Is DBG going to remove implants from people who used VR exploit?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RobotNinja, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. RobotNinja

    By now, unless you're living in a cave you've noticed that VR training has been shut down. The reason behind this, players discovered an exploit in VR that allowed them to unlock all implants including the rare 0.05% drop ones for free.

    Is DBG going to do anything about this or do the players who used those exploits just get to keep all of the implants that will cost everyone else nearly 100,000 certs or hundreds of dollars to unlock?
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  2. BrbImAFK

    Unless they roll-back to before the patch, I'm not sure they can do anything about it.... and I'm not sure they have the willingness to rollback that far. I guess we're just going to have to be OK with a bunch of people getting all the toys for free.... hooray for DBG!
  3. Exitus Acta Probat

    They have logs, I would hope things would be set to right or at the very least compensate those who play the game honestly.
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  4. Demigan

    As far as I know, the API information is still stored somewhere. That's why a site like Fisu can show you what you unlocked... And if that didn't include enough deluxe packs to get all the implants, you should be screwed. Especially since the exact implants you earned should be listed.
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  5. Jeslis

    This is incorrect, the exploit only worked for upgradable implants. NOT the Counterintell or Minor Cloak ones.
  6. JobiWan

    If people knowingly used an exploit to gain an advantage, they should be hit with the ban hammer IMO.
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  7. Liewec123

    wow, when someone mentioned this yesterday i assumed it was an april fools joke,
    yeah they should definately do something, i don't think banning, but certainly removing the implants
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  8. CaptCran

    Too much WORK. If they actually did it, I would be amazed.
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  9. BadCoding

    Rollback = everyone cries about lost cert points between now and rollback time.
    No rollback = VR exploiting for free.

    Rollback of those who exploited / ban of those who exploited:
    [x] doubt

    More likely either all will suffer or no one.

    Btw. don't they test things before they put them into the game like on a test server ?
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  10. RobotNinja

    You're right, people who exploited it were able to unlock the rares but not the exceptionals. I incorrectly stated the rare drop chance. That was the drop chance for exceptionals.
  11. breeje

    let me hope they don't role back cause i have been very lucky with the lottery drop
    i spend a 900 certs on 2 alts each for 3 199 cert boxes and on my main i was lucky enough to get minor cloak
    and my other implants i got where also the ones i wanted
    so please no roll back

    yes the free implants from VR should be removed but let the other players keep there implants
    but i have to admit, if i had access to VR i would steel them just like everyone else would :oops:
  12. Zagareth

    They aint gonna remove the gain of this exploit...
    They gonna remore all the exploiters and wipe them completely from the database. Have fun starting from scratch all you f*cking exploiters :D
  13. Kaizure

    The problem faced is a complex one.

    While many of us will cry 'ban' because this was exploited, Daybreak Games can't really bring down the ban hammer on all of those players because they would lose customers and, when those customers are banned, they'll take to Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, etc. to complain about the 'broken implant system' and complain that they were banned for either 'no good reason' or blah blah blah.

    Problem is: people are sheep, and if they read / view something on Reddit, Twitter, etc., they will immediately believe it's true and the next thing you know, a witch hunt has begun and people are coming after Daybreak Games.

    That's one of the worst case scenarios, but with how sensitive (and stupid) people are these days, it's also a very likely outcome.

    So Daybreak Games' hands are tied. Either the exploiters get away with what was taken and honest players are at a disadvantage simply because they're honest players, or DBG risks a public outcry because they get rid of the cheaters.

    The line "Nice guys finish last" applies here. The honest, fair players might quit because they think the new system sucks, or they'll quit because exploiters are getting away with cheating, but the difference is: the honest players will quietly fade away and move onto another game, and the bad players will raise a fuss and rain hell down on DBG unjustly.

    Additionally, it's hard to reward the good players for being good. There are soooo many people who play Planetside 2, so how could DBG possibly reward the good players while punishing the bad ones?

    If they really had the time and/or dedication to it, it's possible (however unlikely) they could provide a temporary bonus to the players who played nice... such as double xp for a week, double resources for a week, or maybe a small sum of Daybreak Credits to get a camouflage of your choosing. The problem simply is: there's so much data to go through that the likelihood of bad players being punished is as unlikely as good players being rewarded.

    The bad players are more than likely going to get away with free implants and the good players will just have to come to peace with it.
  14. Niamar

    It's kind of late to do anything now, what if they used money to upgrade them to max?

    Is it fair? Hell no, I spent $85 and a bunch of certs to get the same none rare drops, I'm the one looking like a fool.
  15. LaughingDead

    Considering it's a new system there are bound to be flaws and it might be too early for severe punishment, if they do, then the people that accidentally got implants through the exploit simply discovering it could be banned as well, that would be a shame, people purposefully abusing could pretty much get away with just implants taken away, devs do nothing, makes them look bad, however considering large amount of players said including the implant system right then and there was a bad idea I think they look bad anyhow.
  16. Exitus Acta Probat

    So you are saying DBG won't ever doing anything about exploiters/hackers/cheaters for fear of reddit?

    So why even bother playing by the rules?

    I should probably just exploit the **** out of the next bug or loop hole, because **** it DBG care more about losing the exploiters accounts than the legit loyal customers
  17. Exitus Acta Probat

    It would be easy to see who bought implants and who had them magically appear, they do have logs after all, and the implant packages come with their own serial numbers for a reason.
  18. TRspy007

    Its the devs fault if there's a bug. Its like dropping your wallet in the street for a day and coming back the next expecting no one took anything. Sure, it's not cool for people to have upgraded their implants using a bug, but it's also not something that you can get mad at the players for doing. I admit if I had know about this big, I would've used it, and I'm sure everyone else would have too, or else we wouldn't be having this conversation. Reward the players who didn't use the bug by giving them one of the rare implants or let them pick out one they want. That way everyone is happy and there's no need to take drastic measures.
  19. DIGGSAN0

    Well....are the Hitbox Editors banned? Nope
    Are the Lagwizards banned? Nope
    Are Chesters banned and we know about it? Nope

    Do I think they ban the people? NOPE

    Only thing I know is that Daybreak just wants your money in a game that is not as Popular as a Game that would deserve the money.....
  20. Kaizure

    Asking for a rare implant because you chose not to exploit is not a fair request. That's like going to a bank and saying, "I've never stolen from you guys, so can I have a million dollars?"

    Does it suck that a bunch of cheaters got free implants? Of course it does, but that doesn't mean we should expect DBG to instantly give us free rare items simply because we chose to follow the rules. When you hit the "I agree to the terms of service" button when creating your account, you were basically agreeing to play fair and follow the game rules. Being given extremely rare items because you're doing what's expected of you is not fair.

    And @Exitus, I'm not saying you should exploit. In fact, I condemn the thought of even trying to cheat or exploit for advantages in a multiplayer / online video game.

    What I'm saying is: if DBG is going to take action against the people who created this problem, they need to do so carefully... because if they don't, the hyper sensitive people who don't like being banned for cheating will take to online forums and try to paint themselves as the victim.