Is Commissioner or Underdog more suitable for my playstyle?

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  1. applecherry

    Hi guys,

    I am seeking advice from experts regarding the former or latter pistol is more suitable as a mid-range secondary weapon. I often play as a LA and infiltrator and run out of bullet often. Which pistol do you think is better for my play style? VR is limited as it does not replicated field conditions such as moving target etc

  2. DrazahNede

    whats an underdog?
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  3. LT_Latency

    I think the difference is com can kill in one less shot under the right conditions but shoots slower.
  4. Fenrisk

    lol underdog!

    Well at least the name fits. Get the Commissioner. It's far better in all the ways that count and sounds bloody epic every time you fire it. You can 1 shot infiltrators with a head shot and it has slightly less damage drop off then the under boss. It's also more damage per clip which is important when you only got 6 rounds.

    The underboss has 30 more ROF and slightly less recoil but it does significantly less damage. It just isn't good enough.
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  5. Kazzah

    You also get to taunt your victims in yell, telling them they just got decommissioned.
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  6. Jaes

    Commissioner definitely outperforms the Underdog in the medium range arena. The sights are horrible on both weapons though so you'll find yourself hip firing with either weapon rather than ADS. Underdog has the advantage in CQC since the recoil isn't as bad, fires faster, and pretty much has the same TTK within 10m.
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  7. WachaDune

    I favor the higher fire rate of the Underboss. They're both just pistols, which means they're backup--you won't be going up against several enemy with either. They both will require two hits to get the job done. The Underboss will do it faster.
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  8. Rhaeyn

    First of all, just trial both of them.
    Second: I wonder if there's a big difference for mid-range. I'd say "Commissioner", if you tend towards mid- to long range and "Underboss" if it's rather "mid- to short range". But that's just my gut feeling.
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  9. VanuSovereignty

    The Commissioner is more versatile. And also, if you're running out of ammo a lot there's no reason not to use the extra ammo cert.
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  10. Zan_Aus

    I disagree with this. The faster fire rate makes the Underboss more versatile.

    Commissioner if:
    1) You are a good shot even under pressure of CQC
    2) You want a bit of extra range

    Underboss if:
    1) You are not such good shot and need a few blasts
    2) You intend to use it in very tight CQC

    My aim and reflexes are ****** so I bought the Underboss and have not regretted it once.
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  11. Loegi

    I found the Commissioner too slow to be reliable in close range. Depends on what you'd call midrange, and how accurate your aim is to determine if the Commissioner is more suited for you. But I wouldn't risk it and get the ease of use of the Underboss for the slightly slower time to kill at some times, and the same time to kill at most times (EDIT: faster most of the times I think actually).
  12. SpecOps Delta

    I play Infil and LA:

    I LOVE the Commissioner! For both of my classes. It is hard hitting (but low ROF) - if you have a good aim, I only can recommend this beast of a revolver. Try to aim for headshots, if you get used to the ROF and recoil you can be devastating with this gun.

    The underBOSS is the smaller brother of it. shoots faster but does not that much damage.

    So it depends on YOUR playstyle.
    Ask yourself: Do you like more damge but lower ROF (Commissioner) or do you like to shoot faster with a little less damage (Underboss).

    My choice was the Commissioner and it is absolutely awesome!
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  13. FnkyTwn

    -Commissioner needs a 1x/2x Reflex Scope
    -Underboss needs a Silencer
  14. Radec594

    Honestly, I prefer the Underboss over the Commi, since you'll be using your pistol as a panic maneuver and in close range most times, which is what the Underboss excels at.

    If you prefer having CQC primaries and sniping or putting down fleeing targets with your handgun, then the Commissioner is your best bet.
  15. Llaf

    Personally I use the underboss. It's a better option when you're in panic mode because your clip just clicked empty imo.
  16. Rhaeyn

    Thinking about it, if you're going to get any of the revolvers as finisher when you ran out of bullets in your current magazine in cqc, you should be a good enough shot to finish the enemy off in six or less shots, because even the slightly lower reload-speed on the underboss is long enough to get you killed.
  17. PaperPlanes

    Underboss if you do a lot of dedicated CQC, Commish if you want more versatility.

    The Commish is a lot better at range due to the faster projectile velocity and less damage drop off, if they ever add a little 2x scope for it, it will be even better. With this in mind, the Commish is still just fine in CQC, it just won't match the raw potential DPS of the Underboss.

    If you have money or certs to blow, get both and use the Underboss on your Bio Lab or Tower loadouts, it is superior if you know you will be in close range. Commish is better all around.
  18. applecherry

    k thanks guys i know which one i be getting already after reading all the comments. :)
  19. SinerAthin

    So which one? :p