Intel Core i5-3330 3.00GHz , Runs The Game On High ?

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  1. GearsOfWaR

    dang that's some complicated stuff for my poor english xD
    common guys keep it simple .
    and no problem FireclawX , glad to help in non direct way :D
  2. Forkyar24

    what language is your primary ?, planetside 2 is the only game I know that is very cpu heavy, if your looking for fps above 50 you will need at least a 3.20 or higher

    Recommended System that's right from SOE
    • OS - Windows 7
    • Processor - Intel i5 processor or higher / AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
    • Memory - 8 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive - 15 GB free
    • Video Memory - 1,024 MB RAM
    • Video Card - nVidia GeForce GTX 560 series or higher / AMD HD 6870 or higher
    • Sound Card - DirectX compatible
  3. Smagjus

    The system requirements are outdated by the way. If you look at the minimum requirements, then you will see some graphics cards on it which won't even launch the game anymore.
  4. BlackDove

    I also speak automotive engineering.

    Think of FLOPS as horsepower and memory bandwidth as torque.

    While they dont tell you everything about an engine they do give you a good idea how powerful it is.

    Miles per gallon is how efficient your car is.

    GFLOPS/W is a way to measure how well a GPU converts electricity to graphics like miles per gallon.

    Nvidia destroys AMD in that department.

    Your CPU is very good but if you want a new GPU you need to consider that a brand new architecture with a lot of horsepower is coming soon. It also gets 2-3 TIMES as many GFLOPS/W(miles per gallon) as their current GPUs.

    For example, the 750ti performs about as well as a GTX 480 but uses 1/5 the power! The 750ti is the same architecture as the 800 series.

    You should consider a higher quality power supply as well. I wouldnt trust an expensive new GPU with a power supply like that.
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  5. TeknoBug

    Again, don't base your card choices on Flops. A R9 290 has nearly twice the FLOPS a GTX780 does yet the 780 outperform the 290 in many games.

    Give it a break.
  6. BlackDove

    I guess you either didnt read or didnt understand what ive been saying.

    I actually explain how important the architectural differences are in the CPU section of my guide.

    And saying FLOPS is unimpprtant is very misinformed. If youre designing a race car, horsepower wont tell you how well it performs on the track, but its still a huge part of performance.

    Youre basically claiming that im saying "ONLY look at horsepower" but i have clearly stated otherwise.

    FLOPS and memory bandwidth give you a rough idea of performance. You can immediately rule out GPUs like the 240 or 630 by looking at FLOPS and memory bandwidth and realizing that theyre no better than integrated GPUs. Keep in mind i wrote it for beginners, not people aho study GPU architecture and know what dark silicon or power budget are ALREADY.

    Its to help people who are new to computers understand the basics so they can shop better and know what to look for and what to AVOID.

    Why dont you write your own guide to picking parts for a PC? What criteria will you use? Subjective and unscientific benchmarks? Gonna be a few thousand pages of nonsense if you dont begin with objective criteria to rule out the many GPUs that suck. Once youve ruled those out you can do individual comparisons to make the best purchase.

    And the ACTUAL FLOPS and memory bandwidth are what give you GT/s and GP/s which determine your FPS when GPU limited. Its the best way to BEGIN deciding which GPU to pick.

    Without those objective criteria where do you begin to look for a GPU?