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  1. CaptainYamerica

    So I am a little confused. Are you saying that the INRV scope makes the guns more accurate in general? Or just in flinch?

    As others have said, I mostly use it for acquiring targets, as I am not a flinch player, so I have never noticed it before.
  2. The game is alive!

    Skeptical? go try it.

    I did and it really is bugged, aiming is a ton better, I don't know about jumping but with jetpacks it works.
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  3. Goodnight

    if you actually read my post you would know that i have. It makes NO difference at least using NC guns. ( i have them all btw)
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  4. Goodnight

    The only thing this scope does is increase your ability to acquire your target and with lots of use increases your reaction time.
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  5. Nocturnal7x

    Hiya Hyper,

    wow, I never tried it myself and I never noticed that he didn't show the spread of the IRNV...I have the scope, I feel moe accurate with it, but imma try this out for real now lol.
  6. Goodnight

    The only thing he proved is that while zoomed in the scope doesnt jump all over the place. If you are getting shot while shooting back and flinching your scope will remain steady but you will still miss since the bullets still react to all that movement.
  7. mina5

    All i can say after that vanu video is it is not the scope (i find INRV scopes really , really bad ) , its the VS no bullet spread rapidfire guns .
    VS guns have too small bullet spread . i mean you cant do that whit TR or NC guns , they have bullet spread
  8. Goodnight

  9. The game is alive!

    Go use a jetpack and get back to me with a video proving he lies.
  10. VSDerp

    i love the inrv scope.
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  11. CaptainYamerica

    I love your name. I think you've killed me a bunch too.
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  12. r3su

    I'll record and upload a video tonight proving that the only difference between the HS/NV and the reflex, or any other sight, is that it overlays your HUD instead of looking down a viewmodel. There is no change on the ADS accuracy of the gun. There is no change to the recoil of the gun. There is no change on the ADS accuracy while jumping, flinching, or using jumpjets. The only difference is that your sight, being a HUD element, will remain static while ADS.
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  13. Phyr

  14. VSDerp

    thanks :D i play on mattherson but i will be making a toon on waterson today to play with some friends:D hope to see you on the battlefield good sir !:D
  15. r3su

    Must have been another character. The character named VSderp is on Mattherson, not Waterson.
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  16. CaptainYamerica

    Thats where i know it from. My Vanu toon is on Mattherson.
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  17. Linedan

    THIS. This is what I've been bringing up for a couple weeks now anytime the "lulz ur bad if u kant kil bunyhopurs" people come out. The IR/NV scope allows you to keep your eye perfectly glued to the eyepiece while bouncing around like Super Mario on a crack bender and get the benefits of the scoped COF...if you try the same thing with a reflex sight, you're effectively hipfiring because you don't have the steady eyepoint to compensate for the motion. The red dot scope or iron sights, being part of the actual weapon model, fly all over the place and don't allow effective aiming. If you either make the IR/NV scope not full screen or pull the scope down while jumping, you've just solved most of the bunnyhopping problem; investigating whether there's hitbox weirdness caused by repeated jumping or ADADADADAD would be the other part.

    Why do you think so many HAs are running around in broad daylight with the IR/NV scope on? Because boing boing pew pew boing boing pew pew.
  18. Goodnight

    Would be much appreciated
  19. Phyr

    Because they are terrible players. The only class with a shield, and yet they feel they need to bunny hope like rtards, spraying all over the place. Their kills are from luck, not from a scope.
  20. Rhumald

    That is not what I said, what I said was that it is still pretty easy to aim down a scope, even when you're jumping; finding your target may be a different story, but it sure as hell doesn't drag behind you like you have no control over your arms when you jump, you just aren't using your arms or most of your body to give you extra momentum, so you'll only jump as high as you can with your legs alone... it's not like it's hard to shoot at a bunny hopper in PS2 anyways, and the only ones that gain any real advantage from it are LAs, with jetpacks.

    ... if anything bunny hopping is stupid, leaves you more exposed, affects your spray significantly (even with this scope) and makes it harder for you to aim; going prone would be far more effective if this game allowed it.