Is hipfiring being better a myth...

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Jawarisin, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Jawarisin

    So I was just wondering, is it a myth? I personally ads mosty, seems like yehhh1g does the same. I don't know anybody else that talked about it, so I was wondering.

    Anybody out there who's got the minimum requirement stats I'll be posting below with a said weapon, I'd like to know how do you play, ads or hipfire.

    Here are the minimum stats I'm looking at, in case you still wanted to say something on the subject but you don't meet the stats, please just say so.

    With a weapon (the one you're using):
    k/d: 1.5+
    kills per hour 80+ (1.33+)
    Accuracy: 30%+
    HSR: 10%+

    The minimal stats are because I want to get input from players who are performing better than average, I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm an ***, but it's the only way I found.
  2. CuteBeaver

    Well if it helps, I hipfire for the head as much as possible when using SMGs that have the advanced laser sight on them and ADS for the head when the SMG doesn't allow me that luxury. Eridani , NS-7PDW (as examples) However I do not SMG enough these days , due to a severe crossbow addiction, and only use an SMG if I have the crossbow as my secondary... lol... #no hope of recovery.
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  3. _itg

    Are you specifically talking about SMGs? I'll go with that assumption. If you're at a range where hipfiring is viable but not a given, I think the right answer is probably to ADS when you have the initiative, hipfire when you don't. If you're under fire yourself, you can probably dodge more bullets with hipfire strafing than you'll miss due to the larger starting CoF.
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  4. cykael

    You can see my "credentials" on the links in my sig. I haven't played with VS and TR SMGs almost at all except some with Eridani on my Emerald character which I deleted couple months ago since I got the gold one unlocked for "free" but I've played fair share with NS and NC SMGs.

    Everything in this post is 100% my EXPERIENCE, I haven't looked up any stats on these weapons (well apart from the **** I've looked up and most likely forgot), I'm basically just describing how I've felt when using these weapons so I'm going to probably get angry theorycrafters telling me how x or y is possible when the stats site says this and that.

    If we're talking NC I only ADS most of the time with Cyclone simply because it's not worth running ALS on that gun and it has still considerable range even while being SMG.

    Blitz has such an awful ADS cof/accuracy that after being full auto for 10 or so bullets you'll be shooting everywhere except at your target. Using Ex mags isn't possible on that gun (and I still wouldn't use exmags for extra ten bullets because it's ******* ********) so ALS is really the best option and it complements the gun quite well. I auraxed this gun 100% using suppressor simply because the ranges at which this gun is useful is about your dicks length most of the time so I used it just for ***** and giggles. I'm not sure if it's better or not without, I really can't be bothered with trying out simply because I don't like the weapon. I think it's awful.

    The NS SMGs on the other hand had quite good ADS and I felt using it quite often on the NS-7 when shooting at carbine-rifle ranges. But other than that the hipfire accuracy is just too good to pass up on at the ranges you're supposed to fight with an SMG. Why would you want to ADS when you have accuracy like this ( )?
  5. Iridar51

    I hip fire frequently, with all weapons. I happen to think that every weapon can be hip fired effectively, the only difference is the effective range.

    Speed is a huge advantage, and hip firing allows to keep it, not to mention ADSing has other negative effects besides slowing down the user: it takes time (0.15s for most weapons) and it limits the field of vision.

    Scope-in time is not a big deal, it's the time you'll be spending on adjusting aim anyway. But in a firefight tenths of a second often decide the outcome.

    Classifying oneself as a "hip fire" or "ADS" player is unreasonable. Both hip firing and ADSing have their own advantages and disadvantages. Skilled players will use both, and judging when to use which is also a big part of skill.
  6. Iridar51

    Threw in together some Eridani footage. Due to lack of effort, the resulting video is mediocre, so I decided not to publish it, but it'll work for the purposes of this thread, as there are a few examples where you can clearly see the advantages of hip-firing.

  7. TheKhopesh

    I find the Blitz to be effective up to about 10m.

    Therefore, sir...
    ...either you:

    Are severely underestimating the range of this weapon.

    Are exaggerating the short range of this weapon immensely.

    Or C)
    Have one hell of a long dick!


    (Okay, let's rule out C right here and n- OH MY GOD IT WAS C! IT WAS C!) :p
  8. Ballto21

    Hipfire is better in my honest opinion, at least with SMGs and sidearms (to about 15-20ish meters)

    heres why:

    Easier to aim for the head in CQC situations.

    More mobility in CQC situations

    Easier to adjust aim

    Easier for run and gun

    Easier to track targets in CQC.

    On most of my SMGs i meet the minimum stats excpet for KPH, but thats mostly atributed to me tending to go AFK for long periods of time.

    This may be an old wives tale but i notice vertical recoil a lot less in hipfire also
  9. I_am_the_kiwi

    I believe it is all situational and based on practice. If someone runs in front of me from left to right i will ADS my targets head. If i turn the corner and immediately bump into someone (inside 3m) i will not ADS, only because to me it seems more viable to just hipfire. If i find myself getting into a 1v1 with anything other than a HA, i tend to hipfire and ADAD strafe. I strictly run cqc smg infil and again this is just what i have noticed.

  10. MarkAntony

    Not that I disagree but you aren't looking for people who are "better than average" with those stats. With those stats you are looking at the top 1% (mostly the kph requirement) of players.
  11. yeHHH1g

    Everyone talks about mobility while firing, I find it much more beneficial to drop whoever is shooting at you first then move. I think you'll find when you try to strafing and shooting at the beyond just in your face engagements your ttk will be much higher than if you adsed. I even find myself starting with hipfire then adsing in a lot of times. I'll take the extra split second to ads and get 4 dinks for the kill over 3 bodyshots and 1 headshot with hipfire and then dying.
  12. Jawarisin

    I was trying to find a nice way to put it, but considering the average k/d is 0.8 or so, you're right. But getting feedback from someone who has a hard time maintaining a positive k/d (on a weapon)is kind of... not to be an ***, but that's just really how it is.
  13. _itg

    Really, it's probably better to just ask in general and then mentally filter out the "bad" responses on your own. You can pretty much always tell by the quality of the response whether a person knows what they're talking about (especially if you press them for more details), and then you don't have to worry about coming off as an elitist.
  14. MajiinBuu

    I only ADS if I'm able to engage a target before they see me, or at long ranges.
    CQC 1v1 I almost always hipfire (sort of a panicked reaction), and it's always nice to beat a better player because you got a lucky headshot :D
  15. Jawarisin

    True, but this way saves me efforts. Also, I don't mind coming up as an elitist. I don't really mind what people think of me, except the people whom I care about, and those people know better.

    I also don't think giving more weight to better players is being elitist when you're trying to figure something out like this. I mean, for the same reason, one should accord more importance to a doctor's diagnosis than your (non-doctor) friend. It's not being elitist, it's just being aware that different people have different level of knowledge on different aspects.

    I understand your point though, I just wanted to explain myself.
  16. MisterSlim

    We love you too, Jawa!!

    My SMG stats are admittedly bad. I've never been a bullet-spraying brawler, and the only reason I've lately picked up SMGs is to finish out my cloaker directive (only like 100ish more SMG kills to go, finally). I'm sure you know I prefer the long-arm over the bullet-hose (Parsec is glorious) xD.

    Over the past few days of running SMGs, I've felt that ADS is much more efficient than relying on hipfire. I agree with yeHHH1g, and say that I'd rather lose a little mobility and actually be able to reliably kill the target, especially since 9/10 skirmishes are me jumping someone. Just my two cents anyway!

    -Stay Fr0sty
  17. repairtool6

    HA and Infils are unique in the sense that they have tools/abilities that synergies specifically with ADS gunplay.
    Shield allows for some extra time to aim, and cloak + darts do the same (but even better).

    If you play a class that allow for perfectly pixel-precise preaim WHILE HIDDEN and with legit wallhack (dart/sensor) then exploit that for the max and ADS. Just common sense. Don't flush those inherent advantages down the toilet and go for hip fire. I really don't understand that logic.

    I can understand occasional hip fire 'play style' for class like medic/la/engineer, but do it as Infils just says to me you don't exploit your strenght.
    Imo fgrip+ads on all smgs as infil. No exceptions.
    Lasers can be okey for other classes.

    Just my opinion.
  18. yeHHH1g

    Foregrip on smgs is an awful choice. It doesn't provide enough advantages over extended mags or even als. At least als can be justified by saying you hip fire a lot. The increase in time to pull out the smg with a Foregrip is a huge negative. With a Foregrip you are almost guaranteed to lose an engagement if you do not have your smg out already, you will be dead before you can bring up your gun to shoot back
  19. Iridar51

    SMG Equip Time is 650 ms, Forward Grip adds additional 50ms. That's 0.05 of a second. For comparison, time between shots of 845 RoF SMG is 71ms.

    Difference is non-existent.
  20. repairtool6

    If you first decide to ADS - you get great benefit from Fgrip.
    No controversy in this i will maintain. True for any and all weapon, also smg (imo)

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