Is anybody else getting bored with the three Continents

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  1. Deronok

    I just want to log in earlier in the day and not have the only fight be at the crown.
  2. The King

    Different technology.
    it was very easy to make 10 continents back then, now it takes longer.
  3. TintaBux

    The game needs new continents like yesterday, it should be a priority.

    No they are not, they already delayed it 3 + months, it's not a priority and don't expect it for a number of months.

    What we can expect is probably one more continent this year, and than maybe another two next year, this progress is far to slow when the game desperately needs new game modes and continents. (With continent locks)

    It's ridiculous we still only have 3 continents.

    That's no excuse, and it don't take that long at all, in fact they have most of hossin already finished and it could be released already if they wanted it to, with another 2+ coming out already, but it's not a priority, so the continents progress is going slow because of that, not because of how long it takes.

    This is F2P, new continents don't bring money in as they can't charge for them, so naturally they are going to be put on hold and behind other things like weapons which can bring the money in.
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  4. Anubis77

    Not exactly ASAP, they unscheduled it. We have no idea when it will be available, I'd guess after summer sometime. (which is ridiculous)

    EDIT: Oops the guy above me beat me to it.
  5. MarlboroMan-E

    First, the existing continents are way more complex than PS1 conts. Second, very very ready for Hossin, hope very much that cont lock comes with it and we can get beyond the constant 3 way fights.
  6. Crysander

    Well what always confused me is that they mentioned Searhus first - even teased pictures - and then all of a sudden it was Hossin on the road map.

    My hope is that they will surprise us and release both at once, though I expect it would be too much to have maps + intercontinental warfare in one patch. Remember, whats slowing them down at this point is trying to get the Hex-Lattice implemented and working. Get on the PTS, get testing, get your content quicker.

    If your desperate for a taste, theres already threads about the new Interlink Facility with pictures as well as a rough map mined out of the data files for Hossin just this morning/last night. Check the thread out here:

    It's a tad cryptic, but definitely worth checking out!
  7. Bard

    A month or two after they add Hossin, increasing the playable game space by around 33%, all the same people will be saying they're bored and want a new continent. It's coming, it's been less than 6 months.....goooooosfraba.
  8. f0d

    i know im bored of indar
    after playing it in tech test then beta and now nobody leaves there unless its an event :(
  9. Tobax

    So what they unscheduled it, they had to make the new interlink facility to go onto Hossin, so they never stopped working on the cont but can't release it when a key base type going onto it isn't even done yet. Higby already said on the AGN tonight that we might get to see it for the first time in a few weeks and we already saw on test server the warp to Hossin button . Bottom line is it can't be added unfinished and they never stopped working on it so if it takes longer you can be quiet and wait.
  10. Syphers

    P1 maps were much more simple but the bases on the other hand were better, indoors were vast and well designed. Right now whoever has the most vehicles win, pods spam, shells spam, narrow indoors, the bases are open and not really designed for efficient defense or epic indoors fight.
  11. Deronok

    I don't know if I would call the indoor areas vast. Some of them had some nice basements, but they were closed in enough to make spamming grenade launchers very easy.
  12. TheJosephChrist

    But we also got 20 purchasable camo know PRIORITIES!
  13. Macchus

    whut.. 3 continents ... huh ... but .... indar ... crown.... :eek::eek::eek:
  14. Macchus

    hardy har har???
  15. Macchus

    if i ever get stuck in that hellgate again ill dam sure not play on indar most of the time lol....
  16. isiy

    I'm a VS on Watterson. What this means to you is that our faction is outnumbered 2:1 by each other faction. Typically, the entire VS population will just go to a single continent so we can at least put up a fight and just forfeit the other 2 continents.

    I wish I had 3 continents to choose from and get tired of.
  17. TintaBux

    They even said that they are putting it back 3+ months and focusing on other stuff. They stopped working on it to focus on the stuff that makes them money, work will continue later.
  18. Zenith

    They should either remove it, or make it less attractive for the horde. Why play a game of this scale when all you do is camp at one location all day every day? o_O
  19. Tobax

    Go watch the recording from AGN tonight, they are still working on the cont, never stopped and we "might" be able to see it in a few weeks, all from Higby's mouth.
  20. TintaBux

    Well it's not a priority so progress is slow, continents can be made in no time if they wanted them to be, but it instead the things that make them money get made in no time.

    Having worked with 4 gaming development teams I can tell you it's not as complicated and as long as you think, especially for a company like SOE, but like stated this is a F2P game so some things don't get pushed as much as the stuff that brings the money in.