Invincible Bug

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  1. MaKiro2

    So i already posted a thread about teamkiller today, but now i got a guy in vs at Miller who was invincible LOL.
    He only got 1 dmg from my commi i wrote in the yell chat that hes bugusing... a freindly Vs shot him with commi as wel and told me that he only lose 1 hp from him either...
    I wrote with him and he told me that he will stop after he died..
    But he cant die if he dont lose any hp :(
    so i reported him but what else i can do?
    i also have screens but i dont know if i should post them because he told me while i was writing this he died :S
    Weird day
  2. Cynicismic

    I came across something like this yesterday too, incidentally on the Miller server. While in my Lightning on Indar, late at night we were pushing back a TR onslaught. I was one of the first vehicle operators to push across a ridge and attack their infantry units caught in a stalemate, and above the ridge I saw a Light Assault trooper doing nothing. I thought to myself "Yes! Free kill!", and presented to him a HEAT round. However, it did nothing. I fired again, and accomplished nothing. And again, and the results didn't change. I only realised that something must be amiss when our Magrider line broke through and this Light Assault trooper took round after round after round; after which he literally just walked off. He survived everything thrown at him, every vehicle rammed into him, every explosive and bullet sent his way, until he spontaneously disappeared, then appeared again in the sky momentarily, before vanishing completely.

    A strange day indeed. Still, if the TR can't be killed by the VS, theoretically that means that they can't whine that our weapons are overpowered...
  3. ALN_Isolator

    That sounds like a setup for a creepypasta xD