Is HA good class for below avg player to up his KDR?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by ChairmanMao, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. efil4mocx

    For a below avg player, HA and MAX are definitely the most forgiving classes. These entry-level classes allow players from all backgrounds to contribute to their team the most, while at the same time increase their SPM and KDR.

    Once you feel like having more of a challenge, you can try some other classes or vehicles. Just remember, your trusty and reliable armor suit and LMG will always be there on those bad days when you just can't make it work with the other classes, or are drunk.
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  2. MrEclectic

    If you're just looking to up your KDR, then, as others have suggested, there are better ways.

    But if you want to learn how to survive and win infantry engagements, I think it's the way to go. IMHO HA and Combat Medic are the classes that let a new player learn the battle flow. Combat Medics watch how and where people die, and HAs have that slight edge on survivability when engaging.

    LAs and Infiltrators are about superiour positioning and timing, and that requires some knowledge of the battle flow and the layout of bases and maps.
  3. PastalavistaBB

    Who the hell cares about K/DR when you can get tons of XP with engi and medic? You won't get epic killstreaks with the HA or an uncerted Max if you are new to this game anyway.
  4. P149U3

    Does if you can take out more people in one life then a baddie who takes out 1 guy every 2 deaths Mr. 0.5
    Not winning any battles if all you do is die all day. Cant hold a base if everyone dies and cant kill, same applies to taking a base. Don't give you terribad fail logic to players who want to actually be better at the game not worse.
  5. Catch23

    absolutely. that's why it is so popular. when you get more advanced you can try out LA. This is where the cool guys are

    who cares about XP?
  6. Aegie

    Yeah, Infiltrator's can OHK out to render distance with the right rifle- a distance no other infantry can really fight back. Plus they have a cloak and radar darts. So what you do is find a big fight, sit off in the distance, place some radar darts around you to prevent people from sneaking up on you and then farm farm farm with virtual impunity.
  7. cruczi

    I bet you say that because you play LA.

    Everyone? Who cares about irrelevant K/D... XP is what gets you the certs which let you advance in the game and keep enjoying the new items.
  8. Yuukikun

    Says the guy with a 0,5 :D
  9. ZeroErrorz

    simplest ways
    -smg infil
    -rocketpodding area without AA or other esf
    -sniping (tips: cloak ,wait,line up ?!?!? profit, cloak run to other nest)
    -keep using insta action/look the map for 12-24/48+ fight (try not to follow squad, especialy the one with SL yelling everyone about what to use always lone wolf,unless u got a friend know what he is doing/farming)
    -abuse cover
    -NEVER run in the open
    -overall keep looking for farming opportunity where u can place your self in the third side of the fight
    -btw always at least raise 0.01 per 1 or 2 days
    -if a fight look bad stay away from it
  10. Casterbridge

    If you are simply looking at padding KDR cert out a max a bit and go to a biolab, however best to have at least dual AI guns this would probably be the easiest and fastest way.

    A stock lighting or MBT can work well in the right fights for easily padding your KDR, and of course the more certed out they are the better they are.

    Don't recommened ESF unless you are fairly good pilot, otherwise you will get shot down or at the very least driven off easily.

    Sniper works well if you want to stay pure infantry as long as you are smart about your vantage points and don't stay in one spot to long and become sniper bait yourself.

    Not sure why you want to pad your KDR though. I mean if your padding it people are going to be able to tell for the most part by looking at your killboard and dismiss it anyway.

    EDIT as mentioned above stay away from loosing fights if you really want to pad your KDR.
  11. Astriania

    K/D has no battlefield value, it's just a stat and it's not that important. For example you can farm a K/D of 10 (or, actually, pretty much infinity) from inside a spawn room and you've done less than the guy who LAd out of cover, C4'd their Sunderer and died without getting a kill.

    MAX in a bio lab defence is probably the single best K/D padder available, as you'll be continually revived and have lots of targets to shoot at. Once you're getting overrun, redeploy. In general the best way for K/D as any class is to roll with a squad who'll revive you when you die, and give covering fire so all of you die less - but not one that does things like gal drops into hostile territory, which is often more strategically important.

    Don't pull an ESF for K/D, there is no help up there (even tankers get engineer assistance) and the skies are full of highly skilled enemies.
  12. sodopro

    My sig says it all :p
  13. Lamat

    I agree, flying ESF is one of the least KDR rewarding but most excitement requarding activities in the game. If you get really good in an ESF you can probably do quite well, but it'll take a while to regain the time you put in.

    The biggest killsteaks for most:

    That said, worrying about KDR too much can lead to cowardly behavior that can spoil the fun for your team. There are times when you cant get out of the spawn room for example, but I see too often people saying there before it's even camped by the enemy. Having high FUN is better than high KDR, and to get the most fun you need to take risks, at the same time if you dont care about KDR at all you will miss out on the excitement of surviving through risks. There is a healthy balance you must find.
  14. DrunkenDoughnuts

    MAXes and MBTs all the way! Then you can have a good chuckle when you log onto the forums and read the constant complaints about them.
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  15. Hatesphere

    gotta learn somehow, or did you just start off awesome? its takes less then 20 hours of flight time to get used to the thing and it starts to pay off.

    why should i end you my videos? there are many already on the net, and many players who score large KDR against infantry and tanks in ESFs. its really not as hard as the dedicated fly boys make it out to be.
  16. CompletelyDeadCoyote

    If you want a good KDR, go find an outfit.
  17. LibertyRevolution

    If you want a high K/D just shoot through spawn shields with a sniper riffle. :rolleyes:
  18. that_darn_lurker

    The only ways to raise your KDR are 1) be an elite aimer 2) outsmart the enemy, i.e. getting the drop on them more then they get the drop on you, or 3) use the cheesiest weapons in the cheesiest situations. HA is not the cheese class you are looking for.

    Be a spawn room warrior or a MAX (any max will do) defending biolabs and towers.
  19. KnightCole

    There is no singular thing that will up your KD more then simply getting better at the game.

    If your a bad, it isnt going to matter what you play, your going to die alot. And hell, even if ur decent..your still going to die alot.

    OP, Yes, the HA is better for improving your KD, but the class isnt a crutch, just cuz ur an HA it isnt an Iwin button. Its a very good class but it by itself wont improve ur KD much. Its all up to you.
  20. KnightCole

    Actually spawn camping like that doesnt net many kills, it really does. Especially now since alot of the shields and crap have changed. I did it a few times when I wanted to just kill **** free of dying. Only like 5 times did I get more then like 5 kills in 30 minutes lol. All other times it was alot of wasted time.

    Best way is to stay defensive in friendly territory and avoid wandering out in the open much. Redeploy has become my best friend....seems every time I roll a tank or something, its spawn...plane...spawn....plane...spawn...plane..