Intel Core i5-3330k 3.00GHz , Runs The Game On High ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GearsOfWaR, May 10, 2014.

  1. GearsOfWaR

    Hey guys ,
    I need someone expert to answer me on this question please , it's very very important to me .
    I am about to buy expensive and good GPU which will take all the money i have especially for ps2 .
    (Gigabyte R9 280X OC 3GB GDDR5 ) or (Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 OC 4GB )
    The Question Is:
    Will my CPU cause any problems ? , like low fps , or bottle neck as i hear ?
    My CPU is ( Intel Core i5-3330 3.00GHz , 6 Cache , 4 cores )
    If i run the game on high would i face any fps drop in big fights .
    More Spec:
    8 GB Ram Hyper X
    500W PSU
    P8B75-M ASUS Motherboard
  2. Tuco

    Got an I5-3470 and ran with a 6 year old 9800GT video card. No stuttering in big fights, no micro-stutters, just lowered video settings (especially no shadows, that's the big FPS eater).

    What's a 3330k? It's not listed.
  3. GearsOfWaR

    sry my fault , it's 3330 only
  4. GearsOfWaR

    even when i upgrade my pc i will keep the shadows off , cuz it do some nasty stuff with the fps xD
  5. Sauce Sausage.

    Seems that Nvidia is better for Forgelight Engine, people get issues with AMD, so i would reccomend that GTX 760. Meanwhile you get a 3th generation of intel, it will be fine.
  6. Tommyp2006

    except for the whole, Nvidia hasn't had a fully functional driver for this game since February

    OP, I would seriously suggest saving up for a few weeks longer or whatever it takes and getting a 3570k, you'll see a significant performance boost for the extra $40, it'll be well worth it, especially for a game that relies as heavily on CPU as PS2 does.

    You will always face FPS drops in big fights, no matter how good your CPU is, it's just a matter of how far.
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  7. Paqu

    Yeah Nvidia has had problems with their drivers, but 331.82 has worked fine. Also after using the newest 337.50 beta driver for about 10 hours now I have had no problems with it. Other drivers in between those causes black screen issues.

    Also if you like recording your gameplay I gotta say the nvidias Shadowplay is one of the best programs for it. Especially for Planetside since it uses small amount of GPU power instead of CPU like other recording programs.

    About the processor part. OP was only asking for which GPU he should get. He already has the CPU so getting a new one would cost a lot more than 40$.
  8. kungflu

    maxed out with hd 7850 and i5-3570 (non k)
    little stutter here and there

    the game didnt used to stutter on me until some patch ago.
  9. GearsOfWaR

    okey guys thanks for replying , still waiting for more advices.
  10. funkmetal

    I run this on a i7 4930k and SLI 780Ti's. I know I'm not a good reference of performance but I will note this. I get better FPS off a single card instead of SLI. So try to get the strongest Single Card you can and don't even bother with SLI if Planetside 2 is all you play
  11. Dregomz

    i think you should buy intel with K and OC your processor to at least 4.0ghz because without that fps will drop all the time and your fps will be much lower while entering big fights (it drops for me all the time anyway ;D)
  12. Tuco

    I have found that CPU bottlenecks cause stuttering/micro-stuttering. GPU bottlenecks just cause lower FPS which can be remedied by lowering graphics options. There's no sliders you can adjust for CPU bottlenecks, you're screwed if you're stuttering.

    Personally I think stuttering is far worse. You can have the best FPS in the world but when the game freezes up for 0.1 seconds every time someone shoots at you, or when you shot at someone else, or a 3rd person shoots at another 3rd person, it's like stabbing your own eye.
  13. Goretzu

    I dunno Nvidia has had serious driver issues this year and some of last year, and then now there's a specific PS2/Nvidia driver issues too.

    The problem is that whilst your spec should be fine assuming you're not running at a massive resolution, this issues with PS2 seem to be rather random.

    That is the same PCs (or with very similar specs) don't always seem to run it as well as they should, especially when you put CTDs into the picture.

    For example I run it fine on almost all high settings with a similar spec to what you're suggest and never really have FPS issues, however CTDs with PS2 are the bane of my existance.
  14. Paragon Exile

    The GTX card is better for Planetside and other games with high draw on a single core, while the AMD card will have Mantle.

    I personally use the GTX 780, and aside from a minor blackscreen issue it's very good.