Is buying Station cash worth it?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BenjaFriend, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. BenjaFriend

    I'm considering just spending like $10 in order to just get some good guns. But it seems to me that $10 really doesn't get you much. Is it worth it?
  2. Falqe

  3. manfromh

    I would wait for a double SC sale. They might do one on valentines day, but I'm not really sure.
  4. Solo59486

    Considering that our last sale was 25% off I think, don't expect much if anything at all for valentines day.
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  5. huller

    The stock guns are pretty much the best al rounders barring a handfull of exceptions. And the most prefered weapons of many players usualy are priced around 250 cert points. Personaly if I had station cash I'd go for cosmetics but it never realy hurt anyone to have some SC did it? wait for valentines day to see if there is a double SC sale or else try to wait for daily sales
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  6. Plunutsud pls

    Donating is totally worth it when you're a noob.

    I've been playing for a week and haven't even earned a total of 1000 certs yet, but already bought 5 weapons.
  7. St0mpy

    the two things I bought with station cash which had a large impact on my time here was 1.Vehicle Bundle 2000SC, its a bit old now and some of the included weapons have fallen out of favour but for what it cost for all the weapons it was great to get started with something other than stock for every vehicle. 2. Heroic boost 5000SC. I got the resource version and the difference is noticable but even the straight XP version makes your XP progress (meaning cert gain) much faster. You can still get the resource element and the same XP boost from subscribing however, and if you buy a Heroic today that actually stacks with it too.

    Obviously I bought my SC at a better rate than 1x, I used to wait for x3 deals plus get the large package discount but they changed how they do deals and x2x3 are rare now, its entirely speculation whether they will do any kind of deal on valentines. At best we expect some smaller % bonus and if so i'll carry on waiting.

    Lastly if nothing comes on and you expect to stick around the game till SOE do a decent sale to top up on, perhaps grab a small amount from the best current deal you can find and sit on most of it while you watch what comes up on the depot daily deal, its almost always 50% off the SC price, cycles through most of the depot items and is a great way to pad your locker with weapons you wont buy at full price.
  8. LeafTheLeafeon

    Buying SC is a good idea if you:
    -want cosmetics (only obtainable via sc) or
    -have/plan on playing with multiple characters.
    -are too lazy to grind certs to buy guns and just want to buy them instead

    SC unlocks are account wide so anything you get with sc is available to all your characters. (of course empire specific things will only be available to characters of that same empire)
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  9. Appalachian

    Depends on what you are looking for. In my opinion vehicle purchases seem like a bit better value for SC than infantry. As huller said you can definitely get by with stock guns. I have purchased the 2 dollar starter bundle that falqe mentioned and love it. I also purchased the AP cannon for my Vanguard and am happy with that purchase as well. Be aware that they also have some pretty good bundles aside from the starter bundle that can save you cash. The specific vehicle bundles for instance basically give you two weapons for the price of one.
  10. lilleAllan

    Yeah, just wait for a sale.

    I recommend getting the comissioner since it unlocks on all classes across all servers.
  11. aoyagiaichou

    I'd say it's not worth it no matter what kind of sale is going on. Subscription is too good.
  12. TheReaperKing82

    It is worth it if you want a certain gun and don't feel like grinding for it. Just make sure to try stuff out in VR or through the in game trial feature before buying. Nothing worse than buying a gun, thinking it is good by the stats only to find it is awkward to use for your play style. I don't think they will ever to 2X or 3X station cash sales ever again so I am glad I cashed in when I could. I guess there are some perks from playing all the way from beta
  13. lothbrook

    Best thing to do, subscribe, buy SC when its on sale, wait for items to go on sale before buying it.
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  14. Prudentia

    If you only want to spend 10$ than look for a retail copy. it gets you the second gen SMG for all factions (in Gold) xp Boosters and additional 1000 Station cash. also ask someone for an referal link. i assume your SOE account is younger than 6 months so you can also get a Weapon for the Heavy assault for free.
  15. Cinnamon

    If you have just started I think that you should experiment play with the starting gear for infantry a while to learn what you like doing since it's all good. An exception might be infiltrator since there is no starter SMG and you might want to unlock the long range bolt action right away.

    Vehicle weapons are a bit different again. Like it's obvious if you want a multi role esf you want to unlock rocket pods and if you want to do tank v tank you want AP shells and an AV turret if you want to play MBT.
  16. ZeroErrorz

    first time i spend my 120$ on sc and wasted all in one day my heartbeated so fast relizing how fast i could spend all of that :eek: and for some reason it happen again in my 20$ purchase, guess u need to spend it slowly so that wont regret things
  17. Pokebreaker

    Here's the way I look at it. For Free-To-Play games, I have a set plan that at some point I will spend up to the same dollar value as a regular console game that I would purchase flat out ($60). I do so when I am good and ready. So once I spend that amount of Station Cahs, I don't worry about what I get with it, or if it's worth it. I've given back to a game that I enjoy, so that's really what it's about. Most of the guns aren't really "better", more that they are different. I played for almost 10 months without putting a dime into the game, just using stock weapons, and I made out just fine.
  18. Babbylon

    Uuuuuh, where is this $2 starter pack?
    I can't find it.. was it only for february?
  19. Xasapis

    Spend that money OP to get membership, especially if you are not ultra casual and spend some time playing. I would suggest to everyone to stick to membership and boosts and never, ever, buy gear with SC. A boosted member can make 500-1000 certs per day (experience with the game helps enormously to cut the downtime obviously), so buying anything but cosmetics seem like a huge waste of money.

    The only exception would be the NS stuff, since they unlock for all factions. I still wouldn't spend money on them regardless.
  20. ColonelChingles

    You can find it on the official store website... for some reason it's not in the game itself.

    It's here.


    So you log in to the website and purchase it from there.

    Also old thread is old. :p