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  1. r3su

    Stew I did not delete your comments on my video, but if I get one more insult or pointless bashing I will be deleting them and reporting harassment. Please stop, look at the evidence around you, and if you disagree do it politely.
  2. Syphers

    Why are you defending it so much then? It's dumb point blank, the aim shouldnt be that good while jumping around with a scope and in a 1v1 those erratic movements ARE advantageous
  3. Tasogie

    Because all we ever see in gaming today is the current gen start demanding diversity in games be removed, because all they know is being spoon fed by Activision etc an everyone being exactly same. They want counterstrike deathmatch an everyone using the exact same **** at all times.

    that is not gaming its an insult to anyone over 20. Some us are able to play with diversity as the cornerstone of games, an do really well with it, but this lot, as evidenced by the forum warriors completely destroy games with their demands threats an crying....

    Many people do not want to see PS2's diversity get ruined because some 14 year old feels its unfair someone has something he doesn't...
  4. Erik

    Haha it is unbelievable how hard you are trying to defend the scope, and spitting utter nonsense in the process. Your either very naive or a troll.

    No one is trying to get the scope removed for one, so I am not sure where you are getting the diversity thing from. Two, the scope currently prevents your gun from shooting as it was designed, reducing "diversity" as all weapons shoot in a much more similar fashion with the scope. The situational awareness argument is by far the worst and makes no sense at all. I am not sure you even know what situational awareness is based on your argument. The scope effects situational awareness in no way. "you cant shoot, fly,aim,snap to targets, respond in time to anything"...yes, yes you can actually. Lastly bunny hopping is only a small part of the argument, which you seemed to be confusing with the entire thing. That being said why shouldn't every scope obey how shooting and moving mechanics are designed? The bunny hoppers are annoying as **** so I would happy to see that go.
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  5. Tasogie

    lol, I will ignore your silly tirade other than to say, NVG scope is perfectly balanced as it stands, bunny hopping is a non issue because it ONLY stops the players who cant hit **** anyway. Anyone who even remotely practices his aim can kill a bouncer.

    As for the rest, I stand by every word I say at all times. Dont like it, dont care.
  6. r3su

    I don't agree that bunny hopping should be viable, as it's confirmed that it does mess up your hitbox. It's not a skill issue, it's a netcode issue. Otherwise the HS/NV is somewhat balanced. If they can apply similar effects that are used while airborne or being shot with a normal sight on the HS/NV that would be best, if not making it a viewmodel, but once again the only game-breaking aspect is the bunny hopping.
  7. Erik

    Sooo a scope which currently homogenizes shooting mechanics some how creates diversity. But by fixing it so the guns keep their unique shooting mechanics which the developers designed for each gun some how removes diversity..... Dropped on the head as a baby? Too many drugs? Paint chips?.. Paint Chips! I am going with paint chips!
  8. fish998

    Had a little play and couldn't see any evidence that it removes recoil, or changes the cone of fire, or indeed affects hipfire. What it does do, since it's basically a big bitmap which doesn't move - it doesn't bounce like the reflex scope does when jumping/flying. Does that impact where the bullets go? After testing it I'd say yes it does.

    That's not the main reason I find it awesome though, since I don't bunny hop or ADS while flying. It's awesome because you just see enemies so much better, they stand out like a sore thumb at night and in day, and it lets you MURDER infiltrators.

    Is it OP? Well, anyone can use it. I think as more people switch to it, it may need adjusting to stop infiltrators becoming just the sniping and ghost capping class.
  9. r3su

  10. Talizzar

    The scope has plenty of drawbacks. You are locked into that view so you lose everything else that is going on around you. It has limited distance. I routinely get shot up by NC and VS who have no trouble with the weapons hitting me consistently at ranges beyond what I can see.

    They should actually allow the user to turn off the NV/IR part of the scope and let it act like a 1x or 2x reflex. I would pay for that option.

    It does expose infiltrators quite nicely but I can easily see them with my 10x scope so this is not that big of a deal.
  11. Erik

    Definitely don't think it is OP by any means, but if it alters the functionality of a weapon as claimed then that should probably be fixed. Weapons should shoot as intended. I am not sure if the bunny hopping provides any advantage or not due to the hitbox issue as some one stated. Personally I haven't had any trouble with bunny hoppers, but I do find it incredibly annoying. I guess I personally find it to be very silly in a tactical shooter. The devs obviously added the sever flinch mechanic to jumping with the intent of eliminate the viability of bunny hoping. I am not sure why they would exclude it from this sight.
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  12. Gavyne

    Hopefully SOE will address this, someone should tweet Higby or bring it up with Margaret & Jimmy. It's quite amazing that 3 months after launch, I'm just now learning about this. Sure is amazing how some players can keep such things a hush hush secret for so long. My guess is enough people have gotten to BR100 and gotten enough certs, that they don't mind letting the secret out now. Just like that world first BR 100 guy, after getting there, he didn't mind bragging about how "relaxing" it was to liberator bomb 7,000 kills in less than a week over the christmas holidays.

    So what will happen now, usually when advantages such as these get brought up, is that more people will use it. Once it's more known, more people will complain about how cheese it is, and yes devs will then get around to fixing it. What sucks is how long some people have been using it to gain advantages over others.

    Now that I've seen the videos linked I know someone on Genudine on TR side that does this. I always thought it was weird he gets the best of me 9 out of 10 while bunny hopping but now I know why, and I can see how the guy works up 50:1 KDR. His shots are accurate, no matter if close range or medium to long. Anybody defending such cheese mechanic like this are not being honest with themselves, which is also why players are some of the worst people for developers to ask how to balance a game... because some people actually truly believe the INRV scope cheese is OK and not that big of a deal. I guess that's kind of like pilots saying air superiority was no big deal, it's all about the advantages these players can get out of certain situations.
  13. Exolus

    Pfff, 1x scopes are so much better. You can use it exactly in the same manner without any of the situational awareness loss.
  14. centurionvi

    It doesn't alter anything, the effect is completely superficial. Bullets have the same spread no matter what scope you use.
  15. gunshooter

    Are people actually dumb enough to think that the IRNV scope doesn't have the exact same cof/bloom as every other scope, including the increased cof when jumping, moving, etc?

    I guess the only people left playing PS2 can't be too bright.
  16. Stew360

    WOW i think you dont understand the concept HERE





    Only the Feel and weapons handleling is affected the way thats the guns react and can be handle is not unchange from others scopes it make the wepons handleling way more easy to get precise shot especially heashot wich make this scope to have a way to huge edje over the others

    because it did not share the same limitation and same feel is thats hard to understand ? SO THE FACTS IS THATS IT BOOST UP THE ACURACY VIRTUALLY BECAUSE IT MAKE THE WEAPONS MUCH MORE EASY TO HANDLE GOT IT NOW ?
  17. gunshooter

    You're totally incomprehensible.

    Taking bets.

    I'm guessing french canadian.
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  18. Loegi

    Bloom etc. stays the same I think, and the wobble mechanics work the same as any other overlay scope.
  19. HyperMatrix

    So he's arguing that, with no information to back him up available, and with contradictory evidence in 3 videos posted proving him wrong, that he is still right because of a magical fairy feeling he has. I am so confused. Even more so than he is about his sexuality.
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  20. r3su

    I'm just not going to bother anymore. At least he stopped with the harassing comments and messages on my YouTube channel.