Is being a premium member worthit?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by VibroKnife, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. VibroKnife

    I'm a sucker for awesome games. And I can't help by buying stuff even when unecessary to support the developer.

    Now, I was thinking of becoming a premium member so I wouldnt be paying X ammount of money just to get a few items. For those who are a premium member, is it worth the money? Is the cert increase good?
  2. TheBlindFreak

    You can definitely feel the cert gain and resource gain, so there's that. And you get 500 SC every month and access to the member sale. Personally, I would go for the year subscription since it has a pretty big discount per month. If you can see yourself playing for a year and front the money.
  3. Littleman

    The 6 month daily cert gain alone is totally worth a sub. I'm not the type to make 100 certs effortlessly in an hour though, I seem to have to search high and low for targets to shoot in even the thickest warzones, so those 48 a day are really nice.
  4. Kristan

    I wouldn't say it's worth it now. Yes, higher cert gain is good, but for the rest is meh.
    As I see what people saying here the situation in game is bad. Terrible bugs, population imbalance, no content or major patches and devs working on making game faster. With the way it is right now it's boring. Yeah you will have your fun in the beginning, but then you will find out that your fight is futile, worthless and means nothing. No progression, no achievement, nothing. And looks like situation wont change this year.

    So I suggest for you to wait. Maybe game will become better and actually really worth paying for.
  5. Crowne

    When there is a queue to get to the alert continent (which granted isn't often these days but...), it does seem to make a difference having the premium account. I never have more than a minute or two of waiting while some others in a platoon without premium have had to wait quite a while.

    Also, the xp bonus can really add up. XP=cert gain and cert gain can buy weapons, improve what you already have, make you a bit more useful out there at times. I don't think I'd be having as much fun without the boost. I've gotten the 6 month sub twice to max out the boost from the start. XP also = resource gain for the resource of the territory you're fighting in so that adds up as well.

    If you're having fun with the game now, I think you'd only have more fun with premium. I'll probably get it again now that I'm more reassured that they're working on pop balance and such.

    The 500sc per month isn't that much but a week of +50% xp booster on top of the premium boost and various alert/population boosts can get pretty addictive :)
  6. Lazaruz

    I subbed for 9 months, and used to think it was worth it. But now that I have been playing without a membership for a month, I honestly haven't noticed that much of a difference. So in my opinion, membership in it's current form is not worth the cost. Good thing there are other ways of supporting the game.
  7. RHINO_Mk.II

    36 more certs per day than a standard member, requires daily login though.
    50% more points from gameplay than a standard member - this is 50% more certs and 50% more resources from fighting in territories.
    50% more resources per tick than a standard member.
    500 SC/month, requires you to leave your subscription active until the month in which you plan to cancel.
    Log in priority - this is pretty much useless even at primetime on my own server.
    Early access to certain cosmetics - mostly useless.
    Members' daily sale - generally better quality items than the regular sale, although it varies. Only useful if you stock up on 2x/3x SC sales in addition to buying membership.
    3 Bonus character slots
    3 Bonus loadout slots for every class and vehicle

    Personally, as someone who spends way too much time on this game, it is almost certainly worth it for myself. I'm on a 3-month plan that they offered a while back for $9.99 per month, thankfully that price is locked in on renewals also so I'm getting the yearly subscriber price with the option to cancel every quarter. With the 500 SC per month, the cost of the rest of those benefits is $4.99, or roughly the price of a burger, fries and drink. I know people who blow ten times that each month buying the latest AAA title and then never play it after 30 hours or so.
  8. Mr_Giggles

    I've been going for 9 months now as well and I still like it. The XP gain, the Cert gain. Some SC each month. And first in line when you want to travel to a max pop contested map. Mostly for me though it's the cert and xp gain because otherwise it feels pretty damn slow.
  9. Ghosty11

    For a new player with alot to spend on stuff it's worth it if you play everyday. Once you get the majority of the stuff you want, it's really not worth it. I dropped my sub a few months back and don't miss it unless I'm playing on new low BR character.
  10. Cougarbrit

    Are you playing nigh on everyday, use a lot of resources, have lots of things you want to cert up, and enjoy the game even in it's occassionally trashy state?

    Then yeah, the premium is probably worthwhile for you right now. Normally I'd recommend the cheapest year-long membership, but with the resource rework likely happening within 6 months I'm unsure about getting anymore than that. Luckily for me I have the loyal soldier membership deal, which is 3 months at a rate beaten only by the year long membership, so I won't be paying for too many months if I feel the need to cancel my sub at any time.
  11. Kodaa

    I can't imagine playing this game without the +50% experience and resources from my membership, and I think that's a problem. I understand that there needs to be an incentive to become a member, but cert gain without a membership is currently so abysmal that it just creates an entry barrier for new players.
  12. KenDelta

    Pass ques , daily sales , exp bonus , yes.

    My membership ended and I'm suffering because of long ques and low hourly cert income :<
  13. nitram1000

    Definitely worth it for me. I hate this game right now, so with the heroic boost plus my membership it allows me to barely play the game yet still rake in tonnes of certs.
  14. Phrygen

    As a low battlerank player it is definitely worth it. Its the best use of your money (rather than buying SC to pay for new weapons).

    Once you reach around battle rank 80. It is no longer worth it. You will have everything you need.

    The only reason to have a sub after battle rank 80 imho is for
    1. extra resources
    2. queue priority
    Neither are worth the money.
  15. ShinBreaker

    I was thinking about getting this, but i'm waiting untill hossin, battle island, and infiltrator update to actually get a 1 year plan. I will be planning on still playing this game untill I graduate college, so of course it would be obvious for me to try out the 1 year plan before I stop playing. The benefits seem to give me an incentive to actually buy it.
  16. TheBigHert

    Being a fully employed adult, I always pay for "free" games. Nothing outrageous, but typically $500-$600 per year. Despite what they say, all free games are "pay-to-win" or at the very least "pay-to-have-more-fun-than-you are-having-now". So early on, it was a no brainier to get membership & pay for various weapons & camos.

    However, because of such a horrible customer service experience I had with SOE, I've vowed never to give SOE another dime. So if that sort of thing is important to you, you might want to keep that in mind.
  17. MarlboroMan-E

    Been a member since release, and have no intention of stopping.