Is a c r a p weapon? SAR150

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by xLluisett, Nov 3, 2021.

  1. xLluisett

    I just bought the new nsoperative auto scout weapon ,i think its name is SAR150 or somethink like that.

    I am not playing planetside 2 since a long time ago,call it loss of skill,call it bad weapon but this weapon in my hands are terrible,it is not like the scout rifle with heavy ammo called 200 from the nsoperatives arsenal,the recoil of SAR150 is brutal,making only useful on medium distance and the cone of fire is another problem,making single shots at long distances is just annoying cause the low damage per shot.

    When i shoot two simple bullets on the head at long distance the target takes cover or if he have long range weapons like the lacerta or the obispo,i am dead in 0 comme.

    The 200 semiauto heavy ammo scout rifle from the nsoperatives arsenal have low recoil or practically nule and the cone of fire is nule so i only need 3 or 4 rapid shots to take down a target.

    The SAR150 is only useful at medium distance or hipfiring at close quarters combat. Still with advanced forward grip the recoil is unbelievable. Still i like the gun, i am playing since 3 days ago from a long time of no playing at planetside 2,maybe i need to return to practice,but it is temporal cause i have a knee trauma that takes few days to cure,after that,i return to my outdoor life,because most players at planetside 2 and the other games play 24/7,and air and plants are important to human health.

    So after my knee cure,i stop playing planetside 2. I just leave that info of that weapon for future builders so DBGs do something about that.
  2. xLluisett

    Sorry my mistake,the name of the weapon is BAR A75.