Is 2 different AI weapons effective on NC max?

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  1. Mellow Martian

    Say if I equipped a hacksaw on the left for cqc and a mattock on the right for long range. Is this combination effective? Or am I better of going to with double scatter/mattock/hacksaw/grinder?
  2. Mellow Martian

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  3. TheChris

    It depends your playstyle.
    I use for Example the M1 Cycler and Mutilator as Combination.
    Mutilator and Pounder is also a good Combination if u play as Tank with your MAX. (Pounder is good against Maxes)

    I guess you are NC. And Hacksaw with Mattock where a good Combi.
    By Vanu i have ni idea bcoz i play Max really Rare by them.
    Play VR-Training to get a Feeling for these weapons. Its free and no Certs are needed.

    I hope it helped you a bit.

    Kind Regards.
  4. Mellow Martian

    Thanks man.
  5. Takara

    As long as you remember which arm is which yes. You may even consider using slugs in one arm and shot in the other. This will give you a threat at both ranges...well your close range is still alpha deadly, your range just give syou the ability to make infantry duck and stay in cover but it does hurt.

    VS max...eeeehhh I'm going to say it's useful. I did it for awhile. Comet and's really good when you expect to run into enemy MAX units. It's ok at Infantry. My friend runs the close range and long range AI weapons so he never has to stop shooting. One has a shorter clip so fires both arms..well one is relaoding the other still has 25 rounds and is empty just after the other arms reloads. It can be useful for holding doorways.

    Pounder is good for AI much better then the NC/VS equivalents so it's a pretty good match. AI versions through I'm not really sure about.
  6. Liewec123

    hacksaw is all-out CQC mode, Mattock is all-out mid range,
    mixing both will give you less CQC than 2 hacksaws, less range than 2 mattocks
    but you'll also be better than 2 hacksaws at mid range and 2 mattocks in CQC.

    so its all preference, if you want to be able to fight in every AI situation then it can be good to mix,
    but if you plan on staying to either CQC or mid range then it might be better to go "all-in"
  7. Mellow Martian

    Thanks for your input guys. Will definitely take it onboard. I'm thinking I'll use my max mainly for point control, so maybe dual hacksaws could be useful.
  8. JojoTheSlayer

    Short answer:
    Should you mix arms on the NC Max? NO!

    Dont listen to the TR, he is forgetting about the "slow rate of hit" with the NC Maxes.
    With a TR Max you can "bait" enemies with one arm "minigun", that does little damage compared to the intended dual wielding nature of Maxes, BUT when a enemy notices he takes so little damage. They become braver and once you see the hit markers you right click to hit him with the pounder and instant death. The TR default is because of this the best default Max in the game. The VS can do the same, but they have the downside of the large orb of their AV gun being obvious and too slow in comparisons.

    Anyway, back to NC.
    On NC you should mostly run twin arm. Twin HackSaw, twin Matchlock etc. The closest you get to a TR like setup above is twin Falcon against infantry, but thats it. If you start mixing arms you will mostly just waste ammo or potential. That said, a Scatter and Matchlock is semi doable since they are both single shot, but I would argue that even at range a fully upgraded Haksaw with extended mags and slugs is better because of its fully automatic and therefor easier to use. With slugs you need to aim and hit, but it extends the range allot. The downside overall with NC Maxes is that they lack suppression. The closest you come is Falcon or *Raven vs noobs *(people who think the Raven is good anti inf weapons and run away. Twin Falcon hit will gib, but hard to use overall).

    A simple test to see if you should go HackSaw or Matchlock is to move your mouse around while repeatedly in a average speed click both left and right mouse button at the same time. If you can do that without unintended getting "gitter" movement on the mouse, unintended extra movement, AND you have good aim. Then you can go Matchlock. If you however notice you get some unwanted extra movement. Then you should consider HackSaw instead. For range tests, go to VR and test both with slugs. Slugs is king on NC because without them you have zero range, MatchLock or Haksaw wise.... which is also why the range difference between the two isnt that important once slugs are installed.
  9. eldarfalcongravtank

    two different guns = versatility
    you want to be effective at many ranges or roles (AI and AV). rather defensive playstyle. fits best if you are being supported by the team since you lack the damage output against one specific threat. however, you are able to deal with a variety of targets.

    two same guns = specialization
    you want to settle on one engagement range (close or longer range) or one role (AI or AV). rather aggressive playstyle. you can deal with the respective threat you want to deal with rather well due to high damage output. however, you are pretty much ineffective against anything else apart from that target type.
  10. Mellow Martian

    Thanks for the suggestions guys :)
  11. Vurvu

    As if one or the other was any less of a problem for the remaining classes getting pretty good at 180 degree flicks of the mouse and returning back to QuakeLive for some odd reason as yet undefined.
  12. Goretzu

    Will you kill things? Yes.
    It is the best option? Almost certainly not.

    You have to remember that vast amount of the NC AI MAXs power comes from quick kills within its specific (weapon) range, if you start going for versatility you quickly come to realise that:
    1) the NC AI MAX isn't remotely versatile
    2) you're just really nerfing yourself in the specific ranges that dual weapons would excell

    With NC AI MAXs you really need to think about your ranges you expect to be fighting in.

    For most ranges you'll encounter dual Mattocks with slugs is likely to be your best bet - as they carrying infantry killing potential to the longest ranges.
    For close ranges 0-8m (and lots of enemies in closer range especially, as Grinder has best mag size) and when you expect to encounter other MAXs closer up then dual Grinders with pellets - as they carry the most damage per magazine potential (and you can put another MAX down without a reload, potentially).

    Hacksaws really these days are best for those moments when you pop out of a door under fire empty your mags in the enemies general direction and get back in (spending as little time exposed as possible), otherwise either Mattocks or Grinders are likely to be more effective, as they are likely to put more damage on target at range or have higher damage per mag/damage per second (including reload) respectively.
  13. Mellow Martian

    Thanks for the info man, after all these comments I'm sure I'll go for dual hacksaws. The main "battle field" I'll be using my max will be in point control situations, so hacksaws will be perfect. Leave the longer range targets to allies.