[BUG] Invincibility and Invisibility bug is back on Miller..

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheRunDown, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. TheRunDown

    Invincibility and Invisibility bug is back on Miller..

    Tones of players on all sides keep getting the Invincibility and Invisibility bug.
    I've killed a couple of HAs running around Invisible and they know it to.

    Most players are relogging and redeploying to fix it, but some are exploiting it in to the ground and it's getting a little dry, especially after 40+ TR storm a point to recapture it and one Vanu is trying to stab everyone cause he's ran out of ammo..
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  2. FieldMarshall

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  3. 1Tap2Tap

    Just for those exploiters I would really like DBG to hand out a temporary ban including a character rollback after the issue got fixed.

    Screw those pathetic losers.
  4. breeje

    what, this is the only bug i want :eek: where can i find it
    i would shoot tanks with my pistol at close range and dance on there hood just for fun :D
  5. TheRunDown

    I'm making a video as we speak.
    I have about 30+ minutes of a NC HA called ToyKnight just farming the TR spawn room in Ymir Bio Lab.
    After I've made it, I'm going to send Orbital Strike Force [ORBS] outfit leader the video and put it in a support ticket.
  6. pnkdth

    RO exploiting the hell out of this. Surprising no one.
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  7. Lection

    Same is occurring on Connery now too.

    It seems this glitch is occurring only during larger fights(~+96 players).

    Hope that narrows the problem codes down a tad.
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  8. Respawn

    I was on Connery just now, it happened on smaller fights too (24-48) both sides combined
  9. pnkdth

    Heard from two people derping around in reavers it was easily to replicate it. They didn't disrupt the fight though, just letting you know if someone is using it to their advantage they are probably doing it on purpose.
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  10. Astrayo

    Same thing on Cobalt, redeploying doesn't fix the issue, relogging does. Played fine for like an hour, then instantly got the bug when -snip, realized it might not be best to include this information-, don't know if there's any relation - at any rate, as soon as I got the Invincibility bug, I became unable to harm anyone too.
  11. Jingstealer

    This is completely ruining the game. 3 people in the last 30 minutes alone and each and every one of them exploited the bug. If the realise they're bugged and exploit it, they're no better than any other sorry looser who downloads cheat software from the net. And they should be treated accordingly. No Mr. Nice Guy! Just ban them from the game, permanently.
  12. Canaris

    yeah I think it's time to take down the servers DBG & fix this nonsense.
  13. TheRunDown

    Orbital Strike Force [ORBS] Dextro has kicked this person from their outfit.
  14. Nextronix

    It's not only on Miller but on Cobalt as well. This bug makes the game completely pointless, a waste of bandwitdh and frustrates players at all factions. It makes absolutely no sense to play it right now.
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  15. DeadlyPeanutt

    Miller has it bad. I saw three or four TR standing in front of NC spawn rooms with knives daring anyone to come out.

    It happened to me, but logging off and logging back on fixed it.
  16. DeadlyPeanutt

    It's very common on miller. I saw a TR on a flash driving around inside of a tower during a tower battle, on the ramps and stairs and killing people with his flash machine gun. apparently the flash was invulnerable too, because I saw HAs put a lot of rocket rounds into the player and the flash
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  17. HappyBrah

    [Cobalt] I've been moving around for a while trying to find fights without anyone exploiting the glitch, no luck though. It seems to transfer into vehicles too, saw a couple of invincible Prowlers. I gave up when I got knifed on spawn at a remote Sunderer.
  18. Canaris

    anyone who abused this bug really badly needs to have a harsh punishment for doing so
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  19. Nihter

  20. Eternaloptimist

    EU servers went down for patching a few minutes ago so maybe they are working on it