Is DBG going to remove implants from people who used VR exploit?

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  1. stradic

    Auf Reddit verschwindet jeder Beitrag zu dem Thema sehr schnell !!
    Hier rechne ich auch bald damit oder DB sitzt es einfach wieder aus.

    Das bedeutet dass Cheater erneut damit durchkommen. Das ist nicht neu und zeigt nur dass DB einen Scheiß auf die eigenen Regeln gibt.
    Auch hier im Beitrag wird das Verhalten der Cheater wieder relativiert weil DB ja den Fehler gemacht hat.

    Die Publisher sollten sich mal überlegen ob sie mit dieser Standard Gaming Comunity für die Bescheissen die Regel / Skill ist und die schneller das Game wechseln als ihre Unterhosen wirklich so ein tolles Geschäft machen.

    Weiter kein neues Geld von mir!

    Wer bescheisst gehört sofort und dauernd gebannt. Nicht nur 3 Tage!!!!
  2. TRspy007

    First of all, you can do that, it's called asking for a loan. Secondly, I think my solution is more fair than banning half the players of the game. Rest assured, it's probably never going to happen, but it's not like the rare implants are OP or whatever, they even seem less useful than the rest.(kinda reminds me of directive weapons). I'm not saying we should be rewarded for our loyalty, I'm suggesting a reasonable way to even the ground with players that got all their implants from the bug.
  3. Kaizure

    A loan is something you need to pay back over time, hence why it's called a loan. Asking for a rare implant? That's not something you ever give back to DBG. The two are not the same.

    The trouble with this is: asking for free items in general because we played fair is simply an unfair request. We might as well be the ones who exploited the game if we expect to just be given free items.

    The only way I could really see this being made into a reality is if DBG created 'trial implants' so people could try out the ones they want to use and see if it works for them, then after, say, 1 - 2 hours, the implant is automatically removed. Similar to how you use resource boosts or experience boosts. Then to reward the players who didn't exploit (which is probably most of the player base), they automatically grant players a 24 hour implant of their choosing.

    That, of course, would require some work on their part if they were truly committed to the idea of giving us something, but that's a biiiiig if.


    Additionally, I can really only see DBG giving something to the people who pay for membership. There are soooo many free to play players who are now demanding compensation for being a good boy, so to speak. When you put nothing in, you can't expect to be given something back.
  4. MonnyMoony

    I suspect the free players make the game actually playable - thereby making it worthwhile for those who do pay.

    What would the server pops be like of all the FTP players suddenly up and left? Despite not generating any revenue directly - they probably do lead to a lot of indirect revenue generation from other players - so it does make some sense to keep them sweet.
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  5. TRspy007

  6. RobotNinja

    Actually, not to name names but quite a few very "e-famous" exploiters were caught red-handed in PS2 and banned and not just woops, accidentally abused an exploit but abused the hell out of it intentionally and repeatedly and to a massive degree and then after an uproar in the forums from their outfit about how totally unfair it was they were let off with a warning.

    Some very famous cheaters were also banned...and again their angry outfits and fanbois flooded the forums and reddit and like totally vouched for them...and even though they had been caught cheating red-handed by in-game GMs, they were again let off.

    Cheating and exploit abuse in this game isn't as big a problem as it is in other more popular FPS games for obvious reasons...but moderated bans just don't work and in quite a few cases popularity has trumped SOE/DBG's "no exceptions" policies.