-a-booing prowlers and vanguards to death, and escaping when things turn dire.

    PS2 is pretty big - there are a lot of play styles. Hossin is a win for a lot of people; it may not be the most popular map, but it's a good time if you're into leveraging the terrain and foliage, as opposed to the standard meat-grinder-storm-the-fortress sort of thing that the devs seem to be marching us all towards.
  8. Pacster3

    I often logged out when it was going to Indar. Hossin needs less blocking by plants(trees are fine...the rest is not. If you can't really hide behind it then it should not be blocking either. It's of no use then, just plain annoying. Especially not ALL over the map) and less unscaleable hills(same counts for Amerish. No fun to have to go around it for 2 hexes or something).

    I think the current situation with having the same maps open around the same time for many, many days is a problem.
  9. strikearrow

    Hossin is a pain, no two ways about it. When I see Hossin on a server, then I switch servers or log-off. With large fights, the lag becomes too great - even for CQC with my laptop (with lowest graphics settings etc.). Flying is really a pain because a 1/4 second of lag means bang into a tree or hill. I really don't mind the way it funnels fights as I can usually find a way to drive a sunderer around and hide it.
  10. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I also enjoy Hossin and the weird looks people give me when I say so, but while I disagree with the OP's suggestions, he does raise a valid concern. For the last couple of weeks Hossin has been by far the most common continent open during primetime on the West Coast. This is an issue no matter which continent it is, because many of us are only on a few hours a week during this time period, so for us we only ever see the same places over and over again. After a while that gets stale.
    Perhaps (hopefully) that has just been the way the random map rotation has been falling as of late. There was a time where the rotation appeared to be much more random, and it seemed you'd rarely fight in the same places more then a couple of days in a row. I just know it will be incredibly annoying to have Ossur release and never get to play on it unless the stars are right.
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  11. DeadlyOmen

    Racism killed Connery- just like Briggs.

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