[Suggestion] Inter-Continental Lattice.

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    The Topic is ICL.

    So... how would you get it done?
  2. Azawarau

    Im talking about one of your specific points

    The very first one

    The one you said needed to be done to implement it

    Let me quote it for you

    I already said i liked the overall idea bt not all of the finer points

    If you didnt want to discuss them then you should have left them out
    Stop derailing your thread and stop wasting time on this
  3. Scr1nRusher

    Fixing map flow is important for a ICL.

    If players cannot get around the map, WG's cannot be sieged & the map stagnates.
  4. Azawarau


    You say move point A out

    I say there has to be something else to compensate on the defenders end or theyll just get camped in the tower
  5. Scr1nRusher

    They were camped in the tower because of the A point in the first place.
  6. Azawarau

    Taking it out wont change that

    Itll just take away a reason for the attackers to move past the first floor

    The defenders need something to help exit the tower so it doesnt become too easy to cap after
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  7. Scr1nRusher

    Oh yes it will.

    Players focus on Capturing points. If theres no capture point in the tower, the players do not focus on it as much as a primary target.

    Why would you want the attackers to go into where the spawn room is? do you WANT farming?

    Teleporter room, Base layout/design etc etc.
  8. Azawarau

    I dont know how long itll take for you to understand

    Point A is better out of the tower


    We agree on this. Pay attention

    With point A out of the tower battles will flow the same way except shorter with tower camping being more effective and safer than before since you dont have to go higher than the first floor or may not even have to enter the tower at all and can just shoot from outside

    Add a way for players to better defend to make up for the easiest point to hold being moved out

    The current teleporter in the base just takes you to the bottom where you can be vehicle or infantry camped on both sides

    A convoy can disable a bases defenses relatively quickly and leave the infantry with only the options of firing from inside or trying to push down far enough to get vehicles out that will probably be destroyed soon after exiting

    The defenders need more than what they have
  9. Scr1nRusher

    I understand this lol.

    Tower camping only existed due a point being inside of it.

    Once the A point is removed out of all Towers, Tower farm will be a thing of the past as players adjust over time.

    Bases can be re-designed, take a look at the changes on the PTS on Indar.
  10. Azawarau

    Youre agreeing with me but were arguing over nothing here

    Removing point A wont do much unless something else is changed< Thats the only part where we disagree though youre adding that bases can be redesigned as an admission almost
  11. Scr1nRusher

    I never said the bases cannot get changes to be better after A is removed out of the Tower.
  12. Azawarau

    I never said you did

    Ive been saying there has to be a change along with moving A out and suggested ways to do this

    And youre quoting me pretending im not on your side here

    Theres a reason why i keep saying pay attention
  13. Scr1nRusher

    Something was lost in translation.

    Anyways....... How do you think the ICL would change the game?
  14. Azawarau

    That depends on how battles in between continents are done and how continents are unlocked

    If there are islands in between then we can expect ridiculously large battles between continents

    If factions can push others out of every continent except one and back to the warp gate then there may be an issue with it

    My question is how would monopolies on continent buffs to hold continents work?
  15. Zombo

    Don't get me wrong, intercontinental lattice was one of the things that could have brought real depth into the game and actual reason to fight for a continent, but right now, it would only hamper gameplay with the few continents we have

    just imagine you'd have to push a faction back on indar, where they have the top warpgate and you one of the bottom warpgates, would be nigh impossible to push them out of the continent

    you also need at least two continents for each faction being connected to the sanctuary, so that when one of the coninents gets locked, the other one becomes available for the locked faction

    SOE should have settled for smaller continents to begin with, you can see they went to the absolute border of the map size their engine can handle, every continent is square like a salt-cracker, and not very interesting

    continents about 1/2 the size for maybe half the amount of people, but then about 12 of them would have been better from the start

    it would have been a way more enjoyable experience, most of the time on indar you are only in the center of the map anyway, because really pushing a direction is extremely hard to pull off, and impossible to hold for a decent time, except when the zerg-********** is happening or you have massive overpop

    PS 2 should have been like PS1 way more regarding map design and base design, vehicles i wont even mention, look what they did to the "Bomber", which is basically an AC130-Apache mutant now, i liked the PS1 carpetbombing liberator way better

    tldr: there are just to big and few continents for intercontinental lattice now, and the bad redeploy mechanic makes the game extremely one-sided in every battle
  16. Savadrin

    This happened last night on Esamir, at Jaeger tower. They pulled two sundies inside the bottom and had two infantry farming lightnings stacked up side by side (******* scumlords) pointing right into the teleporter exit, with infantry support on both sides basically wrecking everything that tried to exit any point of the tower.

    It took me about 8-10 tries, but I was finally able to suicide engineer c4 the lightnings out of there, and coincidentally, the sundies fell immediately afterwards and the tide of the battle turned, and turned hard.

    But how many people are really willing to run face first into that **** over and over and over until finally succeeding?

    If there was a tunnel system with multiple exits (like 4-8) surrounding the towers, it would make counters from the tower at least possible without brute force repetition being the only option.

    I've got some video clips of this battle (I think that part too) but I'll have to wait until I'm home to check through them.

    As far as the ICL, this was the thought for me before:


    Where circles are sanctuary, green would be the battle islands, and the diamonds/square would be our four current continents. Rotate sanctuary position and continent distribution on the lattice as desired, so that you're not always linked directly to the same continent.

    The question for me then is how many locations are available to use as warpgates to the next continent. it would take some hefty redesign, but it's possible.
  17. Scr1nRusher

    You can thank A point being inside the Tower for causing Tower Farming(it goes both ways)
  18. Scr1nRusher

    ICL is such a cool idea.
  19. Azawarau

    Ive been i that position and im the type to suicide until success

    Its not always a success

    Infrantry make it much harder to get through

    Removing point A only removes point A still

    It wont change the tower being camped

    The idea is to keep the enemy in while you take the base

    Unless theres an easier way to exit towers that wont change

    Itll just make capping faster for the attacking faction
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  20. Scr1nRusher

    People target the tower because the capture point is inside of it.

    When the capture point is removed & the base possibly gets some re-designs Tower farming/camping will stop.