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  1. Maelstrome26


    Before you read on, please note that this site is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Also, this website is NOT affiliated with SOE or the Planetside 2 development team.

    What is the Planetside 2 Alert Tracker?

    The Planetside 2 Alert Tracker is a community driven database which shows various statistical data regarding Alerts.
    Many questions can be answered with this data. Generalized questions such as:
    • Which empire is the best during Peak times?
    • Which continent has the most alerts?
    • Which alert type is the most common?
    • Which empire does best at which type of alert?
    • How often do Domination victoires occur, and who wins them?
    And per-alert details such as:
    • Territory %'s
    • Facility Capture Changes & Number
    • Hottest facilities during the alert
    All of which is displayed in a very clean, legible format.

    Any user can submit to the database, however, abuse of the system will result in being banned from posting statistics.

    Some of you may ask, "why isn't the system automated?" Unfortunately, SOE don't provide an API for when alerts start and end, so there is currently no way to automate this system.

    I feel that the project is now in such a state where it can be released to the general public. If you have any feedback, please feel free to say something, as I'm always looking to improve this and make it a very good resource for everyone.

    To-Do list:

    As this is a work in progress, there are a few features missing, mainly at this time graphical data. Below is a brief summary of a "to-do" list for this project:
    • Add per-alert Population graphs (SOE's API is currently down atm)
    • Display dominations by empire
    • I'm currently working on a "Report Ongoing Alerts" system, which is an attempt to make submissions more reliable, due to the lack of an official API.
    • I'm constantly revamping parts of the site to make things look nice. I plan to update the Alert Detail section showing all the info like who won, what date it was submitted, etc into nice icons.
    • Adding a "hottest facilities" graph, and being able to filter it by continent & alert type.
    • Adding the ability to flag errors on the submission. If you spot an blatant error, please let me know via Reddit (/u/Maelstrome26) or Twitter! (@Maelstrome26)
    • Adding a Real Time alert tracking system, where you can see the territory / facility captures in real time. This will require some good deal of development however!
    Again, I thank you for the time for reading this post, and I hope you find this resource most helpful!
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  2. Teegeeack

    Very nice.
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  3. Torok

    Thanks for your work :)
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  4. Maelstrome26

    Thank you both :)
  5. redpoint

    This is a very well done site that deserves your attention.

    Start reporting the outcomes of your servers Alerts and keep track on who is winning the most!
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  6. Maelstrome26

    Bump (I hate doing bumps :( )
  7. Saool

    That's a real nice piece of work right there.

    It also clearly proves that all the 4th Fraction go to Vanu like everyone says... oh wait... it doesn't.
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  8. Brasileiro

    :eek: BUMP!

    this is an awesome piece of work I will def be bumping this to help out. I def like the 'alerts in progress' piece its nice to see if one is active on your server(s) if you are not logged in :D keep it up mates!
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  9. Crackulous

    Clean and legible indeed. The statistics are represented well in graphs and diagrams, the site itself is structured in an orderly format, and the atheistic design is pleasing to the eye. I see with the number of alerts submitted thus far, your work has met a considerable amount of success. Well done!
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  10. IamDH

    Is it miller only?
  11. Astriania

    Looks really nice.

    Is there no API you can use to pull alert status automatically? I can see that people won't remember to submit alerts so the results from manual input won't necessarily be representative or complete.
  12. WyrdHarper

    It proves it for Miller, at least.

    I think he said in an earlier post he was working on getting API setup, but it was down at the time.

    At the OP:

    That is a really good-looking site with a nice interface. Nice work.
  13. Maelstrome26

    Nope, it's for all servers, it's just that Miller has most alerts as that's the server I've been showing it to people :)

    Unfortunately no, SOE doesn't provide an API for alert time starts and ends. Otherwise I'd be using it and someone probably would have beaten me to it :)

    Thank you everyone for your feedback, it really humbles me that people like this!
  14. LordMondando

    Deserves SOE player of the month.
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  15. Notiz

    vanu enlightenment - even sharing the knowledge ;-)

    but seriously: good job! great stuff for the community. the amount of effort pays back for you I hope.
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  16. Maelstrome26

    I'm currently working on the logic code required for users who have submitted their own results to be able to edit them, incase they gave a false error. Stay tuned!
  17. JorgeSarcos

    Its so red that im sure you are TR

    (judging by your sig you are not but, website is very red nonetheless)
  18. Maelstrome26

    Well when I designed it I asked myself "what would be a good colour?"

    I chose red as it's like Red Alert from Star Trek, and it generally gives an "alert" feel. I can possibly make it so that the colour scheme changes based on the empire that's winning for the server selected. I'm also going to experiment with a Grey background (for NS colours) but I suspect it won't look as nice.
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  19. Maelstrome26

  20. IamDH

    Oh i get it now