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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Demonello09, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Demonello09

    Hello, i received today the beta kay but it doesn't work. how can i resolve this issue?
  2. MuldoonX9 Developer

    The beta is currently only for US residents. We have the Canada and Mexico betas starting on Feb 10, and EU players will be able to join the beta soon after.
  3. puttipott666


    Just send me the eu beta next time
  4. vanustark

    Can we have a date for EU closed beta release? I just received my code tonight.
    I was so happy until I discovered my code didn't work only cuz the EU beta were'nt open yet.
  5. puttipott666

    Its soon after the 10th feb.
    So i guess we just have to wait :p
  6. Allsaint11179

    Same here next time closed beta eu key .So mine question is what the hell am i suposte to do with US only beta key?This is really stupid and sad .Can someone from devs reply what are we supose to do with key that we got? Give it to someone or keep it since we can do nothing with it?And can we get another key when eu invites are being sent?
  7. Allsaint11179

    Sure but Why sending us beta keys to ppl from europe it dosent make sense to me?And does that mean i need another key when eu beta starts?
  8. puttipott666

    Dont know if they have info if we are from eu or not.
  9. Allsaint11179

    Ok so that means all the keys could be sent to eu if they sent random witch is the case.So who is testing if lets say half of keys that they sent cannot be used and whats the point?
  10. MuldoonX9 Developer

    We don't have a date yet. I believe it's been submitted for approval. Follow Clint Worley on Twitter. He's the PS4 producer and will announce the news as soon as he can.
  11. Axsys

    Hello I'm french and I received Beta key for US Only... This code is not functional...
    When the EU beta begin, this US code will be ok ?
    (sorry for my bad english)
  12. Allsaint11179

    your english is fine as for beta key i am from Croatia and i asked the same question on 2 threads with no answer at all concerning will the beta key that we got be valid when eu servers are ready.
  13. Kaskarian

    Same here really like to play planetside on my playstation
  14. puttipott666

    If you get eu beta you get a new key.
    The us key wont work on the eu ver.

    The eu key gonna be a new mail with a new key i think
  15. Reaper1911

    I also received a beta key but I live in an EU country. Do we keep the key and wait till EU beta is accessible? or do we get another key? Coz if the key I have is useless, I would rather give it to someone in the US thats waiting for beta as long as I am for this amazing game.
  16. FlameScythe

    I live in the US and haven't received a code yet. If you or anyone with a US code would share it with me, I would be most grateful. Feel free to message me on PSN. ID:FlameScythe.
  17. Allsaint11179

    Well im keeping mine key because i dont know and no answer was given from anyone from forum moderators or devs or actuall ppl who are working on the game and it has been for one and half week.So i need to say to the ppl who are moderators ,devs on this forum thx for NOTHING ,and if you think this no reply when you see ppl asking question about will the beta key that we got be valid for when eu beta starts and no one even tries to answer is just a show and that nobody cares great service on running the forum. Mine grandmother would do a better job.;)
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