[Suggestion] Interesting Stat from a Level 42 Exclusive Harasser Driver

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  1. Arkanakaz

    Hello all,

    So vehicle driving is my thing in the PlanetSide series and always has been. I have been playing a fair bit in the past few months picking up random Vanu as gunners, and doing only that.


    Source: https://ps2.fisu.pw/player/?name=driver4everyone&show=statistics

    This makes for interesting stats as only one play style is represented by the stats. The one I want to point out is the weapons that kill the harasser. As you look at the stats below it is worth remembering I play VS so their weapons are not included, the stuff that is empire specific and only has one listing (C4, Tank mines, Decimator, Annihilator and Rocket rifle) both TR and NC are using so to compare to the Vulcan and other empire specific listings you have to half the kills - as I am fighting them twice as much.


    Source: https://ps2.fisu.pw/player/?name=driver4everyone&show=weapons

    So yea...the Vulcan.

    So I recon I'm a pretty good driver, and usually it is the stuff you cant escape from or that can cause damage spikes that is the danger. Which makes other Harassers more dangerous than other things. The NC Mjolnir is the highest ranked NC Harasser gun and that comes in at 9 kills in comparison to the Vulcans 47. That seems like a big gap to me, and I usually retreat when I know there is a Vulcan Harasser nearby, but I think it is a combination of the Vulcan's high DPS, ease of use and lack of possible counter play that make it so strong.

    The nature of the weapon will stay as it is I guess, but its time-to-kill against other Harassers could be lowered at the moment it is at the low end of 4 seconds which is I believe the quickest time-to-kill the Harasser will face from any ground weapon.

    The reason is in part becuse the Vulcan counts as a Gatling Gun, so as below you can see that the damage resistance of Harassers against that gun type is lower than it is for other vehicles.


    Source: https://planetside.fandom.com/wiki/Vehicle_armor_and_damage_resistance/Vehicle

    So I recon that the time to kill of the Vulcan against other Harassers should go up some to even things out for the other empires in the Harasser battles.

    Thanks for reading and let me know what you think.
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  2. Talthos

    How about the 'tank shell type' resistances of the Lightning and Harasser switch places, instead?

    I didn't even know that a Harasser 'dune buggy' was literally more durable than the Lightning (aka, a 'Light Tank' in all but name).

    Absurd. Ludicrous. Utterly incomprehensible.
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  3. Arkanakaz

    Don't forget though that the resistances (or lack of) are just one aspect that determine the amount of damage that a vehicle receives in a situation. It is a way for the game to make some types of damage stronger/weaker against some targets than others.
  4. Talthos

    It's still a ludicrous resistance advantage over the heavier vehicles, regardless.

    Especially in regards to its other advantages:

    • Only 150 nanites per pull (with no boosts, it only takes 3 minutes to recover the cost)
    • Very fast
    • Decent weapons
    • Rumble seat repairs (which still synergizes way too well with Fire Suppression)

    The Harasser is in dire need of another balance pass, I think.
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  5. Towie

    Yep and those stats will be of absolutely no surprise to anyone who plays NC or VS.

    It's been like it forever - the combination of fast firing do-everything gun that's extremely easy to use means that the Vulcan has been a nightmare for a loooong time. It's pulled more than Aphelion and Mjolnir harassers combined which says it all.


    In fact there's only been one time in the past few years when that wasn't the case - and that's when DBG in their infinite wisdom managed to produce a weapon even more powerful than the Vulcan - namely the Gatekeeper. Another TR weapon ! You couldn't make this stuff up honestly...
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  6. Johannes Kaiser

    Vulcan melts everything, that ain't news. But a long post with sources and personal experience combined is always appreciated (at least from those who do not wish to defend this "end of all weapons" weapon).

    Personally I do not consider the Gatekeeper to be stronger than the Vulcan though. Hazy memories say it might have been for a short while, but nothing concrete and right now it certainly isn't.
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  7. TRspy007

    buddy no one said the game was meant to mimic reality.

    What he's pointing out is the fact that the harasser which was designed to "harass" targets can duel mbts and win with ease.

    He's pointing out that the cost/speed/damage output of this "dune buggy" makes it more powerful than tanks, which the game would suggest are more powerful due to their steep nanite cost compared to the harasser.

    The harasser eliminates almost all the downsides of a tank, and can deal comparable dps.
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    ...and need two persons to operate. Same for libs - esf mains complain what they cannot beat down this flying tank, cuz dalton oneshots them or whatever, but they all forget what they shouldn't be able to win this fight solo/duo against 2-3 person lib crew.

    I agree what vulcan perform better than mjolnir and aphelion, but this only means what mjolnir and apheilon should actually get buff.
    This is game conventionality. It would be extremely booring to play harraser if it wouldn't be able to beat lightings and MBTs using it's mobility and first shot advantage. Tankmains who complain about harrasers are just want to sat on hill near some highpop fight and pound one HE after another in same doorway with their right hand while they can jerkoff their dick with left hand. Simply - farm infantry plebs without any threat, like annoying jeep what can obliterate you if you wouldn't pay attention.

    I know it is extremely frustrating when it creeps behind you and oneclip your poor lighting. But from harraser perspective this is actually pretty rare scenario cuz not every tankmain are deaf you know... this thing have very loud engine. On top of that as i said it is 2man vehicle and it is pretty hard to achieve mind synergy between driver and gunner. They both must make the same decisions at the same time, ideally without voice communication and it is reeeeeeeaelly hard to find a pair for yourself.

    Most of drivers are mediocre. Most of gunners are dumb as ****.
  9. ican'taim

    tldr revert CAI.
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  10. strove

    Well this post got derailed quickly. Ive been feeling the same as OP has posted and it pretty much comes down to:
    1. Harassers in general are a little too safe, between healing, speed and cost
    2. The Vulkan is generally too easy to use with its current damage, personally id like to see its damage drop off at a shorter range meaning its got to be right up close to deal damage. (The aphelion IMO is about right, mjolnir because of its slow velocity and arc, needs some love)
    So yeah, thumbs up Ark
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  11. LodeTria

    Since you're VS you should use the aphellion and just wave blast other harassers to death, it's extremely effective. Also keep at close-mid range.

    If none of your gunners know how to wave blast, well either teach them or get new gunners.
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  12. Demigan

    Ofcourse 2 people should be able to defeat 1-man vehicles!
    Like a 2-man Flash should be able to defeat a 1-man MBT 100% of the time! Or a 2-man ANT should be able to defeat any 1-manned vehicle. Or a 2-man Sunderer... these should all 100% of the time defeat any 1-man vehicle regardless of this thing called "DESIGN". I'm sure that the intended design makes no difference and making sure that vehicles adhere to their intended design shouldnt matter at all!

    On topic: Harassers are too tough by far. The ability to swap from gunturret to rumble repairs combined with its resistances, firesuppression, composite armor and its dodging capabilities make it tougher than a Lightning.

    And yes, the Vulcan has been OP for years. Ofcourse the Mjolnir has a tiny bit more DPS so the TR always said "Mjolnir is better all you need is a tiny bit of skill". Its nice to see that the Vulcan's superior performance is once again proven.
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  13. RRRIV

    i disagree with the vulcan range reduction. when i use a harasser or gun for one, the engagement range is within 20m at all times, basicly running the harasser into what ever is being shot at.

    the thing with the vulcan is that it is the best AV option TR get, where as the NC and VS AV options are middling at best, so a halB is a better option. another part of the problem is just harrasers in general are still too good. fix that, and you "fix" vulcans
  14. Towie

    ...I still remember this thread from years ago - https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/mjolnir-needs-balancing.246745/

    Vulcan harasser went toe to toe with a Mjolnir harasser and lost ! Vulcan Harassers were just so used to driving up to anything and winning the DPS battle that this person was shocked when they lost and suggested Mjolnir needed 'balancing'.
    In fact all he needed to do was engage the Mjolnir harasser at anything other than point blank and he would likely win.
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  15. TRspy007

    The air game is another matter, but in terms of vehicles, yes, the harasser and the flash can be manned by 2 or even 3 people for the harasser. However, they are supposed to be light transports, not meant to take on tanks.

    I understand maybe winning against a lightning with skilled play, but harassers should not be able to wreck MBTs.

    Too many times have I seen entire armor columns shredded by a handful of harassers. Yes, many drivers/gunners are dumb, laggy, can't coordinate ect. This shouldn't change the fact that a harasser should have a hard time dealing with them, not the other way around.
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  16. Arkanakaz

    Thanks for the responses.

    Seems that the view of the community is that the Valcan is too strong in general. I was thinking specifically of the Gatlin guns as they are basically the machine guns of PlanetSide. They therefore already have the qualities that are strong against the Harassers, such as a high projectile speed; meaning less leading on shots against the fast moving and dodging Harassers In comparison to lets say, the slower firing shells of tanks that don't do so well naturally against fast and agile opponents.

    Changing the Harassers resistance to Gatlin guns would improve the balance in Harasser Vs Harasser gameplay, without making the Harasser any stronger in fights Vs tanks.
  17. CursedGamerZ

    Hello Arkanakaz,

    I was reading your article and cant help but point out your post cuts out a few the stats that seem broken but you failed to go more in depth. I am a TR and i wont lie saying "i'm a expert by any means" ,but could you make a full comparison against the Vulcan closest competitor's. bullet velocity / accuracy would be good stats to compare. For example how many shots are likely to make its way to target compared to the competitor. I would just like more info to base the statement that the Vulcan in its current state is overpowered. If you could mention its drawbacks as well would be a good start in a non-bias debate because i only see a VS player who hasnt even used the gun. Also 2 players in a harasser should be on the same level as a single person in a lightning. Prowlers, Vanguards and mag rider's eh i don't find it hard to kill a harasser but if a tank gets jumped by two i could why they would die. I keep hearing "A few harassers kills armor columns" is that a balance or a tactic based issue. If you get jumped by multiple harassers i could see that being fair.

    I personally prefer the Halberd because of Vanguard shield's which is a instant win button to a Vulcan harasser which relies on close range. Not to mention its more survivable. and keeping a low profile will keep you alive as you do consistent damage.
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  18. Dfog

    What I see here is that the best way to kill a harasser.... is with another harasser LOL. Or infantry. I guess tanks can piss off in third place and air obviously doesn't want to bother with a small target that can zip around at immense speeds XD
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  19. Arkanakaz

    Hi CursedGamerZ,

    I thought I would just look at the outcome that the weapons get. The stats the make up the outcomes are interesting as they are the things that could be changed, but I think it gets kinda complicated and becomes opinion when you make a judgement.

    It's true that that only the TR, NC and Nanite Systems weapons are in the stats. I don't think the VS specific weapons have the time to kill to get the number of kills the Valcan can get:

    Proton PPA - 15 sec

    Saron - 9 sec

    Aphelion - 6 sec

    Those are time to kills in VR range, compared to the Vulcan's 4s TTK. Aphelion can compete but it is harder to use and a weaker weapon in general. Low TTK also partly due to it being a Gatlin gun and Harassers having low resistances against that gun type.

    On the Harasser overall I would say that it could cost more than the 150 Nanites it does, that might reward taking them out more and may make it harder to have them massed in packs. That is hard for tanks and everyone else because unlike slower, less agile vehicles you can't avoid them.

    I often hear people say that Harassers can out tank a tank. But if you put even a lightning against a Harasser in the open and they both start shooting at each other at the same time the fastest Harasser TTK would be the Fury and Vulcan at about 13 seconds. Most Harasser AV guns would be around 16-18 seconds and all Lightning guns have a TTK on the Harasser of between 6-7 seconds except the HESH that has a 9 second TTK. So lightning would win if the vehicles tried to tank each other out but the Harasser can use its speed and mobility to win 1v1s if it makes the lighting miss shots.
  20. Arkanakaz

    Your right. That's why I thought I would put the stats up as well - just interesting.

    Get in some Harassers though and its a one way ticket. You get taken to the first target the driver sees, they then try to get the vehicle to reproduce with the target while you wait to die. o_O

    If you try to get away though it is usually stuff that if fast enough to chase you that is the hardest thing to survive.