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  1. CyborgDragon

    SOE, why do you have to be different? Why can I not install to my Program Files like everything else? I'd just like some clear reasoning on this.

    It wants to install to my users folder, on my C: drive, no less, when my C: drive is for OS only, and the users folder is located elsewhere, AND the registry points to that other location. It doesn't seem to use the registry for finding Users folders, and it won't let me install to Program Files.

    It's my computer, I'm the only account on it, I have the program files folders set to read/writable by anyone, and yet SOE won't let me install it where I want it to go.

    I can understand ignoring the registry, after all, many things do, though it's bad practice. I can understand trying to install to another location. What I cannot understand is not allowing installation to Program Files. If you give someone the choice to install it elsewhere, let them install it anywhere they want it to go.

    Sorry for the rant, and again, I'd just like some clear reasoning as to why this is the case.
  2. MacGoose

    I browsed and installed to where I wanted. No problem at all.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I see your problem and I have never tried to install to the Program Files folder...
  3. Gribbstar

    When I installed it asked me where I wanted to install.

    The default was in the users folder so I just re-typed my usual game installation directory: D:\Games

    Try it again.
  4. CyborgDragon

    To clarify, I can install it elsewhere. However, it WILL NOT install to the Program Files folders.
  5. MacGoose

    Have you tried right clicking and choose run as administrator on the installation file?
  6. NoctD

    This might work. But I just do C:\Games or D:\Games (sorry test client, I don't got enough space on my SSD for you).
  7. Cl1mh4224rd

    Does the installer let you enter in the path, but then fail to install? Also, are you on Windows Vista or Windows 7? If yes to both, it sounds like the installer isn't asking for or receiving admin privileges, which are required to write to the Program Files directory.
  8. CyborgDragon

    Yes, I've tried running as administrator, and it wouldn't.

    I am on Windows 7. I have tried running as administrator.

    When I go to install after entering the path, it spits out, "Cannot install to root of program files," or something to that effect, I'm paraphrasing. Doesn't matter that I have it pointed to a folder inside Program Files, it still says that. Running as administrator, AND with all users (I'm the only one besides the hidden admin account) given full access to Program Files, it still won't let it install there.

    I currently have it installed elsewhere, though I'd much rather have it installed in program files.
  9. Kail

    The directory you pick is the directory it dumps everything in; So if you browse to a new directory and select "C:\Program Files", then before you click next, add a new directory it should be installed in (such as "C:\Program Files\PS2Test").
  10. CyborgDragon

    If you read, I did that.
  11. Kail

    Sorry. Was just going on error message. Did the directory that you chose already exist? I personally just add a folder to the end of the path and let the game create the folder itself - ie, "C:\Program Files\PS2Test" doesn't exist, but I enter that path for the installer to use.

    Edit: If possible, could also give us the full error message?
  12. CyborgDragon

    Yes, it does exist. The full path I'm using is "D:\Program Files (x86)\Sony Online Entertainment\PlanetSide 2 Test", and it still fails.
    I've tried Program Files without (x86), as well, even though that's for programs that are compiled for 64-bit, and it doesn't work with either.
  13. Copasetic

    I'm sure they've blacklisted the Program Files folder since the launcher needs to modify files, and it can't do that without being run as administrator on systems that have UAC enabled. I guess they figured it was easier to avoid these headaches by forcing the game to install in a place that isn't write protected by default, rather than forcing people to run the launcher in admin mode all the time.
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