" Interview with Matt Higby - Original Creative Director for Planetside 2 "

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    They mentioned Sony not supporting SOE for pc game marketing. Sure helps realize why the game wasn't shown off how Fortnite was.

    I played " EverQuest Online Adventures " for ps2, that was a good time. The start screen music was nostalgic. Yet the game made you have to buy a keyboard for your ps2 & that didn't work so well.

    Some reply said they were surprised that ps2 was made with only 18 months. The take away being that it seems like it took longer, as the game is really good for that short of time, yet they wondered what it would have been if ps2 took 4 years.

    I skipped the battle royal talk, not really a fan of battle royals. Maybe it would have been okay, I'll relisten later. I like the looting aspect, just not a fan of shrinking maps, less leveling systems, & lobby's.

    As for sponsoring ps3, ye maybe team with Fatshark. Maybe get some rites to Warhammer 40k would be the hope.

    Was he referring to Amazon studios who released New World & Lost Ark, not sure, forgot what studio he mentioned to fund ps3. As for Lost Ark & New World studios they are the worst. Lost Ark was p2w & New World had zero imagination. Lost Ark had forum mods banning people for negative reviews, one year bans. Say no to Amazon.

    It's lame the studios for fundraising wait to see if the game sells before they help the devs advertise the game better, wth is that about. Fortnite didn't wait for the game to get " good reviews " before they cheese advertised the game similar to raid shadow legends. The Sony business model was lame. Sorry they had to work with them.
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    oh how i miss having an actual developer in charge.
    help us Higby, you're our only hope!
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    i think a lot of our current problems would be addressed by reexamining the systems as they were at launch. i think a lot of PS2s early pain came from the rushed launch and not really having a chance to properly balance progression.

    i think a lot of things were balanced like test servers were, everyone equipped everything at max levels and they balanced it based on people having every tool available and at max rank.

    for example i think something as simple as the AA lock on launchers being the default free one instead of the dumbfire rpg would have solved most if not all of the early air superiority and rocket pod farming problems.

    even now i imagine a new players greatest frustration is a lack of early options for AA without buying them, and sadly as helpful as they are to your platoon most AA weapons do not return their cert costs in kills (and back then you didnt even get credit for damaging the aircraft and everyone suicide bailed)
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