[Suggestion] Instant Action to work like Squad Deploy

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Qasar, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Qasar

    With the drop pod changes being what they are, I'm finding instant action to be a dangerous button to click. I'm often dropped in the midst of enemies nowhere near my allies, on the side of an insurmountable cliff, or exposed out in the open. Sometimes all three. This used to be circumvented by maneuvering the drop pod into a safer location or at least behind cover. Now this is impossible.

    So, assuming that having 2 different types of drop pods is out of the question, can we have instant action work like squad deploy where you're spawned at the nearest spawn location to wherever it's sending you?
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  2. Torok

    Dislike but legit!
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  3. bPostal

    To me, IA is like replaying your first 20 seconds! You're dropped into a massive fight you know little to nothing about (absolutely nothing if you clicked it when dead) and will likely be killed upon exiting the drop pod.
  4. CubicBerserker

    Even though I normally never play infiltrator I find it a necessity when using Instant Action. You never know when it's going to drop you right in the open with no cover and only cloaking can save you in that case. It's also a good thing to be able to hack terminals to switch class (or pull a sunderer).

    And no matter what, never, ever press the button while you're dead.
  5. Astriania

    Won't that just deploy people into a camped spawnroom?
  6. Sen7rygun

    Or instant action that finds you a relatively even battle would be nice. Last time I hit IA I got drop podded onto Ceres farms right outside the NC warpgate where around 30 Vanvuards were assembling for a big run directly to Xenotech and Regent Rock. Good times.
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  7. Qasar

    Certainly one of the negatives but a far better outcome in my opinion than being dropped at break neck speed into the middle of the enemy where you don't even have time to cough uncomfortably and say "hai guyz... " before they show you the shooty part of their guns.

    I'm very open to other solutions, but right now, IA is a bit of a death sentence and is broken as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Astriania

    I don't disagree that the current implementation is broken, but I don't think your solution is any better.

    We badly need a more intelligent spawn point selection algorithm (particularly for defenders) overall, actually. Newbs getting auto-respawned in the kill box time after time is not fun and it's really not obvious that you're doing the wrong thing as a player in that case.
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  9. Axehilt

    You click instant action while dead? You're a brave man.
  10. Axehilt

    There's some validity to this, but I can't help but feel drop pods still put me in a more interesting tactical situation more often than not. Part of it might be that I always look before leaping (examine the pop and strategic situation before letting the IA timer complete,) and I think the rest might be that if I drop into some disadvantaged 40/60% battle I already have an expectation set that I might get screwed by it -- and that's the price I pay for instantly being dropped into action essentially for free, and if I wanted to go somewhere specific I would've pulled a vehicle and gone there manually instead.

    Actually that last bit is what I end up doing most (75%?) of the time, since arriving as a combat vehicle tends to have better results than dropping as infantry.
  11. Qasar

    We're not in disagreement, really. I'm only suggesting this as a quick solution since the programming is basically already in place to fix what I see as something really broken, especially for new players. A long term better solution would certainly be more preferable.